The fall of Jesse Jackson Jr: yet another lesson in Media Bias

Bias and mediaPut. Your coffee. Down. 

Trust me.

‘Cause if you haven’t had a chance to see this yet, at least now you won’t ruin your computer screen.


While you watch (it’s only 2 minutes), test yourself and see if you can see both ways that THIS story is handled differently than reports  about Republican/Conservative/Tea Party politicians. 

First of all, you may have noticed that there was no mention of Jackson Jr’s political party (hmmm, ....guess which one HE is??). But even worse was the tone. Sadness? Really? He ripped off three-quarters of a million bucks from his campaign funds, yet it’s “sad” since he had such talent and a promising career? 

This was political arrogance, plain and simple. How is that sad? Stupid, sure. Selfish, no doubt. But sad?

I’d possibly feel sorrow if he’d gotten himself hooked on drugs or booze. Addiction is sad. I’d certainly feel sadness if he was hurt in a car crash, or was diagnosed with an incurable disease. But this? Jackson Jr. blew $43,000 of other people’s money just for a wristwatch, and the emotion MSNBC wants me to feel is sad??!?


No, I feel outrage. Fury. And some small sense of justice that at least he’s partially paying for his crimes.

He’s another Chicago politician going to jail for behaving as if he were owed his elected position (seems to occur pretty often up there, doesn’t it?). He showed contempt and disdain for the law, his supporters, and for the opportunities that he was given. Good riddance to him.

Obviously, this hasn’t gotten nearly the wall-to-wall coverage that we’d have expected if his party affiliation was different. But I suppose we should feel relieved about one aspect of Jackson Jr’s story:

At least he didn’t do something REALLY horrible, …like take a sip from a water bottle on TV.


15 responses to “The fall of Jesse Jackson Jr: yet another lesson in Media Bias

  1. Political corruption by ANY party is a cancer to our democracy. Four years? Really? How about 1 year for every one of his illegal purchases? You want to put an end to this kind of thievery? Put JJ, Jr., or ANY other corrupt politician in PRISON (no country club, minimum security stuff here!). Let him carry the label of “felon” around for the rest of his days – unable to hold ANY political office, Board of Directors position, etc. It’s time that these types of criminals face a new reality: You do the crime, you do the TIME.

    • No excuse for anyone stealing money, from anyone else.
      And this is hardly petty larceny. Dude, $750,000?? And he furnished two homes and bought STUPID stuff, to boot?

      Legislative arrogance.

      This has been going on for as long as we’ve had people in positions of power. The bigger and scarier problem is that now even being a Congressman is considered a Position of Power.

      “Citizen Legislators”, my rear end…

  2. …This just in….MSM says Jackson embezzlement just shows the need for better pay for congressmen from Chicago….More at 6…

  3. No mention of JJ Jr.’s political affiliation, but yesterday when retired Senator Pete Domenici admitted to having a love child thirty years ago, his political affiliation was mentioned in the first sentence. Yep, he’s a Republican.

    • Thanks, MrG.
      30 years ago?? Teddy Kennedy and Robert Byrd’s “youthful antics” were explained away by stating repeatedly that they were “a long time ago”.
      It seems so odd that Domenici wouldn’t be given the same latitude??

      I kid, of course.

      Domenici is a Republican, so everything he’s EVER done (the illegal, the immoral, the titillating, stuff from 150 years ago, etc,..), is fair game. The examples are so numerous, I only bother to touch on this subject periodically.

      I am amused when the Libs in the Media say, with a straight face, that they just go “where the story leads them”, and then report it “right down the middle”.
      And yet the story almost always leads them to the Republican, & then they report it right down the middle of Left Field.

  4. This has been a slow train accident for over a year. This Chicago politician will have another chapter in his life as a politician?????

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