Media struggles to spin Obama’s newly affirmed “License To Kill” as a positive

Abu Ghraib.

NSA wire-tapping.

Guantanamo Bay.


Remember all these golden hits from not that long ago (plus a host of others) which the Left carped about DAILY? Remember the claims that Bush was a tyrant/dictator/fascist/Nazi? That he was a war-mongering war criminal who really, really loved war? That the United States should be the world’s buddy, and shouldn’t do things like forcibly extracting information from terrorists, or listen in on conversations between terrorists, ’cause THAT would be an egregious governmental overreach?

That is sooooo yesterday.

Lap dog media

In light of the news which we just touched on earlier, the media’s reaction has been somewhat of a mixed bag. Certainly there’s been surprise from some on the Left, and it can’t be ignored that the leaked 16-page ‘White Paper‘ was brought to light via But it remains to be seen if this will engender even a fraction of the vitriol that was trained on G. W. Bush and the War on Terror before their guy took over the shop.

And based upon what I’ve already witnessed, the folks on the Left seem to be somewhat less, oh what’s the word, ….”zealous“.

Let’s get this in context, though. The White Paper itself may be a new revelation, but the practice it describes hardly qualifies as such. Recall that it was back in September of 2011 when a drone strike killed US citizen Anwar al-Awlaki and his 16-year-old son. You recall the outrage after that, don’t you? No? Would you like to take a moment and play a quick game of “What-If-George-Bush-Had-Done-It”?

It shouldn’t take long…


For an example of the disconnect being experienced by the newly-flummoxed Statists, feel free to endure this exchange between Touré and the rest of the MSNBC panel as he (aided by the equally bubble-headed Krystal Ball) attempts to defend the practice of killing an American citizen:

Hypocrisy doesn’t describe this sufficiently. This is laughable to watch. Heck, this is painful.

And I have to add one thing, just because stuff that President Obama has said seemingly never comes back to haunt him once the words leave his lips (e.g. “If you like your health insurance, you can KEEP your health insurance“, etc…):

Ostensibly this practice is supposed to be used only for al-Qaeda and its sympathizers, yet it was during the final two months of last year’s campaign when Obama uttered these words:

So, if al-Qaeda had truly been “decimated”, why would he need to completely eviscerate the Constitution in order to justify killing al-Qaeda’s members? I’m guessing that means that our loving, caring, Nobel laureate President-of-Peace was fibbing to us on this one…just a little.

On top of trying to destroy our economy right along with our 2nd Amendment rights, he simply feels justified in killing whom he wants, whenever he wants.

Wow. Great news, eh?


Some friendly advice: just in case you’re holding your breath waiting for this to be a top story for ABC, NBC and the gang every day, as they pound and pound and pound on the shocking & outrageous nature of it all….

…I wouldn’t.

17 responses to “Media struggles to spin Obama’s newly affirmed “License To Kill” as a positive

  1. “We STRONGLY object to water-boarding!……..but deadly drone strikes seem reasonable.” ????? Hey….Lefties…..PLEASE make sense of this for me, okay? You can kill ’em, but you can’t obtain needed intel? Seriously, what planet do you live on??!!

    Of course, it might also be a good idea to sell your home and move if you live in Dearborn, Michigan……

    • Or at least get insured against “fire-bombing”…

      All true, Pgh.
      There IS no consistency of thought here. This is the same thing they do far too often: decide what opinion they WANT to hold, and then rationalize it backwards.

      That’s why I enjoy watching some of the Lefty shows: you get to see them tie themselves into illogical knots as they flail around, looking for a safe place to hide.

      It’s cruel, I admit. But it’s also pretty funny…

      • Agreed JTR, they work backwards from their stated opinion or actions, AND they seem to walk lock step with each other when they take that walk backwards…they cover each others a**es, and contradict themselves on a regular basis IF its what dear leader and his minions tell them to think…herd mentality, sheeple take your pick, they seem to be unable to think for themselves when the order comes down from the mountain for them to push certain policies…

        • I’m with ya, PC. I have far more respect for someone like David Corn, who I normally consider a Leftist loon, BUT…he has the strength of his own convictions.

          I’d far prefer to speak/converse/argue with someone who is stridently against my view because he/she disagrees with me, rather than someone who is against my view simply because I’m the one holding it.

    • *sigh* SMH, you got it just “right” PGH!

  2. It would be a LOT funnier if these types of folks WEREN’T making policy…..

    • It’s because there IS so little that’s funny about any of this, Pgh, that I expressly look for anything to make me laugh.

      Some days it’s easier than others, obviously…

    • LivinRightinPGH…I love your city! I agree with you as far as them being the ones making policy…scary indeed especially when this type of thing is brought to light!

      • LivinRightinPGH

        Pittsburgh is a “unique” place! LOL!

        Seriously, Chef…..I’d have more respect for some of these folks if they just came out and said they were nothing more than political hacks where hypocrisy is just the order of the day for them. I’m watching the news this morning, and they’re playing clips of Obama and Biden from years back saying EXACTLY the OPPOSITE of what they’re saying today….

        I swear that if Conservatives told people not to eat fecal sandwiches, Obama, Biden, et al, would say they ate 3 every day just to be contrary….

        • I believe that most of ther Left in fact DO eat fecal sandwiches…. how else would they become so full of ****?!!!!!

  3. Its amazing isn’t it to see leftist/progressives turn themselves into pretzels? I’m going to reblog this along with one I reblogged from Hogewash and Elizabeth Scalia at the Anchoress about this very same subject…this is absurd to the extreme where the DOJ is telling us that its OK to assassinate US citizens because they’re because we say so…it pains me to say this but moanin joe Scarborough was right on the money (and that is far and few between…as in never) on this one…its scary indeed.

    • Honored by the Re-blog, PC!
      Many thanks…

      Yeah, I saw Joseph S. get that one right, too. Hey, “even a broken clock, etc.,…” right?
      But Joe is so contemptible, so often, I refuse to mention him.

      Thanks SO much for taking the time to stop by and comment, partner.
      Hope to have you back soon!

  4. Reblogged this on Thepoliticalchef's Blog and commented:
    More comments on this dangerous dangerous policy giving one man this kind of carte blanche power over life and death…this is SO contrary to what our Founders believed and wrote our Constitution to protect us from…

  5. I hate to criticize our president (yes, tongue is in cheek), but his use of “decimated” is either incorrect, or he was trying an especially clever means of equivocation. The verb ‘to decimate’ means to reduce by one tenth. Not to destroy…You can devastate, you can annihilate, you can obliterate…but decimate does not mean any of those things.

    Just sayin’.

  6. I wonder who leaked this…should we check Fort Marcy Park?

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