Which is more culturally relevant: EASTER, …or Cesar Chavez’ birthday?

I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Easter.

My family and I enjoyed ourselves, hosting my sister-in-law’s family after morning mass, while I kept track of the NCAA Hockey tournament. However, only one little unnecessarily political event ruined an otherwise politics-free day, as my brother-in-law and I jumped on the web for a quick hockey update.



Yes, on Easter Sunday: a national holiday and special day of reverence for the overwhelming majority of Americans (both religious and secular), Google chose to make their daily doodle a celebration of the birthday of Cesar Chavez, rather than some sort of recognition of Easter.

And before someone starts saying that I’M being insensitive for thinking this is somewhat upside-down in the relative importance department, none other than Mika “Hard Lefty” Brzezinski even thought this was beyond the pale.

***FYI: When conservatives and the MSNBC Morning Joe crew say you’ve crossed the line, …it’s over.

From Newsbuster’s:

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: “San Jose Mercury News: controversy surrounding the [sic] Google’s home page yesterday, when the company decided to pay tribute to Cesar Chavez instead of the Easter holiday. Sunday was the late California labor leader’s birthday. In a statement Google explained its decision, quote, we enjoy celebrating holidays at Google but as you may imagine it’s difficult for us to –“

JOE SCARBOROUGH: “Tough! It’s tough! Easter. Easter. Right? Right? It’s tough!”

BRZEZINSKI: “I don’t get this.”

SCARBOROUGH: “Easter? Chavez’s birthday.”


SCARBOROUGH: “It’s tough. I mean, you know, 2,000 years. This has been a tossup. Am I not right?”

MARK HALPERIN: “Not quite that long.”

SCARBOROUGH: “Okay. At least since the ’60s.”

SCARBOROUGH: “I think this is sort of one of those–I think this just might be a culture blind spot for our friends at Google.”

BRZEZINSKI: “I think they just screwed up. How about a statement one day that just says “we screwed up”? Who would have a problem with that?”


Just one more entry in the culture war which will likely fly under the radar of 95% of the country. But it’s exactly the kind of thing which needs to be noted and remembered whenever someone says no such war exists, and you’re being paranoid for thinking there is

14 responses to “Which is more culturally relevant: EASTER, …or Cesar Chavez’ birthday?

  1. I would expect NO LESS from the nice folks at Google. After all, Chavez (to them) is CLEARLY more important than ANY celebration that centers on the resurrection of Christ.

    • Oh, it’s not unexpected and, as a Twitter follower just chided me, it is “a free country”. Nothing against the law about Google’s decision.

      It’s exactly that Google did feel it was of more importance for them to choose Chavez over Easter that calls into question where their corporate mindset is. Keep in mind, they had no problem with including every other “holiday” in their doodles, including Arbor Day, Jackie Robinson’s birthday, St. Patrick’s Day and even Frank Zamboni’s birthday (which I obviously thought celebrating the Zamboni’s namesake was pretty cool…).

      They have always noted Christmas, as well, although they copped out and used “Happy Holidays” last year, rather than the dreaded “C” word.

      I find it funny that anyone could see this as anything OTHER than a political statement. No one would have said “boo” if they’d even noted it in a secular fashion.
      But to ignore it altogether seems rather blatant and, dare I say, …”intolerant”.

      Just my opinion…

  2. Well, I personally take issue with your Twitter follower as to us being a “Free Country”. Seriously, I could go on for DAYS about how that could be questioned and challenged.

    Perhaps the folks at Google just didn’t REALIZE that it was Easter? Or perhaps they think that all of the “clinging to guns and religion” crowd are too backwards to use computers and wouldn’t notice.

    Maybe next year on January 15th, they’ll put up a picture of Drew Brees or Charo……

  3. Oh definately Chavez…. if you are a liberal Marxist and that’s the constituency they are trying to assuage. Obama had to declare it a holiday so they can come groveling to his feet.

    ““I call upon all Americans to observe this day (March 31)with appropriate service, community, and educational programs to honor Cesar Chavez’s enduring legacy.” – Obama 2011.

    And look out, you know what the Marxists do for May.

    • They flipped a coin and said ‘Sorry, Jesus, you lose… and maybe Pilate was right.’

      • I’ve always said Progressives were 100% tone-deaf, but sometimes I have a hard time explaining to non-politically aware folks what I mean.

        THIS has just become my new favorite example!

    • Brother, I literally did a double-take when I clicked on Google. For a second, I was trying to figure out what this dude had to do with Easter…?

      And yeah, I remember Obama’s saying that, BR. But to go that route, on Easter, is really something.

      • Gee, JTR, now you got me wondering: we know he and the family went to the Episcopal church to hear that liberal tirade against the Right, but we don’t see any clips of his acknowledgment of his self-created holiday.

        I wonder if the Chavez thing involves fasting or incense? Now I’m curious. And it is a religion to the left….

        • BR….you just hit on something that went mostly unreported in the MSM: the “sermon” by the man in the pulpit where the Obamas attended their Easter service. The “Readers’ Digest” version of the message was “Republicans (which is Leftist “whisper-speak” for “White People”) want to put people of color to the back of the bus.

          Yet, the President who supposedly came to unite and not divide, didn’t even have the character to stand up and walk out of what was clearly a politically inspired message.

      • Oh dummie me….they gave up Jesus for lent, that’s it!

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