Great Moments in Failed Predictions

And you’ll notice NONE of these folks ever says “We were wrong”!? They just go on to their next, & equally wrong, prediction…

Watts Up With That?

UPDATE: New table added below.

While searching for something else, I came across this entertaining collection of grand predictive failures related to resources and climate change, along with some of the biggest predictive failures of Paul Ehrlich. I thought it worth sharing.

Exhaustion of Resources

“Indeed it is certain, it is clear to see, that the earth itself is currently more cultivated and developed than in earlier times. Now all places are accessible, all are documented, all are full of business.  The most charming farms obliterate empty places, ploughed fields vanquish forests, herds drive out wild beasts, sandy places are planted with crops, stones are fixed, swamps drained, and there are such great cities where formerly hardly a hut… everywhere there is a dwelling, everywhere a multitude, everywhere a government, everywhere there is life. The greatest evidence of the large number of people: we are burdensome to the world, the…

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2 responses to “Great Moments in Failed Predictions

  1. Hi JTR & GBL!

    Sorry I have not been around in a while (holidays, travel, trying to stay healthy). I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Blog of the year award.

    Now, I know that you decided not to pick up any awards, and I understand that, but I had to at least give you the honorable mention as one of my favorite blogs and Biltrix followers (so I just could not help it). Besides, You deserve it for being such prolific writers who always post great stuff.

    So please don’t feel like you need to post anything on the award. This is just my way of saying thank you. (But if you are interested, you can pick up the details at ).

    God bless!

  2. Interesting. (to cover all their failures would take volumes) True, they just go on and on and on….

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