“ENTITLEMENTS” – Another press conference with Mr. Virtual President

v-potus-header“Mr. Virtual President” has returned, and today he’s discussing one of the most troubling issues that we have: Entitlements

We’ve come a long way from our country’s beginnings in this area. Self-sufficiency was once a uniform point of pride for our citizenry, a virtue that didn’t begin to deteriorate until the advent of Social Security. And then the floodgates opened: Medicare and Medicaid; SSDI, Food Stamps, and widow’s benefits being paid out to unmarried mothers. Unemployment. And on, and on…

Though allegedly done out of compassion, the result was easily predicted: a nation in staggering debt. Worse, we now have individual and generational dependency upon the Government at an all-time high.

Hardly a “Great Society“.

A President who honestly believed in the capability and capacity of the American people, and had the strength of his own convictions, would take steps to correct this. And the very first step would be to honestly discuss it, as is seen below:


**As always, all of Bill’s other “Mr. Virtual President” vids can be found HERE.

11 responses to ““ENTITLEMENTS” – Another press conference with Mr. Virtual President

  1. livinrightinpgh

    My grandparents came here from Germany in the early 1900’s. My grandma raised 9 children and grandpa was the custodian at our church. Mom said they never had any “excess”, but they had clothes and food, and the hope of a future based on THEIR efforts. There wasn’t any of this “You OWE me” crap. They viewed America as a GIFT of opportunity, based on hard work….no guarantees; only the guarantee of opportunity.

    Now, we have a dependent class of “takers” who are practically guaranteed to vote for whoever GIVES them the most (of OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY). It needs to change.

    • Similar to my family’s history, Pgh.

      Both of my parents were raised poor, and my Dad’s family was incredibly so. He started working at a time when most kids today are getting the hang of the family computer, and worked from then until he retired. They never went on any sort of assistance, although they’d certainly have qualified.
      Did they struggle? Of COURSE they did. But they never complained, and they were grateful for what they had.

      It’s not a State Secret what’s happened since: the days of such self-reliance are largely gone, because that mindset has been replaced with Uncle Sugar’s convincing large sections of our country that HE can take care of their needs.

      We aren’t supposed to feed the animals in State Parks, because it’s understood that will make them dependent on such largesse for their survival. Amazingly, we aren’t able to apply that same mindset to our public at large.

      • livinrightinpgh

        Brother, you’ve written SO OFTEN about the “Cultural Decay”….It couldn’t be ANY clearer than what we see in today’s entitlement programs. And…(to all others who might find this post) NO! I DON’T mean for those who are physically or mentally challenged and need help, or the elderly, etc. YOU know EXACTLY who I mean! (Think: the lady with 8 kids whose daughter tells her they need more money so have another child).

        • Exactly.
          There are, without question, a small portion of almost any community who are physically or mentally unable to care for themselves and need assistance.
          Sure, we can afford that.

          But the line between that, and what we have now, is big. I’m talking Continent Sized big. And it’s that essential difference which has been blurred or ignored altogether….

          THAT is the problem.

  2. God Bless Bill Whittle. He’s right.

    • He’s almost ALWAYS right, Sally.
      Sorta’ scary for one man to be so accurate, and to speak with such clarity, so often.

      Hope he sticks around for a long, long time: we sure as heck need him.

  3. Still looking for that person with huge optimism about the United States and who can connect with its citizens in a big way. Kinda like Bill W.

    I think this person is waiting in the wings…

  4. There was once a time that everyone paid on a pay as you go basis, saved for an emergency or ‘rainy day’. Those people were our parents, and their parents. Then came the GREAT SOCIETY and Pres. Johnson decided the Social Security Trust Fund had an adequate amount of money to keep it into eternity. So, he and his congress robbed it, put the funds into the general fund and created a section 8 housing deal, welfare and food stamps for unwed mothers. All the while service members were making so little money they were qualified for food stamps and housing assistance.

    Then, our now vice president Joe Biden, a senator from Delaware decided that the civil service pension fund should be put into the general fund to ‘save social security’. Ditto, great society.

    I paid into social security all my working years under the promise of a pension upon retirement that would assist with living expenses – then came medicare for another bite into social security benefits. We were required to accept medicare and pay for it from our social security. It was mandated.

    Now our dear elected representatives and president have decided that medicare is too good not to share with others…..aka president Johnson….another shot at the Great Society in the making.

    God bless.

  5. Bill, connect up with Dr Ben Carson. You would make a great team.

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