“What Difference Does it Make” (VIDEO by Bill Whittle)

Bill Whittle covers some of the past week’s events, placing them into much-needed context:

Hillary testifyingHillary testifying before Congress, when she gave her now-infamous “What difference does it make” retort?

John Kerry,  who is (*shudder*) replacing her as Secretary of State?

Whittle nails them both, and more, with deadly accuracy.


Honestly, I should probably start playing the old Carly Simon hit “Nobody Does it Better” whenever I include a clip from this guy:


9 responses to ““What Difference Does it Make” (VIDEO by Bill Whittle)

  1. Wow, JT. I didn’t realize you were Bill Whittle fans as well. My husband and I LOVE him! But then I should have guessed that you would ‘get’ what he has to say. Well done!

    • Been a HUGE Whittle fan for years now.

      There really is no one else out there who can communicate the Conservative message as well as he can.

      Great to see you, DQ!!!!

    • One more thing, DQ:
      If you just type Bill’s name into our “Find A Posting” search engine, it’ll bring up every post we’ve ever done which used or included one of his vids.

      There’s been a quite a few…

  2. Can you even imagine what the Lamestream Media would have done to George W. if Fast and Furious or Benghazi happened on his watch?

    • Yes, actually, I can.
      All you need to do in order to compare is think of TWO words:
      “Valerie Plame”.

      If they’d blow up that fake story about a non-secret identity CIA “agent” and her celebrity-wanna-be husband, then Benghazi would have been a Nuclear Holocaust in comparison.

      Now, if Bush would have had Fast & Furious AND Benghazi, together?
      Plus the 9/11 mosque, and the Black Panther Voter Intimidation case?
      AND Solyndra?
      AND Obamacare? AND…

      They’d have boiled GWB in oil. Literally.

  3. Reblogged this on Thepoliticalchef's Blog and commented:
    I just love Bill Whittles work…enjoy

  4. He’s the best,wouldn’t you have rather seen him interview Hillary and Barry, that would be so much fun!

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