Four steps back to The Path

Well it’s production week, folks, and I’m just getting home at 11:00 PM and guess what I didn’t do today? But never fear, because I’m reblogging my good friend and social media pastor Jon Swanson, one of my favorite bloggers. I hope you’ll find this post to be a blessing and a challenge, and that you’ll read more of his work.


300 words a day

Many of my friends are making changes in their lives right now. That might include you. The change may have started because of Lent or wanting to learn a new routine, or may be the remnants of a New Year’s resolution. You may be in your last semester of college or finishing your first year on a new job. You may have made a major change in your family or in the spiritual part of your life.

And now, a week or a year or a decade in, you are wondering whether it’s working. And you are feeling, some of you anyway, like you are failing.

I know that feeling. To be a bit vulnerable, I know that feeling many days. Having made a commitment, taken a step, said “But this one thing I do“, I find my steps wandering, my plans for good being forgotten.

So here are…

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