Chris Matthews and the Blame-America-First crowd are pretty sure that “Jihad” is OUR fault…

matthews 777Chris Matthews has finally taken that last step off the edge of sanity. 

With more spittle flying from his yap than you’d expect to see at a Skoal convention, Chris Matthews has the perverse ability to speak as if he thinks he’s making sense, yet the words that he (quite literally) spits out are devoid of any rational thought. 

Watch the following clip and see what I mean.

All that jihad that we see everywhere? According to Chrissy, somehow that’s OUR fault??

Like I said: “devoid of any rational thought”.


Obviously, there are Muslims here (and worldwide) who are living peaceful lives and wish no quarrel with anyone. But I’m not discussing them: I mean the ones who derive from the Qur’an itself their desire to kill infidels, …which, of course, would be all of us. 

And we’re not talking about just 2 or 3 people, here or there. There’s a significant number of Muslims, even in our own country, who support terror. A Pew Poll back in 2007 asked the following question:

“Some people think that suicide bombing and other forms of violence against civilian targets are justified in order to defend Islam from its enemies. 

Do you personally feel that this kind of violence is often justified to defend Islam, sometimes justified, rarely justified or never justified?”

The results? 13% overall, and 26% of males 18-30, of American Muslims agreed that suicide bombings are often, sometimes or rarely justified.

And that was back in 2007.


So for a little counter perspective, I’m including a couple videos from gentlemen who actually know history and aren’t afraid to use it to help them perceive the reality which surrounds us.

***Please keep in mind: both of the following vids were made before both the Boston and Benghazi attacks.


The first is an old yet brief clip from Allen West, as he discusses the basics of Islamist wars throughout history.

The second one is from the inimitable Bill Whittle, is about the same age as West’s clip, …and is eerily prescient. It’s thirteen minutes, but just watch the first 7-8 minutes for the truly salient parts.

We, ladies and gentlemen, are at war.

Our previous president knew that, and these men know it, too.  Our country wishes no harm to anyone, except to those who are trying to hurt us first. And in those cases, we must be honest if we’re to properly assess the risks which our world presents, and attempt to keep our nation safe and secure.

I truly believe this message is resonating more recently, in part due to the Boston bombing.

And it would be getting out somewhat faster if we didn’t have a deliberate misinformation campaign being waged by the likes of Chris “Master of Mucus” Matthews and the rest of the Blame-America-First crowd.

3 responses to “Chris Matthews and the Blame-America-First crowd are pretty sure that “Jihad” is OUR fault…

  1. From the perspective of a jihad bomber it’s the perfect excuse to kill innocent people. They hate us for many reasons, just supporting Israel would be enough for them to justify their actions.

    People like Matthews who always looking to blame anyone but those seeking to kill innocent people are just fools. We have plenty of them, unfortunately.

  2. It would be great if we could box up Chris Matthews and ship his ass to Egypt where he would have to remain for two years in order to leaves….unless, of course, he was dead before the expiration of the stay time..

  3. livinrightinpgh

    Matthews needs to be in the bed next to that dude in France who stabbed the Rabbi and his son.

    But I am curious about one thing: Wasn’t President “Nobel Peace Prize” supposed to bring unity and harmony to the world? Is Matthews saying that the “murdering/killing” of Muslims around the world is STILL occurring under Obama? Silly me! I thought that after the now infamous “Cairo Speech”, all jihad would stop……

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