Ten Best Super Bowls of all time (VIDEO)

I am blessed/cursed with a weird memory.

Regardless of my efforts to the contrary, I still struggle to recall specifics of history or dates. For instance, I can’t tell you with absolute certainty when the Spanish-American War started, or if Martin Van Buren was president immediately before William Henry Harrison, or immediately after.

Yet with zero effort, I can tell you the name of the fill-in drummer that Kiss used when recording their ‘Dynasty’ album (Anton Fig), or where the first indoor Super Bowl was played (the Louisiana Superdome in Super Bowl XII).

It wasn’t completely without merit, I suppose: I won a decent amount of money back in college with Super Bowl trivia, in particular.


Thus I could completely bore you with facts about all of the Super Bowls which are included in the clip below. But rather than that, I’ll let you enjoy just a few minutes of the most thrilling games ever played on football’s biggest stage.

But if you really want to know some stupid piece of trivia about any of them, such as who the play-by-play announcer was for Super Bowl X (Pat Summerall, of course!!!), just ask me in the comments.


21 responses to “Ten Best Super Bowls of all time (VIDEO)

  1. livinrightinpgh

    I have a “Top 6” list of Super Bowls:
    Super Bowl IX
    Super Bowl X
    Super Bowl XIII
    Super Bowl XIV
    Super Bowl XL
    Super Bowl XLIII

    Go figure!

  2. Those of us not blessed with auto-recall…there’s always google. 🙂

    • BR,
      I was actually able to put my rather selective memory to good use a while back, while enjoying a cigar with a friend of mine and LivinRightInPgh’s.

      He started in on Rock n Roll Trivia from the 70’s and 80’s.
      It wasn’t pretty….

      • livinrightinpgh

        JTR….If by “good use” you mean the THRASHING you gave him, well then, YES, you DID put your selective memory to “good use”. I just seem to remember JW (the unfortunate victim) reeling from the accuracy and the mind-blowing abuse of your “selective memory”. SERIOUSLY….WHO remembers who guest drummed on a KISS album?

        Of course, you had to drive the final nail in the JW’s coffin (who you KNEW was a Beatles fan) by telling him that the only thing you had to say about the Beatles was: “Two down…..Two to go.”

        I seem to recall him just fainting at that point…..

        Of course, I still remind him of this every time I visit him and our other friend in Ohio….

      • Hey, next time I’me near the Max Yasgur farm, I’ll think of you. It’s nice to know there is at least one person out there who can remember facts. 😉

        • You know, I was never a big Woodstock fan: most of the hippie-ish groups left me cold.

          My favorite group of those three days (and an old bar bet, FYI) was Sha-Na-Na.
          Go figure…

  3. JTR: aside from the Super Bowl, in the top few plays has to be the immaculate reception.

    • I wouldn’t disagree, BR. That was a spectacular play, and I’m not a Steelers fan.

      I think I started just accumulating SB knowledge from a set of books I got back in the early mid 70s from Mcdonalds. Was fascinated with them ever since, and almost all of what I read just stuck, for whatever reason….

      Wish I could control what “sticks” and what doesn’t, but you know the old saying about wishes…

  4. LivinRightinPGH

    Ahh yes….AFC championship game between my Steelers and the Raiders. Frenchy Fuqua STILL won’t say whether or not the ball hit him, and John Madden won’t even discuss it any more! LOL! Madden swore that he overheard one ref say to the other “if we don’t rule it a catch, we’ll never get out of Three Rivers Stadium alive….”

  5. I can totally relate to the “was it before or after Martin Van Buren” type historical memory, and the mind for music and sports trivia (though I’m stronger with music myself, and more of a College Football buff than NFL). But that side note about Kiss’s fill-in-drummer on the dynasty album had me rolling! (If I remember correctly, wasn’t Anton Fig “the Fox”, replacing the unreplaceable Peter Chris, a.k.a, “Catman”? I remember thinking, “Now that’s lame!” when the introduced “The Fox” into Kiss).

    Thanks for the video! I love reliving those old games, some of which were a little before my time. My first Super Bowl of memory was the uneventful Super Bowl XII, Dallas 27 — Denver 10, back in the day when Cowboys were Cowboys.

    • LivinRightinPGH

      Ok, James….you just put yourself on the official PGH “you just freaked me out list” with the Anton Fig comment. Seriously, I only thought that JTR came up with that kind of stuff!
      Now, knowing you have THAT skill, we may call on you to round out our foursome of music trivia…JTR has all of the metal/big hair bands, our buddy in Ohio knows EVERYTHING punk/Brit, and I (regrettably) have to admit that I am an 80’s/one hit wonder aficionado….

    • Half credit, James!

      It WAS the “Fox” who replaced Peter Criss’s “Cat”. However, that was Eric Carr, not Anton Fig. Fig never became an official member, but did work with Ace on HIS solo stuff.

      Still, not bad, partner…

      Like I said, I *really* wish God had given me the ability to recall dates in history, even or people’s names.

      Oh, well…

    • Oh, and BTW…

      My first SB that I recall was ‘V’, which was the mistake-fest between the Cowboys and the Colts.
      Not exactly a glowing representation of the game, but it got better….

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