PROOF that the problem with America is STUPIDITY

I had to read the newspaper article TWICE, to be sure its author wasn’t joking.

Sadly, they were not…

32 responses to “PROOF that the problem with America is STUPIDITY

  1. LivinRightinPGH

    Yep! CLEARLY one of the Left’s “brain trusts”!
    Constitutional Scholar
    Medical Genius
    $5 says this person is the next Democrat rising star…..

  2. Sadly, there are way too many people in this country who “think” like this person. They are the products of a public education system that combines liberal indoctrination with deliberate dumbing down to make them incapable of critical thinking. A very few see through this scam when they are still young; some (like me) come to their senses a bit later in life and realize they were duped. Unfortunately, not enough people ever realize how wrong and dangerous the left-wing claptrap they have been taught actually is.

    Expect a lot more attacks on the Constitution in the next couple of years. Right now it’s the 2nd Amendment, but I anticipate they will “move on” fairly soon to the 22nd. They will want to allow their boy to run for a third term as president. Failing that, they may just declare martial law and install him as president for life.

    No, I’m not being facetious, nor am I just extra-cranky this morning. People who despise our country as it was founded now have the commie president they have always wanted. They will do anything to try to keep him in power, including trashing the Constitution if necessary. Conservatives and other people who love this country need to think about how to stop this from happening. Right now, our only firewall is the House of Representatives, and our fraud president and compliant media will spend the next two years trashing House Republicans in an attempt to win it back. If they do, our country as we have known it will cease to exist. Of course, with spineless/incompetent GOP leaders like McConnell and Boehner, there’s a very good chance that may happen anyway.

    • JD! Welcome back! I think JTR is doing a little “happy dance” right now!
      It’s UNDENIABLE that the entire Constitution is under attack, which makes sense when you realize that Obama, et al, see it as a restriction on gubmint power. Of course, THAT’S what it was intended to be, but Progressive/Socialists just can’t live with that….

      PS: We need to get your “Buckeye” icon back!

    • Yeah, I’m not a huge fan of McConnell or Boehner, either. I don’t think that they’re totally useless, just that they’re not leaders, and CERTAINLY not Conservative ones.

      And yes, if they come after the 22nd Amendment, that will need to be the biggest political battle ever. A year ago I’d have said such a fight was unlikely. Now?
      Fifty-fifty, at best.

      As I’ve been harping on for months now, this is a culture war. We cannot ignore it.
      We need to raise our consciousness of the predominant culture and seek to change it, person by person and family by family.
      It’s a Long War strategy, but it’s the only one that will stick.

      Again, wonderful to see you again, Buckeye.
      Don’t let the calendar turn too many times without letting us see you again, okay brother?

  3. This is what you call a low informed voter or something along the lines of just plain dumb. The states have more broad powers originally than the federal government, that’s the way the founders intended. I would also add that Chicago, New York and a few others have infringed on the people’s right. It’s up to the people of those cities and states to change the people representing them, change the laws or move to a friendlier state with less restrictions. I don’t fear our government but I never trust them!

  4. Yes, LivinRight, they don’t care a whit about the Constitution–it’s just an impediment to them.

    I see the buckeye. You don’t see the buckeye?

    • BUCKEYE!
      Wow, this really is old home week…

      Wonderful to have your shining face here again, my friend.
      And no, I don’t see your gravatar, either. You might need to delete it and reload it again?

  5. Remember Steven Wright, the comedian?

    “I was born by Cesarean section, but not so you’d notice.
    It’s just that when I leave a house,
    I go out through the window. “

  6. I think this HAS to be a satire by one of our side. There are no misspellings, and the grammar is too good. Unless of course a newspaper copy editor cleaned it up. The lefties really do think that way after all.

    • Dennis! Great to see you, sir!!

      As to your point, yeah, that actually DID occur to me.
      (A) no one has thus far come forward to take responsibility for the ‘joke’.
      (B) this really isn’t out-of-line with anything, worldview wise, that you hear every hour over at MSNBC.
      So, until I hear otherwise, I’m logging it under the “Sad but true” column.

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment, Dennis!

  7. I agree with Dennis. I think it was a clever way of showing how ridiculous those on the left are. The comment about Chicago being safer than Morehead City convinced me that this person was poking fun at the silly leanings of the left. If so…the writer should be applauded. If not..the writer should not be allowed to vote in any future elections.

    • It’s certainly possible, JJ.
      I’m actually rooting for it to be a put-on… but since there has been no “fessing up” at this point, my guess remains that this is on the level.

      I’m willing to be wrong, though. It would actually make me happier on this one if I was

  8. Proof positive. See the specious way they present their argument. America is in a whole lot of trouble.

    • You don’t have to be afraid of everyone, just freedom-grabbing progressives ….and whatever alien force controls them.

    • Agreed, BR. All you have to do is listen to the average Obamabot to see how ignorant many of his voters were/are on a whole host of issues. How many of those “Man-on-the-streets” video clips have we seen in the last 4 years where Dem voters didn’t have a clue what Obama’s stance was on everything from foreign policy to the news of the day?
      ANSWER: waaay too many of ’em.

      This is sad, …but really can’t be termed surprising.

  9. If this was some skillful satiire, then rest assured I could show dozens of letters that are just as bad — if not worse. And there is no shortage of newspapers or ink to publish them. The best part was a letter of mine would be published, but years ago I wrote a diatribe(satire) on why we need to elect Jesse Jackson as the shake-down prez and voila they published every word. I had people asking me if I really wanted Jesse in there?

    • I once wrote a letter on a baloney sandwich, it was published in it’s entirety and was read by the Banking and Insurance Committee of the State Legislature. Someone pointed me out as the person who wrote it and I got a standing ovation, including the Committee members.

  10. LivinRightinPGH

    I wonder if the writer of the letter is also the person responsible for putting Obama’s speeches on the teleprompter. I hear the same level of ridiculousness both in his speeches and the letter to the editor….


    I think NOT!!!

  11. I too thought is was a masterful piece of satire, but as many on here have said, it rings too true to the way liberals think.

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  13. JTR: it used to be folks read the comics for a laugh. Today you just read the letters to the editor.

    • In my parts I’ve gotten used to reading letters against fracking. (for entertainment purposes only) And fracking is only the lead in to their ignorance. It reminds me they do vote to, which scares the daylights out of me. But its a given in this area, (they only publish a conservative letter if it is mocking material) so it guarantees Dems jump all over it.

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