Invitations Aren’t Only for Easter

It’s one week later. If Easter was a mountaintop, this feels like a dark valley. Yet the invitation to come is still there. It wasn’t a one-time offer. And even if we’ve already held out hungry hands for the bread of life, we can still find ourselves weak again, and needing to heed that call once more.

Come, sinners…knowing your distress, your dirt. Feeling your own emptiness. Come for cleansing and filling.

Come, thirsty…knowing your longing, parched and dry. Come for the water of Life.

Come, weary…burdened by life’s trials, relationships that went sour or that never ripened, dragging disappointment like a broken limb.

Don’t wait–it won’t get easier.

Don’t wash first–that’s His pleasure.

Don’t wish it away, the burden, as if you can only approach Him when you’re whole already.

“If you tarry till you’re better, you will never come at all.”







So rise. Go to Him, or return again. Discover or rediscover the hope, the strength, the love.

Ten thousand charms.


4 responses to “Invitations Aren’t Only for Easter

  1. Absolutely beautiful post… Glory to God and AMEN!

  2. What wonderful inspiration! Thank you so much!

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