Virtue or Vice: Setting an Example for our Children to follow….

What is wrong with our culture?

From the Associated Press, via

RACINE, Wis. (AP) –Two employees of a Racine child care center are facing felony child abuse charges.

Police say a video surfaced on social media showing three young children restraining and beating a 2-year-old boy at the Bundle of Blessings Kid Kare center last month.

abuse 1

Sgt. Jessie Metoyer says one of the employees, a 22-year-old Caledonia woman, is the mother of two of the children who physically assaulted the toddler. Metoyer says the three children held down the 2-year-old and punched and kicked him. Police say the video was taken by one of the two women.

The Caledonia woman and a 23-year-old Racine woman are each charged with child abuse by failing to prevent bodily harm. Both women appeared in court Friday and remain in jail.

Metoyer says the 2-year-old is doing OK.

When I first heard this, I didn’t know what to think. Punching and kicking a 2-year-old? And the daycare worker films it, and then posts it to Facebook??

Sadly, yes…

When did our society become populated by people who could tolerate condone and LAUGH about this? This is savagery, and that comparison may be insulting to actual savages.

The only reason these women were caught is because they filmed it and posted it themselves, which begs the question: how often does this happen when the perpetrators AREN’T monumentally stupid enough to, in essence, turn themselves in?

Society is engaged in a battle for our children, and right now the Good Guys are losing.


Here’s a somewhat different example:

shopping-bagsLast week, I witnessed a well-dressed yet visibly-harried woman desperately trying to juggle 8+ shopping bags and her purse at the mall, while her 3 children (age range approximately 10-15) walked next to her, each encumbered only by a smartphone, utterly oblivious to their mother’s circus act.

She didn’t say anything, they apparently couldn’t begin to notice, and I was horrified. But when I offered to help her with her bags (deliberately not looking at the kids, lest I accidentally vaporize them with a stare), she attempted to smile, frantically assured me she was “just fine, thanks…”, then struggled on.

Oh: and as she walked away, her kids gave me a look usually reserved for when you discover something unpleasant and foul-smelling on the bottom of your sneaker. Then they diligently went back to their respective phones.

Someone please explain this to me, ’cause I just don’t get it.

This family was visibly well-off, financially, but a poverty of human decency was just as apparent. Why would so many parents today put themselves in the role of indentured servant to their children? I’d happily lay down my life for my boys if necessary, but treating them like a visiting rajah doesn’t seem that healthy a concept to me.

Yet, I watch parents endure the most insane behavior from Little Jeffrey or Darling Veronica, not offering even the mildest rebuke or redirection. What gives? I’d have been reduced to a smoldering pile of slag if I’d behaved that way for half an instant (by either of my parents), and boy-oh-boy, did I know it.

…I’m comfortably sure my own boys are up to speed on this, too.

Snape - 1

“Ill-mannered children……. displease me.”

So in one corner we’ve got kids being taught and encouraged to commit mindless violence against a helpless toddler, and in the other corner are children who are learning that only their wants and needs are important. In my admittedly humble opinion, both are victims of a form of child abuse, and aren’t being prepared to enter a civil society.

If anything, they’re being weaponized, made into cancer cells to be injected directly into society’s lifeblood.

Add in our Federal Government’s insistence on setting themselves up as the official arbiter of what is appropriate for today’s youth, and maybe it’s no wonder that as a people we’re now exponentially more crass, selfish, immature, and generally lacking the moral underpinnings and expectations which drove our parents, and our parents’ parents.

As a result, perhaps that’s why we have so many able-bodied citizens willing to be on Food Stamps and every conceivable government handout, in perpetuity.

Perhaps that’s why illegitimate births are at an all-time high today, while church attendance is at an all-time low.

Perhaps that’s what allows monsters such as Kermit Gosnell to not only exist but flourish in our neighborhoods.

kermit-gosnell - 1


For the sake of contrast, allow me to flashback to about three weeks ago:

As my wife and I are walking towards the car, I turn around to check on the whereabouts of my boys. And there they are: my two sons (age 11 & 12) are holding the doors open for a mass exodus of people at the Interstate Rest Area, but they show no signs of tiring of their self-assigned duty. Heck, they seem to be genuinely enjoying it.

And I couldn’t be prouder of them.

When I was raised, we were taught to be respectful of our elders, women, children, animals … and basically everyone else, too. Yes, my father was a throwback, peppering my youth with reminders of why a man should walk on the outside of a sidewalk for a woman (in case a passing car splashes…), or gives up his seat to the elderly (a favorite retort of his: “What? Your legs are broken all of a sudden?”).

And yes, we were told to hold open doors for men and women alike.


The world seemed to possess a plethora of rules, and he was intent on teaching me all of them.

Once, after I did what could only be termed a barely perfunctory job of cleaning the garage, he made me silently witness him do a REAL garage cleaning, although he was still dressed in a suit from work. And I wasn’t allowed to help; I’d already had my chance. I just had to sit…and watch. Easily one of the longest hours of my life, I witnessed him transform our garage into a two-car-bay, 99.9% sterile environment capable of passing the most stringent health department inspection.

When I ask you to do a job, son, THAT is what I want…”

So maybe I can’t be faulted for rolling my eyes when I see kids these days who flagrantly disrespect their parents, or speak as if they’re remunerated by the cuss word. Or, maybe I’m just getting old and curmudgeonly.

Both are likely, I suppose.


Once upon a time, we ALL taught our youngsters about morality, manners, and societal expectations. We ALL expected EVERYONE’s boys and girls to learn about God, country, and family. Respect. Virtue. Humility. Honor. Work ethic. 


Now? Not so much.

This will not be fixed by another Government Program, no matter how well-intentioned it supposes to be. Neither will disengaging from the world change anything for the better. The first step in this, to me, is setting a proud and fearless example for the children in our sphere of influence, tirelessly teaching them right from wrong. Isn’t it our responsibility to prepare them for what the world holds, providing for them the tools to combat it, so that they’re strong enough in their minds and hearts to become happy warriors themselves?

Then and only then will they be able to set an example for their generation. 

Evil in its infinite forms has always existed, and it’s always been necessary to battle it in our daily lives. But as my sister asked yesterday, are we today really prepared to “stick (our) neck out and commit to the truth, in a climate where truth is unpopular…”??

Because if we aren’t, then this battle is already lost.

24 responses to “Virtue or Vice: Setting an Example for our Children to follow….

  1. godsbooklover

    We need a button for “Standing up and Cheering”…because “Like” doesn’t really begin to cover how I feel about this post. Preach it, brother!

  2. Exactly…Preach on Brother!

    I remember doing something that deserved punishment when I was a kid and Mom punished me, then said…wait until your father gets home. When you’re a kid, you can’t claim double jeopardy.

    We were taught to mind our manners and respect our elders. We were also taught that children should be seen and not heard unless someone asked them a direct question. Adults were ALWAYS addressed as Mr. Mrs. or Miss. Even to this day, I still use Mr. and Mrs. when talking to clients and people I’ve just been introduced to.

    • Thanks, partner. Sometimes it seems that I was raised on a distant planet, rather than just a few decades ago.

      To this day, I refer to my father as Dad or Sir. I still call other men (both younger or older) ‘Sir’, as well. Ladies are ‘Ma’am’, and young ladies: ‘Miss’.
      **Hint: Wanna make an older lady smile? Call her ‘Miss’…

      Which makes me ask: if we had more kids taught to be respectful, happy, and strong in mind/heart/spirit…, which was the NORM when you and I were young…, would we have even HALF the issues we face today going on?

      That’s rhetorical…, ’cause we both know the answer to THAT one.

    • Love the double Jeopardy comment, too.

      When we were young, “Double Jeopardy” simply meant that you’d done something really dumb, …twice!

      • I remember when I was in sixth grade, my Mom got a call at work from the principle that I had been suspended for a week from school. She came home, picked me up and took me back to school and had a “word of prayer” with the principle to the effect of…you don’t suspend a student: you either use the board of education on him or keep him after school for x number of days. A vacation from school is what he wants, don’t give it to him. ( This was about the time they were doing away with corporal punishment in California schools, so I got the detention for 2 weeks plus got the board of education from Dad when he got home from work.)

  3. My sisters coddled their kids. Now my 26 year old Feminist niece can’t figure out how to get her car from Michigan to Oregon when she gets moved by mom and dad this summer. I gave up on trying to offer advice. They don’t want it; they just want cash, no strings.

    • I think they just can’t fathom the advice, Sally. Their brains won’t accept what you are trying to tell them.

      Kids need plenty of love but they NEED limits, too. They need to be taught what is expected.
      A buddy of mine still laughs about the time some teenaged kid used a public restroom I was in. I was drying my hands when he began to leave without stopping by the sink. As he reached for the door, I looked at him and remarked, loudly: “Dude? Seriously? C’mon, man, go wash your hands…”

      ….to which he somewhat meekly went over and scrubbed up.

      This isn’t rocket science, but some of these parents are either clueless, have forgotten how THEY were raised, or are too weak as individuals to do the necessary work to raise their kids to become adults.

      Makes me just a little crazy…

      • Maybe that’s it. I do try to mind my own business now, though. But that also extends to not offering to fix their problems with my wallet too.

  4. More often these days I hear from parents that corporal punishment does “no good” for their small children. That these kids are “strong willed” and the punishment has no effect.

    My question to them is always “Are you doing it right?”
    Because growing up I was as strong willed as the next kid but properly applied this punishment did have a profound effect, and made me stop and think any time I considered repeating the same offense.

    • I believe you are asking the right question, Hatfield. I was pretty strong-willed as a boy, too, and still am: but I learned that fire was hot, falling out of a tree hurt pretty bad… and that sassing my Mother, or not following my parents’ instructions in general, had some pretty dire consequences.

      I wasn’t the brightest kid on the block, but my parents were able to communicate with me in ways that didn’t require “extensive discussion”, IYKWIMAITYD….

  5. livinrightinpgh

    We’re seeing the inevitable outcome of the minimization of Faith, morality, and character. The doctrine of humanism has no other possible conclusion. Black and white have been replaced by a spectrum of gray. IMHO, it’s why the Left, for the most part, disdains Faith and Religion.

    • Yes, moral absolutes are generally anathema to the Left.

      But SECULAR absolutes they don’t seem to have an issue with: gay marriage, birth control access, abortion, radical environmentalism, redistribution of wealth, etc.,…
      In THOSE areas, absolutes are just dandy!

      It’s why many folks, including lil’ old me, have termed Liberalism as a Religion.
      They just substituted one God for another… literally.

      • livinrightinpgh

        Yeah, and those pesky Scriptures just get in their way. Who is God to tell THEM how to live their lives? Welcome to Sodom and Gomorrah….TODAY’S “Liberalism” IS a religion, just as is Humanism, Atheism and the rest.

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