President Genius conflates Star Wars and Star Trek…

Quick: somebody remind me how we lost to this guy again?

“Jedi mind meld”? That scream of pain that you just heard is the entire universe of both Trek geeks and Star Wars fanboys, all going “Dude….??!!?!?

What’s next? Obama giving a “shout out” to George Roddenberry?


Regardless, this is a ridiculous assertion. You’ll notice that he isn’t questioned about HIM possibly compromising anywhere. That is just acknowledged as off the table, since he’s Mr. Reasonable Centrist. No, the de facto assumption is that those dastardly Republicans are once again thwarting our poor Victim-in-Chief by not letting him do the Work Of The People, which is (of course) raising our taxes.

Hey, Prezedintin’ is hard. It’s not as if he can treat John Boehner like he was Spock by freezing him in Carbonite, …right?

Kirk and Picard facepalm

You know you’ve stepped in it when Picard AND Kirk give you the Facepalm…

16 responses to “President Genius conflates Star Wars and Star Trek…

  1. Silence! Darth Khan has spoken!

    Besides, after the Ministry of Truth (MSM) gets finished with it, he didn’t say it anyway..

    • Oh, I’m sure that he has already ‘not’ said it.
      Anyone who insists that he DID say it will be in danger of becoming an “unperson”.

      In related news, Bob Woodward has hired a food taster, as well as somebody to start his car for him.

  2. Here’s the official tweet: (seriously!)
    @whitehouse We must bring balance to the Force. #Sequester #JediMindMeld

  3. Pay no attention to those imbecilic gaffs. We still know what’s best for you America. Meanwhile…

    …The White House staff is hard at work making memes to clarify what the president really meant (on your dollar): #sequesterthis.

    Live long and use the Force.

  4. From the White House to the MSM: Talking Points
    1. How Star Trek and Star Wars are alike.
    2. How The characters in each really are interchangeable.
    3. Possible fusing the two into one movie and how cool that would be.
    4. Praise Obama for thinking of it.

    • All likely, Hatfield!

      More possibilities:
      Joe Scarborough and Mika will both say that they confuse “Wars” and “Trek” all the time,
      Chris Matthews AND Touré will state that this entire conversation is racist,
      the Networks will ignore it completely,
      and the NYTImes will blame the Tea Party for making the whole thing up.

      • This is when hiring only “cool” and “hip” people (Discrimination!) comes back and bites you. A nerd like me would have caught that instantly.

        • Same here, brudda!

          Which makes me ask of the prez: “Obama, how incredibly huge is your ego when you’re AWARE that you don’t know this stuff, yet you try to pull it off anyway?”

          Now we are reminded, once again, WHY he has the teleprompter strapped to his side.

  5. Obama can’t even be a “nerd” without ending up a dork…

  6. The really sad thing is more people are bothered by this act of “geek blasphemy” than his policies.

    • Very true, Bret. But in the interest of proving that “Xerxes bleeds”, don’t underestimate the power of a comment as dumb as this.
      Remember Dan Quayle? Remember the whole “Women in Binders” thing with Romney?

      Just sayin’…

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