“ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION” – Mr. Virtual President at a town hall meeting

v-potus-headerIn this chapter of “Mr. Virtual President”, Bill Whittle weighs in on another topic which is so deceptively portrayed by the Left: Illegal Immigration

This subject is consistently and deliberately referred to as simply “immigration” by its opponents, which blurs the rather salient difference between “immigration” and its illegal counterpart. Folks who are justifiably against the latter are instead accused of hating the former, and then labeled Xenophobes. It’s an old trick, but one which the Left uses in their arguments all the time (e.g. with stem cells vs. EMBRYONIC stem cells, etc.,..).

Operating in a town hall setting this time, Bill once again cuts through the media wordsmiths’ games. My favorite line:

“…ILLEGAL immigration is not just a slap-in-the-face, it’s a spit-in-the-eye of every single LEGAL immigrant who, throughout the world, has spent 7-, 8-, 10- years of their lives; have spent thousands of dollars; have done everything exactly right…in order to come here…  “


BTW: if you enjoyed this edition of his series, you can find all of Bill’s “MVP” videos here.

4 responses to ““ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION” – Mr. Virtual President at a town hall meeting

  1. He’s right about the spit in the eye! We have a beautiful daughter-in-law who waited for 4 years to be able to enter this country. She is now a proud citizen–by her choice, work and love. Thanks for letting me vent!

    • You’re entirely welcome, Linda! You can always feel free to vent here!

      It is a tremendous undertaking to become a U.S. citizen nowadays. I hired a non-citizen out of college, and it wasn’t even close to being completed by the time I left the company 4 years later.

      Entering the country illegally is an understandable reaction to the hurdles we have erected. We need to make it impossible for Illegals to enter, while at the same time make it less arduous for the folks we WANT to become Americans.

      Would be nice if the folks in the State Department, or in the department of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, would get going on that today…

  2. Reblogged this on Political Musings-At the Sunset of My Life and commented:
    Another great presentation by Bill Whittle of one of our most serious problems!

    • Thanks, Gene!!

      Just an FYI: we’ve used a BUNCH of Bill’s vid’s in the past year, so if you want a full list, just put his name in our search box.
      We’ve probably got 20 or more of them here.

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