Our Petty President’s Political Petulance (*VIDEO*)

boohoo3The White House miscalculated mightily on the whole Sequester Fear-athon, and they’ve been taking it on the chin in the polls ever since. The pathetically insignificant cuts in the rate of spending happened, the world didn’t end, and we’re still borrowing approximately $.35 of every dollar spent.

So why would Obama-&-Company continue this deplorable tactic?

C’mon, you know why:

34 responses to “Our Petty President’s Political Petulance (*VIDEO*)

  1. LivinRightinPGH

    Their theory: A lie is not a lie if you get someone else to believe it.

  2. I like the alliteration.
    Undoubtedly and without argument, Hussein Obama is the smallest, pettiest little man to ever encroach on the office of President.

    • Too true, RP!

      He’s a political dilettante, whose reactions and temperament are more in line with a spoiled adolescent.
      Nothing new in that observation, but the way that he keeps proving it to be so really is mind-boggling.

    • RP, I think there are other presidents who rival Mr. Obama for pettiness, but he’s definitely among the top five.

      • possible, but he brings to style to it………. along with narcissism and uber arrogance.

        • Yes. I’d agree that Nixon was always too insecure to be all that arrogant — petty, definitely, though.

          • I’d agree with that, Aurora. Nixon was small potatoes compared to Barack….
            I’d put Obama more in line with Napoleon, minus the brains.

            • I think he’s very intelligent and has a lot of education-based knowledge. He lacks wisdom and doesn’t recognize that he needs it. He’s ignorant and arrogant which is a deadly combination.

              • I agree, Aurora, which was actually the point of my comment.
                Sorry if I didn’t make it clear, partner.

                Wasn’t referring to his IQ: Obama lacks brains because he doesn’t learn from easily observable knowledge. Stimulus, unemployment, fiscal policy, Constitutional authority…it doesn’t matter. He ignores it all.

                And yes, hubris added in makes him capable of almost anything.
                A deadly combination, indeed.

  3. I, for one, believe this was a wonderful move by our president!!! I am so grateful he decided to make this hurt.

    Now, I’ve noticed that even the some of the progs are waking up to this man’s 2 year old behavior.

  4. I guarantee you that my two-year-old granddaughter is more considerate and less wasteful than our president. Oh how I would love to ensure that the Big O is hogtied and made to 1) watch this video and 2) actually answer Bill Whittle’s questions.

  5. I think he should try the “I am going to hold my breath until you give in” tactic…

  6. Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but why do you think Pres. Obama and his party are so intent on throwing us off the cliff? What do they think they will get out of it? It doesn’t make sense to me. Won’t they fall off with the rest of us?

    • Hello, Angela! Sorry I didn’t get to this sooner: been a long weekend…

      I’ve heard your question many times, although I’m not entirely sure why you’re asking it regarding this post. Regardless, the shorthand answer to your question would be, “he thinks that it’s the fair thing to do”. I believe he holds our present system in contempt, although we haven’t experienced pure capitalism in a while. There is far too much cronyism currently, which comes from too much government intervention in the economy.

      As for what Obama thinks he’ll get out of it, he thinks that he’ll be fine because he (and other folks in power) will be part of the group calling the shots.
      Obama isn’t a pure Keynesian, but he certainly embraces many of Keynes’ ideas, including his “prime the pump” philosophy when it comes to Government spending. However, there is nowhere in history you can look and see such a philosophy work for any extended period of time, other than in a War economy. And even then, you have the draft, rationing, etc.,.. which can hardly be termed prosperity or true freedom.

      In his defense, there are plenty of smart folks who feel we should be printing and spending even more. They’re simply wrong. If you have any doubts, take a peek at this post (“When the Fed has to Print Money, ….just to Print Money“).
      Our spending is killing us. I wish it weren’t so, …but it is.

      The result of all this is a Government-centered economy: food stamps, welfare, unemployment, etc.,.. These are redistributionist functions that he is actively trying to increase. But the more people who are recipients of government $$$, the more those same folks will need to keep re-electing the very politicians who will continue those policies. It’s the ultimate vicious circle, but it results in power…and Obama no doubt knows that too well.

      Again, if you spend a little time prowling around our site, you’ll find plenty of material that argues this case, and I don’t have room to do it all again here.

      There is nothing freeing about his policies, and a continuation of them will just have us continue to deteriorate as a nation.

      Thanks again tremendously for taking the time to comment, and hope to see you again soon.

      • LivinRightinPGH

        I think a LOT more people should have asked for clarification when then-candidate-Obama said he wanted to “fundamentally transform the United States.”

        One needs look no further than the people who influenced the man’s life, his written and spoken words, etc, to find out that he is a true anti-capitalist, and prefers tyranny over liberty. The whole victimization routine that he employs is designed to create a state of dependency and strict GOVERNMENT RULE, which is diametrically opposed to the foundational principles of our Nation.

        Fundamentally transform? And THEN some……

  7. Did you read this article by Thomas Sowell? It’s fitting to the topic.


  8. Its so bad, according to the demogogue-in-chief, yet when he was lying on how much money he shaved off the deficit( a real whopper) he added on the sequester to his savings. Then this Jekyll and Hyde character tries to make those non-cuts hurt as much as he can. He’s the traitor in chief. Remember the potato famine? (appropriate for St Pat’s day)

  9. Have you read the latest?
    The Easter egg hunt may be cancelled…

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