NEXT year’s Super Bowl…

20 responses to “NEXT year’s Super Bowl…

  1. livinrightinpgh

    Well, at least now, Ray Lewis can move on to his new career as a Cutlery salesman. “This knife has many uses! Let me show you ONE that I REALLY like…..”

  2. Isn’t the National Anthem supposed to stop at some point?

  3. Was there any way to get MORE Beyonce?
    I think they held back…

  4. I guess getting Toby Kieth or Travis Tritt to sing the Anthem is out of the question.

    • If memory serves, (and w/ SB trivia, I’m usually right) there have been only three C&W acts in the last 20 years or so to sing the Nat’l Anthm at the SB: Faith Hill, the Dixie Chicks and Carrie “I can sing ANYTHING and make it sound great” Underwood.
      The Dixie’s performance also came just before their temper tantrum about the Iraq War over in England, too…

      So, it’s not that the SB committee is against C&W acts performing; it’s just they don’t choose them very often.

      I’d like to go back to the old standard and have a musician or choruses perform it, like Herb Alpert or one of the Armed Forces chorales.

      Again, it’s happened…just not very often.

    • Well, I just checked one of my books and I’m right (*whew*), but I had temporarily forgotten about Garth Brooks doing the NA for SB XXVII (21 years ago…). You’ll probably recall it was the “Leon Lett” bowl, where Don Beebe stripped him of the ball just before Lett strutted into the end-zone.

      A quick view of the rest confirms my first guess:
      C&W singers are there, but not bloody often. Pop singers &/or R&B seem to rule the day.

      I’m with you: Toby, Travis, Brooks & Dunn, Little Big Town — ANY of them would be preferable.
      And they’d be able to sing it in under 27 minutes, too…

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