Encouraging Racism …by continually “focusing” on Racism

When I was a kid, racism was described to me as being the differentiation of one group from another based upon their skin color. Isn’t that still basically it? Whether that treatment is preferential or detrimental is irrelevant: being a racist is focusing on one’s race as a means of judging that person’s heart, abilities, motives or actions.

And yet, it seems more and more that the folks in positions of authority (namely the schools and the government) are more focused than ever on drawing attention to people’s race. We just gave an example of this the other day, when we discussed a program run by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction which encouraged white students to wear a white wristband “as a reminder about your (white) privilege.”


Rather than being an outlier, such hyper-guilt-based instruction now seems to be something of a trend in education.

From CampusReform.com:

The University of Colorado-Colorado Springs (UCCS) will offer students up to four college credits for attending its 14th annual “White Privilege Conference,” Campus Reform has learned.

An official video promo for the conference, which is organized by the university, teaches Caucasians they are born with a permanent and irreconcilable advantage.

“I am privileged,” reads animated script that appears an all white screen. “[I] can go shopping fairly assured I won’t be followed or harassed. When I am told about our national heritage or about ‘civilization’ I am shown that people of my color made it what it is.”

An online syllabus on the university’s website says students will receive one college credit for each day of the three day conference they attend as long as they submit a brief journal entry summarizing a major concept they learned by May 4.

Schools are costing us an arm and a leg today, and THIS is what they want to teach our kids?

I suppose I shouldn’t be too shocked: the Left sees racism everywhere, even as they continually attempt to “level the playing field”.  Which is why stories like the one above and this next one are becoming commonplace. From Maggie’s Notebook:

So last summer the commander-in-chief issued an executive order to create a special White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African-Americans. The goal is to tackle a rampant crisis of perpetually low academic performance and high dropout rates among black students. African-Americans lack equal access to highly effective teachers and principals, safe schools and challenging college-preparatory classes and they disproportionately experience school discipline and referrals to special education, according to the executive order…


Of interesting note is that the administration is actually paying states to set new academic achievement targets based on race and income, with lower goals for black, Hispanic and poor kids and higher ones for whites and Asians. Washington D.C. became the first American public school system to adapt the new race-based standards last fall. 

A federal education official explained in a mainstream newspaper that the administration is just “trying to be realistic about what’s achievable.” 

I’m beyond appalled. This is the Soft Bigotry of Lowered Expectations, now enshrined as official Government policy.

LOWER education standards based on someone’s race? How is that beneficial to anyone, most of all the kids who will soon be receiving this “help”?

basketballIf I try to teach you to shoot 3-pointers in basketball but, because you have red hair, I artificially move the line in 8 feet, does that make you a more effective 3-point shooter? What does your hair color have to do with anything?

But such idiocy does accomplish two things: it gives you a false sense of achievement, and guarantees you’re less able to properly compete for a place on a team, where the other kids will be able to actually sink shots from the 3-point arc.

“But Life isn’t a basketball game!!”, the touchy-feely progressives all stammer. Correct: it’s much, much harder and vastly more unforgiving, so teaching any child that they’ll be held to a lesser standard amounts to an abdication of a teacher’s responsibility. We’re supposed to adequately instruct children in our care, not set them up to fail. Yet the latter is precisely what’s happening.

All this focus on race, privilege, and our differences only serves to heighten our awareness of those differences and drive us further apart as a country. Which, of course, then means that the race peddlers can point to this inevitable result and say, “See? We still have a racist society” which will then, in turn, warrant additional such programs in order to exacerbate the problem even more, and more, and more.

This is evil.

We’re the United States of America, the Great American Melting Pot. People come here to become Americans, not hyphenated Americans. I’m not a white American, or an Irish American. I’m American, period. The men and women whom I’ve prayed with, studied with, eaten with, hired, fired, and worked alongside were Americans, too. Black, Brown, Jewish, Catholic, Green, Taupe or Plaid: who cares? We each have innate talents and abilities, and none of them have a shred to do with our skin color.

GW CarverJim Brown wasn’t a great black football player, and Joe Montana wasn’t a great white one; they were just great football players, …and that’s it.

George Washington Carver, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Sowell, Neil Armstrong, Otis Boykin, Thomas Edison, Clarence Thomas, S. Truett Cathy and Dr. Benjamin Carson weren’t successful because of their race: these men, black and white, were successful because of their minds, their decisions and their hearts.

How many examples do we need to give?

By lowering the standard of how we educate someone based upon their race, we trivialize what education even means and worse, we insult these people’s intelligence. What’s more, by constantly reminding white kids of their “white privilege”, we’re burdening them with a destructive guilt they don’t need, benefit from or deserve.

And worst of all: by constantly infusing “race” into every area of our society, we’re encouraging an ever-growing divide between people and cultures, rather than diminishing it.

Is race still an issue in our society today? Yep, and I know precisely whose fault it is, too.

18 responses to “Encouraging Racism …by continually “focusing” on Racism

  1. LivinRightinPGH

    I’m struggling to find out how saying to someone: “We’re going to lower the educational standard for YOU, so that YOU and others like YOU score better” does anything more than further cement a feeling of inferiority in someone.

    It’s like the old Abbott & Costello line:

    “Hey, how’d you do on that test?”
    “I didn’t pass, but I was number 1 on the list of those who failed.”

    Sorry. I realize you graduated with an A+ average, but you STILL can’t do simple math, so I am NOT going to hire you. (Or let you be my physician)

  2. Leftists have been too conditioned to view everything through the lens of “groups”…race, class, sexual orientation, whatever (usually race, though). As a result, they cannot comprehend straight-up standards and achievement…each must be keyed to whatever victim group they’re focusing on that day.

    • LivinRightinPGH

      Exactly, CTX! Separate people into distinct groups, tell them why they are “victims”, and then perpetuate the victimization cycle. Oh, and don’t forget to blame their situation on those wascully wepublicans!

      At best, it’s nauseating. At worst, it’s the modern version of slavery.

    • It’s the worst kind of bigotry: condescension.
      And the laughable part is that they can’t see it, or at least too many of them can’t.

      For the life of me, I can’t fathom anyone who views this as being anything other than completely reprehensible.

      • LivinRightinPGH

        Perhaps “some” KNOW that it IS, and have learned to accept “reprehensible” as a necessary evil to achieve some “other” goal?

        • NO question there, Pgh, which nauseates me all over again…

          And yet you have mental midgets like Biden utter things like “they wanna put y’all back in chains”… and there’s nary a whimper from the Left.

          There’s no question who the racists are, partner, and there hasn’t been for a very long time.

          • Couldn’t agree more with both of you. The leftist know exactly what they are doing when they make the kinds of comments like Biden’s. It’s kind of like with that article on a perfect world I re-blogged – as long as the reprehensible deed helps toward making the world a “better place” (i.e. furthering the progressive agenda), then “we” can just ignore it and move along. Nothing to see here.

            • It’s a rather clever self-delusion. And it certainly helps when you have the media and academia in on the ruse. Whereas we have to wade through a minefield of crap in order to weed out the truth half the time, your garden variety (to borrow a new Biden phrase) Liberal can waltz through life without ever seeing a Conservative newspaper, program or news report of any kind.

              They aren’t living in a bubble; they have their very own, self-contained eco-system.

  3. Does this mean that “Black History Month” is really “Recognition of the Achievements of the Permanently Mediocre?”

    Should Asians have to wear a yellow wrist band, especially in school, to remind them that they are “born smart?”

    Did they also change the definitions of “prejudice” and “stereotyping” when I was not looking?

    • Classic! 🙂

      No, those last two words still mean the same thing, for now. It’s just that Libs don’t think they apply to anything they ever do, ’cause their motives are so pure ‘n all.

      Liberalism really does look like a fun way to live: no thinking required, and all of your actions are laudable.
      It’s like Fantasy island, without the two dudes in white suits.

  4. Many thanks for the link. I did not know about the white wristband or the Colorado “White Privilege Conference.” I wonder if South Africa offers Black Privilege Conferences? `Parents have to stop this because the Left runs our schools. Parents are the only ones who can make a difference. (tried to ‘like’ the article but it wouldn’t let me. I shared on FB.

    • Thanks so much, Maggie!! Your “like” came through, BTW. It seems to be on a delay recently.
      Wordpress gremlins are at work, I think…

      Love the South Africa thought; I’m stealing that for future use. 😉

      And you’re right, of course: parents ARE the only ones who can make the real difference. And that’s why I’m encouraged by the growing movement of home schoolers: those are parents who truly are willing to sacrifice to educate their children, even more so than sending them to private schools.

      FYI: we’ve touched on this topic a number of times here. Feel free to search “education” under our -FIND A POSTING- section.
      There’s quite a few…

      Thanks so much. I’ve been following your Twitter feed for a while now, so it’s a pleasure to “meet” you!

  5. Thank you for the topic. It’s important to start talking about this. A while back, I had someone tell me, quite seriously, that it was okay for me to be racist because I’m American Indian and must have suffered for that. I’m sure I didn’t look very smart for a moment with my mouth hanging open in shock. No, it’s not okay. Ever. For anyone. No matter what they may or may not have suffered. I suspect my mother’s ancestors did suffer some, but I have not. Besides, who am I going to be racist against? I’m Swedish, Irish, Wyndake (Indian) and Welsh. The part of my DNA that comes from an Indian does not define me anymore than the part that comes from my Swedish father. So, should I wear a white band on one wrist to remind me of my father’s privilege and a red band on the other wrist to remind me of — heck, I don’t even know what it would remind me of because I am completely not angry about it. It didn’t happen to me and it wasn’t done by anyone living today. The sooner we stop abusing others for slights we didn’t suffer and they didn’t perpetrate, the sooner we become a post-racial nation. Maybe then we can deal with some more important issues — like hunger, disease and the national debt.

    • A wonderfully cogent comment, Aurora. Thanks so much!

      We always try to be fair here, and this topic is no different. But I confess I’m baffled why more folks don’t raise a stink about this. It may be that they don’t see it, or maybe that they’ve been cowed into thinking they better not say anything, for fear of being labeled a racist …for complaining about obvious racism.

      You’re right: the goal all along was for us to become post-racial. That’s certainly what animated MLK and so many others. But now, more and more it is obvious that this crop of self-appointed “race obsessives” aren’t interested in that at all. They want a permanently divided, race-centric nation.

      I called it evil in my post and I stand by that. The sooner we stop thinking about or caring what someone’s skin color is, the better off we’ll all be.

      Thanks again for your thoughtful comment: truly a pleasure to have you here.

      • They’re cowed. My daughter innocently caused a fuss in high school. A black kid made a racist comment in a class that happened to be discussing racism. She pointed it out. Oh, my! We had to go to the vice principal’s office to explain our offspring. Which we didn’t. I’ll will admit to wanting to, though. It’s intimidating when school officials gang up on you and accuse you of something you were raised never to be — a racist. People are understandable cowed. They also need to grow a back bone.

  6. It is ignorance when people generalize and judge other people by the color of their skin. Last week a black- american woman got on the train and seeing asians in that couch, the woman loudly said” i don’t wanna be here, there are asians here!” She stormed of and transferred coach. We were left aghast because the table was turned and the “victim” was now the “abuser”, so to speak. So the level of racism differs but essentially the same regardless of the skin tone. Sad.

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