Benghazi, and the Most Transparent Administration EVER

Luke Skywalker - NO


If you read the following and don’t immediately want to scream, you’re doing better than me. From

This is the most transparent administration in history,” Obama said during a Google Plus “Fireside” Hangout.

The president said this holds true even on the issue of Benghazi, a controversy which he said was “driven by campaign” year politics and one that Congressional Republicans were clinging to even though they’ve “run out of questions.” 

Benghazi is not a good example,” Obama said. “We’ve had more testimony and more paper than ever before.”

Got that, all you tinfoil hat wearing, crazy haters? The President just repeated for you, AGAIN, why his is the Most Transparent Administration in the history of Transparent Administrations. Because, that’s why. Furthermore: Shut up.

And, oh yeah: Benghazi doesn’t count

That may not be ‘transparency’, boys ‘n girls, but it most certainly IS chutzpah.

Why should I care about Transparency? I have more “flexibility” now that I’m in my second term….

There’s no need for me to get long-winded about why this is a big, fetid pile of drek, when I can more easily cue up Lindsey Graham.

Please keep in mind, Graham is no one’s idea of a hard-right Conservative, but situations like this are where he earns his keep. A former Judge Advocate, the senator from South Carolina is gifted at making a complex problem far simpler and understandable. I merely wish he used his considerable skills more often.

So sit back, relax, and listen to Senator Graham lay out exactly just how “transparent” the President’s Administration has really been. After all, it’s not like you couldn’t guess at the answer, right?


**Mary Katharine Ham also has a nice post on several additional reasons why this most recent statement from Obama is offensive and risible. Definitely worth a read.

12 responses to “Benghazi, and the Most Transparent Administration EVER

  1. The most ant-business, anti-freedom, anti-liberty, anti-Constitution administration would be much more accurate. They couldn’t find transparency with a GPS locator, you wonder if he actually believes the lies he tells? I’m so sick of the liar in chief, the media who placates him and the Republicans/Conservatives who don’t stand up to him.

    • That’s why I feel compelled to highlight anyone on our side who is trying to keep Obama’s feet to the fire. Goodness knows the press won’t.

      Graham is at his absolute best in these situations. Like I said above, nothing would make me happier than to see him get into this mode about 90% of the time, …but to paraphrase the Senator “I’ll take what I can get right now”.

  2. No budget? Campaign policitics.
    Benghazi? Campaign politics.
    Debt Ceiling? Campaign politics.

    Bottom line: ANY criticism of Obama’s transparency (which is like saying that the great wall of China is transparent) is…..


    • Arrogance/hubris, added to a healthy dose of sneering contempt, wrapped up in Marxist ideology and portrayed as being “reasonable”?

      The worst of some truly horrible combinations.

  3. Wait! This post may be in error!

    Have we looked to see what the current definition of “transparent”is?

  4. Ok, I stand corrected, Yiddish political blogs are not included in the Word of the Day guarantee.

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