Dr. Benjamin Carson on Healthcare, God, and Politics (*VIDEO*)

dr benjamin carsonI could listen to this guy all day.

World-renowned pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Benjamin Carson has become practically a folk-hero, all due to his stirring speech during this year’s National Prayer Breakfast.

He’s been appearing everywhere from TV to Twitter ever since. No wonder: he’s intelligent, charismatic and remarkably plain-spoken… a combination that’s in short supply today.

No one knows yet what his future holds (and Dr. Carson isn’t saying, either), but until he decides, I hope he keeps giving  interviews like the one below: 

9 responses to “Dr. Benjamin Carson on Healthcare, God, and Politics (*VIDEO*)

  1. Video quit at 5 minute mark.

    • I just checked it, MrG…
      Played it in two different browsers (IE, and Google Chrome), on two different laptops. No problems.

      May have just been the way your page loaded? I’m guessing here, obviously.

      Give it another shot: the entire interview is worth it.
      The guy just rocks!

  2. Good interview. He’s very soft spoken, calm, self assured and has the sweetest smile. I loved the speech at the prayer breakfast and he has the right attitude to work in our federal government.

    But I have read that he believes in ammo restrictions in cities. *smh*

    • I heard that interview: he was suggesting different rules for population areas.
      For example, big cities being more restrictive than rural areas.
      Sounded as if he was almost thinking out loud, so I don’t know if he’s wedded to the idea or not.

      Regardless, no one will ever be perfect. I’m just enjoying him annoying the Left, for now.

  3. Reckon I just wasn’t holding my mouth right or something. Made it to the 5:49 mark before it quit again, then reloaded it and was able to finish it. Whew~~

  4. I agree, JTR, Ben Carson ROCKS.

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