“Diversity”, and other examples of Intolerance from the oh-so “Tolerant” Left

Since we are in the middle of yet ANOTHER illustration of this, courtesy of the New Diversity Enforcers, we’re re-linking this post from a couple years back.

It’s rather depressing to see just how little has changed since then, …and that what HAS changed, is worse



Diversity has become a joke

What I mean by that is that diversity, as defined by the Left, is a joke. That’s because the Left has defined Diversity to mean only superficial or physical differentiations: race, skin color, gender or sexual orientation.

Yes, that is a type of diversity, but then they take it one step beyond. These differences are then brought and held together by stereotypical assumptions about who such individuals are and what they believe, solely BECAUSE of their race, skin color, gender or sexual orientation.

Which is a patently ridiculous (not to mention racist, sexist, and intolerant) view of diversity.


Conservatives have been pointing this out since what feels like the Beginning of Time, but still they persist. As a result, we’re compelled to continually highlight the Left’s unintentional irony and hypocrisy.

There’s an almost limitless supply of examples, so let’s stick with just the recent ones. First is MSNBC’s Donnie Deutsch, who’s basically rephrasing the classic Virginia Slims ad: “You’ve come a Long Way Little Too Far, Baby”….

So ANY woman who does not fall into line with the predetermined, stereotyped beliefs (which the Left just happens to hold) is not actually a woman, per MSNBC. The Party that created and ascribed the mythical “War on Women” to the Right, and railed against “Women in Binders”, are the ones who are altogether intolerant of any divergence of thought from females.

Sorry ’bout that, Ladies!! You’ve apparently just forfeited your right to be counted among official “womynses”, by virtue of not conforming to the Left’s designated ideology for your gender.

Hey, them’s the breaks.

What if I inserted “should stay barefoot and pregnant” into Deutsch’s remarks, and removed the gun references? I’d wager that Deutsch and his colleagues would view such a statement, oh, …somewhat more harshly.

Any takers?

Tolerance - Inigo Montoya (version 2)

Along this same line of thinking, the NRA has been making Lefties’ heads spin recently by adding Colion Noir as their spokesman. Rather than give the Left’s view of Colion, I’d prefer to give Colion’s view of the Left:

How can you not just LOVE this guy?

I find it amusing that the very folks who are able to perceive racist “dog whistles” in the most benign statements from Conservatives, are also the very individuals who can’t see their own blatant racism.


My last and most recent example hasn’t received a whole lot of attention, and it needs to. Bill Richardson, longtime Democrat, former New Mexico governor and Clinton Energy Secretary, had this exchange over the weekend when discussing the recent attention Senator Ted Cruz has gained as a Conservative Republican:

Catch that? “I don’t think he should be defined as a Hispanic…”, because Cruz doesn’t subscribe to the proper, “Hispanic”, view on Immigration.

Are you sensing a trend here?


The party of inclusion, of diversity, of recognizing and respecting differences…  consistently holds up as holy writ that if you do not accept your “appropriate”, preassigned belief of the liberal Democrat hive-mind, then you are no longer deserving to be recognized or respected for your differences.

By Refusing to be the Same, you are no longer considered Diverse.


“We support Diversity by blindly accepting the same beliefs as everyone else!”

When I said originally that Diversity has become a Joke, I guess I should have added: “…and the joke is on US”.

27 responses to ““Diversity”, and other examples of Intolerance from the oh-so “Tolerant” Left

  1. godsbooklover

    Yes, that is just terrific consistency, isn’t it? Get women out of the kitchen and into the boardroom, don’t box them into traditional subservient roles…but when their votes count, get angry if they don’t go all “maternal” and exude “feminine sensibility”–since that happens to be what the Left thinks will garner the correct vote on the issue at hand. Gag me with a spoon.

  2. livinrightinpgh

    Seriously, you’d have to have a VERY warped mind to think and speak as the Left does and NOT see the absolute LACK of logical consistency. Of course, the Reverends Jackson and Sharpton thought Obama wasn’t “black enough” either, so at least they are somewhat consistent in their stupidity.

    I don’t know if their pacifier was taken away from them too early in life, but whatever their reason, it’s getting old….fast.

    • When the examples are THIS out-in-the-open, you just shake your head.
      But many committed Leftists truly can’t see the other side: it’s like they’re blind, so they can’t even picture the sky.

      They can’t begin to imagine what we’re talking about, not even in theory. I may as well try to teach a dog calculus.
      Yet they’ve been told by their professors (and other assorted “smart” people) that if they accept THESE views, they’ll also be considered “smart”.

      Which is why they get so emotional when we tell them they’re wrong….

      It’s sad, but still incredibly aggravating.

  3. “By Refusing to be the Same, you are no longer considered Diverse.”

    That about says it.
    It’s the best joke I’ve seen all day! ROFL!
    Oh, it’s not a joke?
    In that case, we have a certain part of our population that needs psychiatric evaluation and treatment. Way too much paranoid projection, compartmentalization, regression and out and out denial.

    • Exactly what I just replied to Pgh: it’s sad.

      Having been raised in Liberal Land (and am living in a Blue state as I type), I’ve viewed it up-close-and-personal.
      But it’s like I told Pgh: they just can’t even SEE our point of view, which is the first thing you’re supposed to do when having an honest negotiation or discussion.
      They can’t even do it theoretically.

      If so many of them weren’t so darn ill-tempered and nasty about it, I’d almost feel bad for them…

      • I think I saw a breakthrough last week. A relative attended a town hall meeting which I also attended. Afterward, he seemed almost apologetic as he told me he was still a Democrat, though he hates that ‘gay stuff’ and abortion. I was stunned. Maybe…there’s some light showing into his soul.

        • Tannngl, ha ha funny that dawning light. A shame that is about all the Dems are about..(at least right now…it could be unisex coneheads from Mars in 2 years, but for now) The other problem is when we go to church and it seems more like the Democrats’ platform.

          • Actually, BR, I think tannngl has the right idea.

            Tempting though it is to write these folks off (and I am SORELY tempted quite often), we have to keep reaching out, and pointing out these issues to those folks who aren’t paying close attention or worse: have already had their brains fried by the culture.
            Lord knows there’s a bunch of them.

            The media is a lost cause, but they aren’t our target: our neighbors and friends are.

            And since you brought up the church, and specifically referencing just within my own frame of reference:
            I have largely seen the Catholic Church hold the line and grow more of a backbone than I can recall in the last 20 years, or more.
            Plus, we have to keep in mind that the American Church is a small part of the global Church.
            It’s not going to change just to suit the wants of some Liberal “pro-choice” or “pro-gay-marriage” parishioners, or even a few Lib priests.
            The last three Popes have proved that much.

            One more thing on that:
            I’ve mentioned in a couple previous posts that the Seminarians I have observed (I spent quite a bit of time at a certain Seminary in the last 2 years) are some of the most conservative we’ve had in 50 years, and my observation has been backed up by others.
            There is cause to hope…and actually, that’s part of our calling.
            Not the false “hope-&-change” crap that Obama was peddling, but real hope, in Him.

            It’s gonna be a heck of a fight, BR, but we’re on “the side of the angels”, quite literally.

            • JTR: of course I agree with you. On the part of dealing with the libs and Dems in genera, like many of my aquaintences, I came to believe its better to let them see or decide on their own.(w/ little subtle hints that I give) I sort of chuckle when they say they don’t agree with certain things in this administration. But I think the minute I try to convince them, the antennae and talking points come out, so I sort of leave them to see the fallacy as it exposes itself to them. And I pray it will.

              • Being an old sales guy, one thing I use is an old sales guy’s technique: “Why”?
                You keep asking that question, or variations of it, and you don’t have to convince them of a thing. They do all of the answering, reasoning, etc.,..

                It works, I swear. You just have to be artful with it, and subtle.

      • JTR: ha ha “honest negotiation or discussion” — right, isn’t that an oxymoron to the left? It doesn’t exist.

        • Oh, I’d largely agree, BR: for the militant, MSNBC/PBS crowd, sure. But there are some potential ones out there, partner, and they aren’t beyond saving.

          We just have to find them….

  4. Hear, HEAR!

    I lost my ‘woman card’ a long, long time ago, according to the leftist feminists… I CHOSE TO BE A STAY AT HOME WIFE AND MOTHER. 😉

  5. Yea, and Richardson’s crack on Cruz really seemed like a setup didn’t it? (prepared and delivered) No don’t “define him as Hispanic”. and then his weak apology was just as bad. Like that isn’t what he meant. Welcome to Dems alternative REALITY.

  6. That’s the definition of “tolerance” to Liberals — “hating conservative values/ Repubs”. Hispanics and blacks are ONLY hispanic or black enough, when they’re Dems. Doesn’t everyone know that?

    • Oh, we know it….and we know it’s pretty darn stupid, too.

      Seriously, the illogical double-standard by the Left has long ago become laughable. The sad aspect of it, RP, is that a solid portion of the electorate is completely blind to it.
      It’s sorta’ like trying to convince a love-struck teenager that their loser boyfriend/girlfriend is, well, …a loser.

      Heck: that might actually be easier..

  7. As a leftie who accidentally stumbled across your website today, I just have a couple of things to say. First, while I disagree with most of your overall ideology, I do think you highlight some flawed ideas that many on the left fall victim to, such as the “traditional” woman’s role not being a legitimate one. At the same time, most of your posts are written for your target audience–for the people who share your values. You frequently refer to those who oppose your views in a condescending, attacking manner, referring to us as closed-minded and totally blind to your ideas, yet you also speak of the need to show us the light and bring us to your side. How do you expect to do that when you consistently berate us?

    I’m not telling you to write differently–you have the freedom to compose this blog as you choose. I’m only saying that, if you really want to show the light to those you see as misguided, you do not seem to be approaching that from a productive angle (coming from one of the “misguided,” anyway). Attacking somebody–or a generalized group of people–is not going to convince anybody that you are right. In fact, it will only make the attacked more inclined to oppose you.

    I think you have some good points. I just wish you conveyed them in a way that would make readers–ALL readers–more receptive to them.

    • Glad you stumbled by, “Somebody”. You’re most assuredly welcome at our humble site, anytime. 🙂

      Now to your comment: you are mistaken as to my purpose. My posts aren’t “written for my target audience”: this is simply how I write.
      Am I sarcastic? Very, and often.
      But if you really read through the hundreds of posts on our blog, I’m betting you can’t find me being condescending to or attacking anyone, other than either (A) public figures or (B) people whom I believe are doing grievous harm to our country.
      And for that, I offer no apologies.

      I link extensively here, so that you can see where I’m obtaining data or source material. If I have a point of contention, I always, always, always back it up. FWIW: researching data usually takes me longer than the actual writing.
      After that, those who will agree with me, will. Those who won’t, won’t.
      I’ve long ago figured out I can’t control either.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment: it IS sincerely appreciated.
      And I wish you all the best…

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