Whoopsie… I seem to have misplaced my Deadly Bio-terror Virus.

Like I didn’t have enough to worry about today.

From HotAir.com:

virus vialThe Galveston National Laboratory lost one of five vials containing a deadly Venezuelan virus, according to the University of Texas Medical Branch, which owns the $174 million facility designed with the strictest security measures to hold the deadliest viruses in the country.

Like Ebola, the missing Guanarito virus causes hemorrhagic fever, an illness named for “bleeding under the skin, in internal organs or from body orifices like the mouth, eyes, or ears,” according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Hey, mistakes happen. Heck, I once spent fifteen minutes walking around my house looking for my glasses, only to have my then-8-year-old son point out I was wearing them.

But I still gotta ask: isn’t this the sort of thing where there are, oh I don’t know, protocols for handling ’em? What, did someone sign out the virus for their kid’s “show-and-tell” that morning? Or perhaps they were doing some field research for an ‘Andromeda Strain‘ sequel?

The reasonable possibilities are endless. Why, someone could’ve accidentally lumped it in with a bunch of plastic bottles, on their way to the recycling center. Or mislabeled it “Eye Drops”.



Of course, the research facility and the folks at the Center for Disease Control have informed us that I’m completely overreacting, as it is very “unlikely” that the biological terror agent was stolen by actual biological terrorists or anything, ’cause THAT would just be totally crazy:

(Detroit Free Press) — Because there is no treatment or vaccine against the virus and it can infect by being inhaled, scientists work with it only when wearing spacesuit-like gear and in Biosafety Level 4 labs, which have the highest safety and security requirements to prevent the release of infectious agents.

Weaver said the most likely explanation for the missing vial is that it became stuck to a researcher’s glove and dropped unnoticed to the lab’s floor and rolled under equipment, where it was later swept up and incinerated with other lab waste.

The frozen vials, which are stored at minus-80 degrees centigrade, “stick to about anything … especially a gloved hand,” he said. The noise of the airflow system inside the scientist’s spacesuit — coupled with a limited field of vision — would make it difficult to hear or see the vial drop, Weaver said.

See? Nothing to worry your little head over…

clutching briefcaseBut just a suggestion: if some reeeaaal nervous-looking dude sits next to you on the plane this week, with one of those metal, internally-cooled medicine transport cases chained to his wrist, …

… catching the next flight might not be such a bad idea.


40 responses to “Whoopsie… I seem to have misplaced my Deadly Bio-terror Virus.

  1. If you get a vial out, shouldn’t you be a tad curious when you cant put it back?
    Anyone call in sick on the custodial staff????

  2. Got to give them the benefit of the doubt, Chavez may have required an extra vial. I hate to joke about it but its like kids, if they can’t keep track of their stuff then maybe they ought not have it. Remember the hard drive from Las Alamos? Dang cleaning people.

    Just thinking, we can’t seem to get any info on Benghazi or fast and furious, so this is not looking good at all. 🙂 Not like they have any radicals working for this regime or anything, so don’t worry too much.

    Besides, not like its Obama’s records or anything.

  3. Been. Feeling. Real. Crappy. Lately. Now I know why.

  4. “Can I buy a Vial, please?”

  5. Hey! This might be it under the refrigerator. Let me see…nah, just a vial of bubonic plague…

  6. I get it, no drone strikes on non-combatant civilians…

  7. Dr. Marc Seigel is the ONE doc on FOX that I trust. So, for now, this germ does not cross the rat/human barrier. For now.

    But wouln’t you have a system of daily, or 12 hour checks of these nasty vials? Counting, IDing?

    I smell a rat. (No pun intended).

  8. Thanks for the banter, gentlemen…you gave me my best laugh of the day. Odd that it stemmed from an article which should have given me my worst panic attack of the day!

  9. See! This is what happens when you arrive late to the party! DOH!

  10. Reblogged this on Tin Foil Hat Book Club and commented:
    Just in case you thought it was peanut butter flavoring…

  11. Could they inadvertently have gotten it in with the last truckload of hollow-point bullets?

  12. Okay….I’ve waited long enough. WHY has no one mentioned the OBVIOUS “Texas – G. W. Bush” connection? C’mon folks! Isn’t it CLEAR that Bush 43 is behind this? Rumor has it that he’s flying over to Iraq and hiding the vial in the sand so that the claims of “NO WMD’s” can be rebuked!

    I’m really disappointed that my fellow THABTO readers didn’t see it.

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