The Sequester does it again: Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s congressional aides can no longer afford food…

You, …yes, YOU…, are a selfish, heartless human being.

Don’t you know there are people in our nation who DESPERATELY need your help? These folks are starving! If an iota of empathy remained in your ice-cold, Conservative, hateful soul, you’d open up your wallet in order to feed those among us who are truly in need, those who are being made to pay for YOUR unwillingness to sacrifice….

… namely, the congressional aides of Democrat Debbie Wasserman Schultz.


The new lunch lines in the Congressional cafeterias

From the Washington Examiner:

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., said Congress has had to reduce constituent services because of the Sequester. “We’re really starting to see the effects of that in our office,” she said.

The cuts have also affected the quality of life for congressional aides, said Wasserman Schultz, whose defense of Capitol Hill staffers amid budget cuts has won her unofficial den mother status among many. At the hearing, for example, she said prices of meals in House restaurants are getting so high that aides are being “priced out” of a good meal.

See what I mean?

While you selfishly hoard your extra boxes of Kraft Mac & Cheese and cans of Dinty Moore, just remember that you should be petitioning the Government to take even MORE of your paycheck, in order that Debbie’s aides may continue to dine at Marcel’s or CityZen.


“Are you guys actually BUYING this crap?  Really?!?

At the very least, can’t we all agree that everyone has a basic human right to reasonably priced mahi-mahi, pan-roasted Chesapeake rockfish or mini-lemon blueberry trifles at the deli counters, grills and salad bars of the U.S. House of Representatives??

If their plight DOESN’T move you; if you somehow can’t find a shred of compassion in that lump of coal you call a heart for these innocent, malnourished, upper-five-and-low-six-figure-salaried (plus benefits!!), federally employed waifs, …who also just happen to work in the city with the highest per capita income in the entire United States

…may God have mercy on your soul.

10 responses to “The Sequester does it again: Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s congressional aides can no longer afford food…

  1. She and her aides can bite me, so spoiled from drinking at the public trough. Working for the taxpayers can suck when things aren’t going very good, so suck it up or go find a private sector job and get off the public’s money.

  2. This just in: President Obama announces a multimillion dollar grant aimed at teaching Congressional staffers how to pack a lunch…

    • I can see it now!
      But it’d cost a cool Billion, at least.

      Maybe the Food Stamp program could be expanded to include congressional Staffers?

      • A bit off topic, JTR, but that last line of your comment made me think about Congressional Staffers and Food Stamp recipients being more alike than one might think. I remember bagging groceries when I lived down South. The food stamp folks would come in and their cart was filled with the best cuts of meat, cans of veggies that were twice the price of the store brand, etc. Then, they whipped out a big old wad-o-cash for all of the beer, booze, and cigarettes.

        The similarity? They both eat better than I do, and both eat off of my dime.

  3. All that’s missing is a picture of Oliver asking “Please sir I want some more”

  4. Those poor staffers,almost brought a tear to my eye…from laughter. PGH beat me to ” pack a lunch” you lazy bastahds.

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