(VIDEO) Newt Gingrich to Piers Morgan: “Isn’t your REAL view that you would ban pistols, if you could?”

Newt v. Piers

Another entry in the “discussion” on guns, with the Left’s mask publicly starting to slip. Regardless of which side you’re on, if you’re honest, both men showed the artifice of the Left’s argument. There is nothing in their proposed gun ban that, logically, can’t be extended to other guns.

Which, by the way, was my point from this post earlier.

Lefties want to ban ALL guns, & all this talk about “this” rifle or “that” magazine size is bull-puckies…



4 responses to “(VIDEO) Newt Gingrich to Piers Morgan: “Isn’t your REAL view that you would ban pistols, if you could?”

  1. You’re right JTR. It’s a slippery slope, as Gingrich pointed out 2 or 3 times (if you could hear him behind Morgan’s rude badgering). Here’s how I view the nature of this “slippery slope” danger: If all that’s instituted during this heat of the moment phase is gun bans, which will only take guns out of the hands of law-abiding folks, then down the road when the original problem of mass shootings still exists, the liberals will just want to come back and further shrink the list of weapons they will “permit” citizens to have. And that, in turn, will not eliminate mass shootings either — which will result in another cycle…and another…and another.

    Meanwhile, the liberals view our concern about the slippery slope as ridiculous. Why? Because in their vision of society, there’s NOTHING WRONG with using government to control EVERYTHING.

    Broadening this out beyond just the 2nd Amendment:
    Governing by emotion will always be inferior to governing by logic. The trouble is, if more voters want government to make decisions by emotion instead of by logic, then emotion prevails. In my opinion, to fight back against top-down government expansion and intrusion, conservatives need to spread out and work from the bottom up across our communities. We must take time to connect with folks who don’t have deep ideological convictions, and who are therefore susceptible to believing the liberal establishment’s shallow mischaracterizations of OUR philosophies. We don’t need to compromise our principles, but we do need to make the attempt to sound less callous and indifferent to our politically un-anchored neighbors’ concerns. JTR, as I know you recently read in my post A Plan Forward: Effective Conservative Activism, this theme is my main interest for awhile.

    I haven’t watched every single Piers Morgan segment about gun control, but among the ones I’ve seen, Gingrich did the best job. Honestly though, I wish it would die down and we could thwart Morgan’s obvious effort to keep the hyperventilation on gun control going as long as he can. I’m not sure we’re gaining anything as the frothy foam continues to fly around on the cable channels. CNN, MSNBC, and (yes even) FoxNews are like ESPN for ideology addicts. (I agree with the political perspective of Fox News’s opinion/commentary shows, but I don’t need to drink from it daily to be a solid conservative.)

    Best wishes,
    – Jeff

  2. People do not have defend themselves with an AR-15 because criminals do not chose their victims if they know that someone may own one. How can you count the times that crimes were NOT committed due to known gun ownership from the potential victims?

  3. N and P Gov’t: Couldn’t agree with you more! Emotion-based decision is exactly what the Left promotes, and frankly, IMHO, it’s a true picture of WHO they are. They are duplicitous in their methods of generating a bunch of emotional hype over an issue, and then using that emotion to promote their TRUE, more nefarious objectives.

    Of course, having a generation that contains FAR TOO MANY folks who are un/under educated about the Constitution is a plus for them. And, since FAR TOO MANY are on the Government teat for their existence, they will all too easily follow whatever dictates the regime is spewing out.

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