Six Visual Tools in the Battle for Life

We’ve  just passed the 40th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision that made abortion legal in this country. And what did the so-called pro-choice movement feel was an appropriate gesture on such a significant occasion? At, which promotes legislation known as the the Bill of Reproductive Rights, they produced a little video in which a handsome man wishes “Happy Anniversary” to his ‘baby’…he has champagne and a red rose, he smiles seductively. Firelight and soft jazz complete the romantic picture.

Who’s he toasting? The right to an abortion. If that sounds sick, it is.

Don’t believe me? You can watch it if you really want to. Our friends at Biltrix included it in a post a few days ago, so you have some context (and an extra caution from them). One can only pray that this video works against its own movement. Share it with a pro-abortion friend and let them defend it, if they can.


I find it nearly incomprehensible that anyone thought that this video was 1) in good taste; 2) compelling as regards the so-called pro-choice position. For one thing, an African-American man celebrating this date strikes me as racist in the extreme. Are they really implying that black men are so determined to enjoy sex without responsibility that they are, in AlfonZo Rachel’s words, ‘complicit in their own genocide’??

Speaking of that excellent video commentator on PJTV…AlfonZo Rachel did a satirical response to the video–but he’s working awfully hard to make it more of a pastiche than the original was. Frankly, the first video is so over-the-top smarmy, it felt like a SNL skit to me (and a lot of others). When an entire movement begins to satirize itself without realizing it…they’ve really lost their grip on reality.


Over at I read this:

In 2010, the Kaiser Family Foundation released a study showing that 8-18 year olds spend an average of 7.5 hours every day with media devices. These include cell phones (many of which have internet connection), TV, computers, and the like. It’s clear that the more life-affirming videos, commercials, and short clips that we can put out there, the more we will reach our youth.

In that same article, you will find links to five excellent videos that are strongly life-affirming but from a variety of angles.

1.  “Think Fast”–you know what you think about the right to own property, the right to privacy and the right to personal freedom…but are you really exercising common sense? Can these rights be misused? This excellent piece is just over a minute long:

2. “Baby Yawning in the Womb”–superb 3-D ultrasound footage of a recently discovered phenomenon: babies actually yawn in utero.

3. “Silent No More”–uses the song by Jamie Owens Collins in a music video. Abortion leaves deep but hidden scars on women (and often men). This video depicts the forgiveness and freedom discovered by post-abortion women (and men) when they choose to speak out.

4. “The Final Frontier of the Civil Rights Movement”–another very short but powerful piece. In three minutes we are reminded that Native Americans, African Americans and Americans with disabilities were all once denied basic human rights, by law. All those laws have been overturned. What about the law which denies rights to pre-born Americans?

5. “Aaron”–at just over five minutes, this is the longest piece, a fictional story in the same spirit as Frank Peretti’s Tilly. Nicely done if a little heavy-handed. But for the right person, this story may make all the difference.


I told  you I have six visual tools. And ZO’s satire isn’t one of them…it’s too tied to what it’s making fun of, and that video just turns my stomach. You may certainly choose to use it, but I’d like to make my case positively rather than negatively.

So what’s my sixth tool?


This is. This is my granddaughter. If it weren’t for the determination of her daddy, our older son, she wouldn’t be here to delight us daily. She would not have just celebrated her second birthday.

She’d just be an abortion statistic.

9 responses to “Six Visual Tools in the Battle for Life

  1. Great post and videos! I hope you don’t mind if I borrow some of them some time.

    Thanks for linking back to our post, God’s book lover. God bless!

  2. You’re very welcome, James! Always happy to share resources! God’s blessings to you as you fight the good fight.

  3. Beautiful grandbaby, God’s book lover. Just beautiful.
    And I’ll bet she will make a real difference in this world.

    Thanks for the post. I hope many will read it.

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  7. Maybe there was a time, maybe 40 years ago, when people could argue over whether abortion was the murder of an innocent child. Perhaps. Today, however, we have the technology to see the development of the child in the mother’s womb and better scientific knowledge of DNA. We know human life begins at conception, that babies in the womb have feelings, that there hearts start beating after 10 days. There is no excuse for ignoring the crime of abortion any more. It is just pure selfishness. — and it’s murder.

    Thank you for this post and God bless you!

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