After this Judge’s decision, I gotta ask: What does “being a kid” even MEAN these days?

“It’s for the children”.


Just say those four words to any number of people nowadays, and you’ll elicit an involuntary shudder from them.  That’s because more and more, “the children” are used as an all-purpose bludgeon by one particular group to get their way (*cough*… Liberals!!… *cough*). And generally we find out later that these arguments have either nothing to do with kids, or has actually made them less safe, not more.

Seriously: you see. And hear. New uses. Of this rationale. Seemingly. Every. Single. Day.

So much so that I barely batted an eye when I read the following on CNN:

A federal judge in Brooklyn, New York, has ordered the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to make the morning-after birth control pill available to people of any age without a prescription.

The order overturned a 2011 decision by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to require a prescription for girls under 17.

The FDA said it couldn’t comment because it is an ongoing legal mater.

And a minute or two later, it finally occurred to me what I’d just read: “…of ANY age”.

What the what?

Kids…, who can’t drive a car until they’re at least 15, watch an R-rated movie until they’re 17, buy cigarettes until they turn 18, or drink alcohol until they’re 21, for Pete’s sake, ….can now, at ANY age, obtain this hormone cocktail (while their own hormones are doing the Fire Dance without any help ) sans any sort of parental notice or consent??


And the Left says that Conservatives are the extremists?


So I have a suggestion: since these Statists/Progressives/Leftists are so gung-ho on the nationalization and micro-management of everything from gun bans to healthcare to protect “the children”, maybe they could do me a favor and define for me what a “child” actually is.

I’m genuinely curious, since on one hand they say that a kid can consent to sex as young as sixteen in states like Connecticut or Maine, and then Obamacare comes along and says your twenty-six-year-old son or daughter is ALSO a “kid”, and as such they can stay on your healthcare insurance.

Does this make even a lick of sense to anyone, or am I just being dense today?

speed limit whateverGrowing up in today’s society is more confusing than ever, as youths are bombarded with siren songs of sexual gratification, fears of Global Climate Armageddon, and everything in between. A further blurring of the lines (thanks to our aforementioned Idiot Judge) between who/what constitutes an adult or a child does nothing to arrest that confusion.

Moreover, it foolishly empowers kids (not even just teenagers, mind you) in an area where they need more constraints, not fewer.

Of course, if the same folks who think that a child can make up their own mind about when, if, and with whom they’re ready to have sex ALSO believe that same child isn’t ready to pay for their own healthcare for another decade (or more), I guess I’m not altogether surprised.

Perhaps next time the Left starts pushing an agenda as being “For The Children”, they’d do us a favor and first tell us who exactly they’re talking about. ‘Cause right now it appears they have redefined the term to mean whatever it is they WISH it to mean at the time.

Hmmm…, where have I heard that before?

15 responses to “After this Judge’s decision, I gotta ask: What does “being a kid” even MEAN these days?

  1. JTR, you said it all, to the point I can’t even add to it………..except this ONE thought! (LOL!)
    Call me curious, but has this “morning after pill” even been tested on a GIRL who’s only 13, 14 or 15? And HOW can a minor consent to the potential side effects of a drug (and we ALL know that NO drug has zero side effects)?
    So, I guess 5 years from now, we’ll find out about a list of horrific side effects when someone that young has taken this “medication”? Maybe the judge who issued this nonsensical ruling will still be around so that HE can be sued, instead of the pharmaceutical companies.

    The culture war is lost……

    • “Always darkest before the dawn”, etc., etc.,…

      I fear you’re likely right, Pgh; and you just KNOW that the Pharma company will get the snot sued out of them if it has “unforeseen” side-effects for kids so young.

      Any bets whether their likely defense of “it was never INTENDED to be given to a 12-year-old girl, you blockheads!!” will stand up in another court?
      C’mon: I’ll give you reeeaaallllly good odds…

  2. This is akin to the gun control debate, the kids will get the morning after pill anyway from an older friend or sister and maybe the abortion rate will go down. Let’s pray that girls who are only 13, 14 or 15 aren’t having sex, I know that’s unrealistic but we can still pray for it.

    The bottom line here is, you can’t make laws to stop people from getting certain things because, where’s there’s a will, there’s a way, whether it be guns, drugs, alcohol or the morning after pill.

    • Wellllll…., I don’t know as if I’d equate this with guns, Phoebes. Don’t recall an Amendment covering birth control to minors anywhere…

      But, that’s beside the point, really. The issue is the logic of making it ever easier for people (and now, kids of all ages) to have consequence-free sex, no matter what. That’s where our society seems hell-bent on going, both figuratively and literally…. at least to me.

      I’ll grant you that girls would get their hands on the drug if they really, really wanted to, sure. That’s been proven in all arenas.

      But it’s the old chestnut about underage drinking/sex/drugs/etc…which I heard from some of my buddies’ parents growing up: “they’re just gonna do it anyway”. I’ve observed this approach usually making for some questionable parenting and often times tragic results. Not every time, of course, …but far too often.
      So to me, carving the parents out of this law altogether seems silly to the point of self-satire.

      Just a note on the “we can’t stop them” argument: I notice that doesn’t stop the Statists from making cigarettes an absolute evil which “must” be stopped.
      The dichotomy between the treatment of the two topics is…interesting.

      It’s the selective outrage (and I’m speaking about society in general, and not with you, obviously) which boggles my mind as much as anything.

      Anyway, thanks for stopping by again. Seeing your Liberty Bell pop up here ALWAYS brightens my day!!
      Talk with you soon, my friend…


  3. livinrightinpgh, never fear! The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, American Academy of Pediatrics, Society for Adolescent Medicine, World Health Organization all have said these OTC pills are safe! We are so lucky!

    And in always following the $$, I would look for connections between this judge and Teva Pharmaceuticals.

    It just blows my mind. I cannot buy Pseudoephedrine without signing for it and showing my drivers’ license and 10 year olds will be able to buy abortion pills without parental consent.
    Wonder if little boys can buy it too.

    I tweeted this morning that we are all now fully in Satan’s playground. It’s like the little shop of horrors with weird mirrors and so much to throw off your equilibrium. And we’ve still got over 3 1/2 years to go with this admin.

    • As a user of Pseudoephedrine since waaay back when it was only Ephedrine, I feel your pain, tannngl. I feel like I’m buying something illicit, when all I want is sinus relief!

      Over 3 more years still?
      I’m not gonna make it…

    • Hmmm, that fits. Anyone who doubted the evil here is in for an awakening. And I bet this news spread on millions of kids tweetys, FB, phones and computers like wildfire.

      • No question about that, BR. But just in case, I’m sure the gradeschool teachers will remind the 8-year-olds in class about these drugs being available.

        OBSERVATION: Wouldn’t it be ironic if these pills came in a bottle with a child-proof cap, like something that’s REALLY dangerous. …such as Tylenol?


  4. I can’t buy psuedoephedrine with out a Rx from the doctor here, have to show my DL and sign for cough syrup, but my 11 year old daughter should be able to get Plan B OTC – while she cant take a tylenol or motrin to school. SMH

    • It makes no logical or consistent sense, Val. The vocabulary for Orwell’s “Newspeak” was easier for me to keep track of…

      BTW, welcome to our humble place! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment, as well. Opinions and comments are ALWAYS welcome, so we hope to see you back soon.

  5. The speed limit “Whatever” sign is apropos. But any adults must show a drivers license to buy cold medicine. They could misuse it, you know!

    • Just gotta get it into the hands of the kids, so they can feel absolutely free to have as much sex as possible, as early as possible.

      If it’s all about safety and age shouldn’t be a factor, why don’t we start making the Nicotine Patch available to 10-year-olds? Or start a “Clean Needle” program along with pre-school, perhaps?

      That might help keep the kids”safer”, too…

      • Yea, and maybe methadone clinics treating 5th graders. I see the Obama regime feigns their shock over this decision. That’s funny. Hey, their kool aid is even better than LSD, 🙂

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