We’re STILL being lied to about Benghazi….


Over six months later, and there continues to be a virtual media black-out on the details concerning the events there on 9/11 of last year. Okay, not “black-out”…maybe a darkish brown-out, or a deep midnight blue-out. Whatever: the White House ain’t talkin’ about it, which is helped along by their best buds in the press rarely asking them questions.

I think I may know why….


About the only ones who are still asking questions are talk radio, a few folks from the GOP, Fox News and bloggers like yours truly. And so far, that’s netted us…not all that much.

And why shouldn’t we know more? By way of comparison, recall how the Osama bin Laden raid was treated: we were inundated with stories and reports, for weeks. And in retrospect, Barack screwed-up every aspect of the Bin Laden raid OTHER than getting bin Laden, starting with his crowing about it:

(Forbes.com) – Obama ran to the cameras and raced to tell the world that bin Laden was dead– just hours after his body bobbed beneath the waves in the wake of the USS Carl Vinson. He was anxious for the credit, not realizing that the credit would keep. He forgot about the military advantage of surprise.

In his hurry, Obama forgot the two trash bags of papers, hard drives and thumb drives that the SEALs had dragged from bin Laden’s lair. Those documents and devices contained a treasure trove of intelligence: the whereabouts of al Qaeda’s senior commanders, the secret sources of funds, its hideouts, its sleeper cells, its pending plots.

With a few weeks to translate and analyze those captured documents, the CIA and other services could have been providing actionable intelligence to guide commandos to the secret locations of al Qaeda leaders all over the world.

With the element of surprise and clearly defined targets, nearly every al Qaeda leader could have been killed or captured.

But no, Obama wanted to look tough on foreign policy, so Public Relations easily took precedence over intelligent leadership and patience.

Even if you argue against the obvious and maintain that Obama did this innocently, then you’re admitting he’s a foreign policy imbecile. So let’s be honest: whether we’re labeling it pure political expediency or sheer ineptitude doesn’t matter. This was flat-out stupid.

Think about it one step further: the Lefty media hung Bush’s ‘Mission Accomplished‘ sign around his neck and garroted him with it for years. But we’re supposed to award President Peace Prize a mulligan for his (far costlier) premature celebration?

Is this part of those “lowered expectations” we heard about last week?


We need answers. No American wants to see another Benghazi come about, regardless of who’s occupying the Oval Office. To that end, we need to keep encouraging/insisting our representatives demand the truth, ALL the truth, about what occurred. By now there should be no doubts about just how completely the Obama Media™ can flush a scandal down the memory hole, à la Fast And Furious.

So to catch you up to speed on the newest Benghazi news, here’s a quick report from over the weekend that includes an interview with John Bolton.

And remember:

This IS the most transparent administration in history.”

–Barack Obama; February 14, 2013.

8 responses to “We’re STILL being lied to about Benghazi….

  1. LivinRightinPGH

    I’ve been waiting for the third party blame shift to occur and Hillary to be hung out to dry. Lord knows that John Kerry (who served for a few months in Vietnam) will do MUCH better…….right?

    Benghazi is Obama’s “Bay of Pigs”, and it’s getting as much attention from the lame-stream media as that debacle got back in the 60’s.

    • If the combo Chuck Hagel and John “WSIV” Kerry aren’t sufficient for the terrorists to consider us a total joke, than nothing is.

      They circled the wagons around Hillary, and you know they’ll keep fighting this. We’ll have to scream waaay louder than we are currently to get any movement on this.

      Might as well start today, bro…

  2. I’m glad FOX is reporting still.

    Brian was right. Why wouldn’t Lindsay Graham ask the president about this???

    This shows the good ol boy deals in DC. We’re being lied to by both parties.

    • It is a good question, tannngl, and Graham just showed us how petty he can be (although I already knew) after Rand Paul’s excellent filibuster. And we are certainly being lied to by many folks.
      But I think Lindsey may be playing this subject straight. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have spoken up about having talked to some of the survivors – he’d have just left it alone.

      We need some investigative reporters to dig up some info.

      Sure would be nice if the networks used their considerable resources to find out the truth here, rather than blocking-and-tackling on the President’s behalf.

  3. Where are the Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein of this century? Jouirnalism must indeed be dead.

  4. Largely, yes, it is.
    It would be the biggest scoop of all time if someone could get the real story on Benghazi.

    But after the way the Press attacked Woodward himself over the Sequester nonsense, not too many journalists are going to even consider it. With their current hive-like mentality, it’d be like a member of the Borg rebelling…

  5. AHA!
    if you know someone who was at #Benghazi on Sept 10-11, 2012, please have the person contact me @gretawire

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