Lenten Thoughts, week 4

The powers-that-be are naming winter storms now.  “Saturn” is blowing and blustering fitfully outside my window as midnight approaches. It doesn’t appear to be the (gasp!) “super storm” that it was predicted to be yesterday. No surprise, really. Here in Indiana we seem to have a meteorological non-event every other week. But on Monday the grocery store check out lanes were all full of people stocking up on bread, milk, peanut butter, toilet paper and other essentials to ride out a blizzard…potato chips, soft drink, frozen pizza–you know, staple foods.

Taking no chances, I did the same (well, I bought milk). It got me thinking about preparedness in general…

We’re not all boy scouts, but most of us do a certain about of advance planning about a great number of things: parties we throw, vacations we take, concerts we get tickets for early. We plan for retirement, we save for college as best we can–and did you read my brother’s post on that subject yesterday? That’s some serious saving!

We read books on managing our money, our weight, and our relationships. We count calories, clip coupons, scout out bargains online.

…and yet…

How much time is spent preparing for eternity? How much effort goes into improving a relationship with God Almighty? (And if I’m being brutally honest, how much forethought do I even give to making our Sunday a restful, worshipful one?)

Jesus observed:  

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”     (Matthew 6:21 ESV)



Here’s a challenging thought for today: to what activity, relationship or goal do you devote the most time, energy, money and/or thought in any given day? Week? Month?   

5 responses to “Lenten Thoughts, week 4

  1. LivinRightinPGH

    Ironically, all of the “gods” (emphasis on the lower case “g”) people seem to chase never provide more than a temporary state of happiness. Those who worship “things”, ie, materialism, move from one purchase to another to create their euphoria. Yet, they always end up in the same place: unhappy, and in debt.

  2. Well said. Thank you.

  3. You couldn’t have done a better job, but I don’t think many people think of eternity. It’s the here and now. Our country would be in better shape if they did.

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