O: Sure We’re Gonna Keep Raising Taxes, But We’ll Ramp It Up Slowly So Maybe You Won’t Realize What We’re Doing

Someone refresh my memory…:
did President Bush show up/speak/get interviewed seemingly before EVERY major sporting event? ‘Cause the current guy sure does…..

6 responses to “O: Sure We’re Gonna Keep Raising Taxes, But We’ll Ramp It Up Slowly So Maybe You Won’t Realize What We’re Doing

  1. Why is it that when Prez Obama says “smart spending reductions”, I get a chill of fear that quakes through my entire being? You KNOW he will NOT make any reduction to entitlement programs, which means he’s going to decimate the Military, et al. Funny how “smart spending reductions” WON’T mean that he’ll stop wasting BILLIONS of our dollars on failed, Green Energy initiatives…….

    • Everything has its own meaning to progressives, such as “smart”.

      • BR, this is something that’s bugged me for a long time: Conservatives (well, NON-Lefties) have a propensity to let the Left control the definitions and meaning of words in order to control the conversation. Their hijacking of the language then sets the tone for all future communications. THIS Prez is a master at the tactic. Reagan may have been the “Great Communicator”, but our current Prez is most definitely the “Great Fabricator”……

  2. Just for fun let me go at that in reverse:
    “There is no doubt we need additional revenue, coupled with smart spending reductions, in order to bring down our deficit.”

    First the only thing he is really trying to bring down is the country, and that is working.

    Who needs spending cuts if the country is going in the tank? Answer, he takes ‘smart spending cuts for 16 trillion”. — that’s smart?

    We need additional revenue with sm…….coupled with additionional spending because its the “right thing to do”. But for the purpose of those naysayer(bigots) arguments, I’ll call it “investments”. There.

    And while we’re at it, his approach is not so incrimental as he suggests, with what he’s done already. More like: slowly, a little at a time and then all at once. Same prescripton for gun control.

    I don’t remember the customary pre-game press. In this case, pre-game propaganda. I was sort of expecting a halftime speech….and call it a Super Speech! 🙂

  3. Next I guess we will get his NCAA bracket (that he no doubt came up with all by himself) show…..that is….if he can take enough time away from skeet shooting…

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