The next time someone mentions #Benghazi, PLEASE keep this Obama quote in mind…

This has been eating at me ever since Obama said it, back in October of 2012.

Obama - 2nd debate

But before you watch it, do me a favor: don’t focus just on WHAT he says here, but also on HOW he says it. He is very deliberate. Haughty. Self-righteous. Barack was “in high dudgeon”, as a relative of mine used to say.

And despite all that, he was also lying through his expensively whitened teeth:

“The suggestion that anybody in my team — whether the secretary of state, our UN ambassador, anybody on my team — would play politics or mislead when we’ve lost four of our own, governor, is offensive, Obama said.

“That’s not what we do. That’s not what I do as president. That’s not what I do as commander-in-chief.”

Actually, Mr. President, it’s become obvious to all but your most brain-dead groupies, that playing politics and misleading is EXACTLY what you do.

Gosh, I’m so sorry if that offends you…

29 responses to “The next time someone mentions #Benghazi, PLEASE keep this Obama quote in mind…

  1. livinrightinpgh

    Yeah, but he says it with SUCH conviction! Can’t we just give him “points” for being so eloquent and passionate, even if he IS more full of dung than a cargo ship at sea for two months that’s loaded with cows dieting on Ex-Lax?

    He is the most empty-shell of a President….EVER. He’s like a grand display window outside of a store that has NOTHING inside. All form, and absolutely, positively, unequivocally NO SUBSTANCE. (Other than fecal matter.)

  2. livinrightinpgh

    Let’s just say “he’s full of Shiite”……

  3. ReBlogging this on ℝ@ᾔ∂øм ℝaღßℓḯηs. Today, is a day of prayer for me… for the murdered children being laid to rest (Priest to Hold Memorial Service for Babies Killed in Gosnell Clinic – info on my blog) and the Benghazi testimony (may ALL Truth be brought to light!)… God bless you JTR, thanks!

    • You’re entirely welcome, Teach… and thank you, as well.

      I doubt we’re going to end up with a climactic moment, à la “A Few Good Men”. Regardless, we need the country to see the Truth here.

      It’s in front of their eyes, if only more folks would open them…

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  6. Thanks for the reminder…I thought the hearing was tough enough. But then Crowley was more than happy to help out.

    • Crowley was a disgrace,
      but Obama would have delivered that line, regardless of the moderator.

      Candy was an enabler, but Barack was (and remains) one of the primary villains with this.
      And the more I hear about this situation, the worse it looks.

      Traitors. ALL of them.

  7. Impeach the rasserfrasser.

    • At the very LEAST, Sally.

      • livinrightinpgh

        Sadly, I honestly don’t think there’s going to be the level of repercussion that would be appropriate given the outright lies, deception, stonewalling, and blatant harassment of the “whistleblowers”. Hillary will still run for POTUS in 2016, and the Right won’t have the testicular fortitude to attack her about it. (Think: Rick Lazio)

        • I have a few thoughts on that, Pgh, but I think I’ll save ’em for my next post…

          I’m not quite as pessimistic as you are, for now. I believe the Left may be overplaying their hand… again.

          • livinrightinpgh

            Anxious to read those thoughts, bro…

            IMHO, it’s NOT pessimism. It’s just an acceptance of reality. From dead women in a car at the bottom of a river, to Oval Office shenanigans with a White House intern, to tax frauds and consorting with Communists and Terrorists, the evil that IS the Left is like Teflon….

  8. Clean house from top to bottom and exterminate the whole of DC. This plague has to go. Kindergarten children could do better.

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