Best Super Bowl ad…?

Every once in awhile, the ad guys get it right. So why can’t they do this more often?

For What It's Worth

Glenn Reynolds reports that it was well received. I missed it when it aired last night and in case you did too, here it is. The fact that 95% of us live off the farm and wouldn’t know a horse if it bit us doesn’t, for me, take away the appreciation for a well crafted production.

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5 responses to “Best Super Bowl ad…?

  1. Did you see the Oreo Ad that came out midway in the middle of the blackout on twitter? It was brilliant.

    • Nice recovery for them, especially considering how bad their actual commercial was…!

      There were a few decent ones, but overall the commercials were pretty lame…or outright offensive.

  2. I thought the Sketcher’s ad was a good one. Nobody is talking about the man running down the cheetah.

    • Just saw it online, JJ. I obviously must have missed it last night.

      It was pretty cool, and didn’t have anything objectionable in it, either. It gets kudos from me just for that.

  3. “Every once in awhile, the ad guys get it right. So why can’t they do this more often?”

    That’s exactly how I felt when this commercial aired on Sunday night. Some of the ads were genuinely creative and funny. Others — we actually flipped the channel to watch the Islanders and Devils during the sleazy commercials.

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