Don’t Worry…?

Dont talk back


16 responses to “Don’t Worry…?

  1. I’m scared to death.

  2. Is this the proposed replacement for the Statue of Liberty?

    • I think it’s on order.

      From China, of course…

      • Are we then sending the Statue of Liberty back to France like we sent the bust of Winston Churchill back to England?

        • We thought about it, but they couldn’t find a box large enough. Plus, USPS wouldn’t guarantee it for two-day shipping, so that’s out.

          I’ll bet we try to sell it, to reduce the national debt.
          Have you checked eBay recently?

          • This administration would not allow that. They are more inclined to just get rid of “Liberty”..

            You think France remembers they gave it to us? Do they still teach that in school? We might get away with re-gifting her somewhere else.

            • Hmmm, you may be right, Hatfield.

              And actually, if we were to try to give her back to France, we’d probably have to re-chisel a stone burqa for her 1st, before they’d accept her.

              Yeah, we’ll have to think of someplace that is still marginally free.
              Hey! What about Texas?

  3. Boy does that say it, loud and clear. She could offer her bossom too.

    And don’t forget, the left also says give us your pre-born and we’ll sacrifice them to the gods and use them for research….ugh “to save lives” — yea that’s the ticket.

    • The theme song could be “Don’t worry, be happy”.

    • Excellent point, BR.
      It’s not complicated, which is partially why it’s so frustrating.

      It’s like trying to describe a color to someone who closes their eyes. They aren’t blind: they are WILLFULLY blind.

      And they are leading us down the path of destruction, all in the name of compassion.

      • JTR: that is so right. A while back I explored willful ignorance (or neglect or negligence) and its the same basic principle. So true, they are the ones trying to lead us. It would make a good Twilight Zone, but makes for a disturbing reality.

  4. “She’s got Betty Davis eyes…”

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