(*Video*): “The SECOND AMENDMENT is there to protect the American people from US…”

This is the 2nd in a series of short video addresses from the man who never seems to sleep, Bill Whittle, as he steps back into his role of “Mr. Virtual President”.

SOTU - Mr Virtual President

The previous one mirrored January’s Inaugural Address, and the clip below is fashioned after the State Of The Union speech. But just like the 1st installment, it’s presented as if we had a President who cared more about truth, than politics or raw power.

The quickest seven minutes you’ll spend today:

BTW: if you enjoyed this edition of his series, you can find all of Bill’s “MVP” videos here.


12 responses to “(*Video*): “The SECOND AMENDMENT is there to protect the American people from US…”

  1. I don’t know whether to cheer or to weep. O to hear THIS kind of rhetoric from a real POTUS. Kudos, Bill Whittle.

    • Cheer. We have more than enough reasons to weep already.

      We should be gratified there are still millions of folks who see the world right-side-up, and that a few of them (like Mr. Whittle) have some kind of a platform from which to operate.

      We just need to make that platform bigger, and then make more platforms….

  2. Those who care little for the rights of the people to protect themselves will keep trying to destroy the right to bear arms. They only think that if guns were illegal there would be less violence.

    The truth or the facts never get in the way of the anti-gun crowd, anybody who thinks this government couldn’t turn on it’s citizens should ask the Japanese about internment camps!

    • Agreed, Blaine.
      Their arguments don’t hold up to scrutiny or logic, as Mr Whittle so vehemently points out.

      These are our rights, our freedoms.
      And if we stop fighting to preserve these rights, even for a second, they’ll be gone in a flash…, never to return.

  3. We are living in very dangerous times. Thank you for visiting Justice for Raymond and the follow. It allowed me to find your blog.

  4. This is powerful. Whittle for Pres., 2016. 🙂

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  6. This man just explains simply the 2nd Amensment and with the proper statistics shows the evils of the gun control bans. God bless and keep Mr. Bill Whittle.
    I think I’d like to see Bill Whittle for prez and his VP, Dr. Benjamin Carson.

    There IS HOPE! There are great Constitutionalists in our country and I see that more and more. They are coming forward.

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