President Barack Palpatine issues new diktats for an adoring nation

President Obama addressed our nation today.


His continued attack on the 2nd Amendment  much-anticipated speech centered on gun violence. The entire video is linked below:

President Obama’s Plan to reduce Gun Violence

If you wish to watch the whole thing, go right ahead. I managed it once, but I hadn’t eaten yet, so that probably helped matters. Your call.

Here’s the shorthand version (via HotAir):

  • Obama called on both houses of Congress to “restore a ban on military style assault weapons” because “weapons designed for the theater of war have no place in a movie theater.”

Hey, President Obama? That’s a great line there, Champ. However, you may recall that the movie theater shooting to which you are obliquely referring already HAD a gun ban in place. So, your poetic rationale for banning “military style assault weapons” will do precisely…nothing. Nice try, though.

But that was the tenor of the entire speech: demagogic, with a healthy dose of contrived emotion (helped by a backdrop of young children, to signify how much of a heel you are if you disagree with any of this). And yet it still managed to be devoid of any real answers to the purported issue-at-hand.


President Obama fields a question from a reporter on the “Constitutionality” of his proposals.

Obama went on to suggest universal background checks, as well as a ban on ammunition magazines holding more than 10 rounds. No word yet if he plans to outlaw reloading by Executive Order, too; I  guess we’ll have to wait and see on that one.

Eventually, the President laid out 23 executive actions that he believes will help reduce gun violence, and they range from the insipid to the incredibly intrusive. My very favorite one of all of ’em is:

16. Clarify that the ‘Affordable Care Act’ does not prohibit doctors asking their patients about guns in their homes.

Yep, just one more reason to love Obamacare!


Now when you go to your doctor, don’t be too shocked if he/she insists you spill the beans on just how many rifles you’re currently supplying for your local militia, if you use your kids for target practice, and other general, non-judgmental queries. Of course, this info is 100% confidential, and will be held in the highest secrecy between only you, your doctor, …and approximately 750,000 government bureaucrats.

So, no worries.

If you’re scratching your head and asking, “Hey, do all of these swell ideas come with an estimated price tag?”, the Left’s answer would be, “Who cares? It’s for the children!” However, if that doesn’t shut you up, the actual answer would be: “About $4.5 Billion“.

Of course, since this is a Federal Government estimate, I’d suggest you increase that number by a factor of five or so,  just to be on the safe side.


Have no fear, though: this is gonna work. Maybe. I think. Well, at least the President wouldn’t be trampling all over our right to defend ourselves if he wasn’t darn sure it would be effective, …right?

“There is no act or law that can prevent every senseless act completely…but we have a moral obligation to diminish the prospect,” Obama said. 

“Thank you. I’m going to sign these orders.”

Don’t know about you, but that doesn’t exactly comfort me.


Any more questions?

43 responses to “President Barack Palpatine issues new diktats for an adoring nation

  1. livinrightinpgh

    For a man who taught Constitutional Law, I truly must question the integrity of the education that Pres Obama’s students received.

    Third world man.
    Third world mind.
    Third world politics.

  2. He taught some twisted version of the constitution of that you can certainly be sure of. Remember he called our rights as negative liberties, things the government wasn’t allowed to do and not provide. Nobody should be surprised by anything today, we knew they would use the tragedy to good use when trying to restrict our rights.

    That is exactly what is going on, trying to restrict how you or I protect our family by what government decides. While I don’t own any semi-automatic long rifles, I support anyone’s right to own one or myself in the future. The problems go way beyond firearm ownership, that is were our focus should be.

    • I’m with ya, Blaine.

      That was the point of my post yesterday: a person needn’t be a hardcore “gun” fan to be able to figure out the importance of the 2nd Amendment.

      This all goes back to the Left’s ideal of a “Living, Breathing Constitution”, where the core values of our country are malleable according to the whims of the Left. Of course, THEIR stuff (abortion, anyone??) is a primary PILLAR of Constitutional law and must be set in concrete forever.

      But you redneck, backwoods, inbred, NASCAR-loving yahoos with yer’ guns n’ Bibles: yeah, “your” rights aren’t that big of a deal.
      And they really see no hypocrisy in that viewpoint, either.

      I accept it…but I don’t understand it.

  3. First, who is writing his material….or did he think that line up by his lonesome like he did the last couple trillon in debt? Now he stands on a phony moral platform? I thought he outlawed morals when he came in.

    • He didn’t “outlaw” morals, BR…he just finds them distasteful, like sitting near someone at Lutèce who ordered the wrong wine with their pâté de foie gras.

      He would probably feel pity for poor wretches like you and me…if he didn’t hold us in such contempt.

  4. Looks like he found even more executive power than Joe.

  5. Jefferson Atkerson

    Hey can do a recall election? I’m not to smart when it comes to Election crap but if we can let’s do it!! I can read and I do know the difference between the 1st “will make no law” and 2nd “shall not be infringed”. I’m in favor of getting rid of any one in politics that has had more than two terms and is not working for the people by the people!! And one more item I’m am military under no circumstance would I follow an “unlawful order”. My Oath says “foreign or domestic ” but also use good judgement when following orders! Or is this a repeat of WWII under Hitler??

    • Hi Jeff,
      You’re exactly right.

      Even the most plain reading of the 2nd Amendment will give the full picture of what the framers intended. And if President ‘Constitutional Scholar’ would take the time to review the The Federalist Papers, he might run across a mention or ten of the Right To Bear Arms.

      The Founding Fathers had very little trust in a powerful Government (read as: none), and they specifically wanted the citizenry to be able to throw the Gov’t out on their collective can if they began “Usurping” power (Alexander Hamilton used that word a FEW times, as I recall).

      Hey, thanks so much for taking the time to comment, and God Bless you for your service to our nation!
      Welcome, and we hope to see you again….

  6. I was surprised the Baby Bots didn’t break out in song…

    Turns out that everything they need to know they NO LONGER learn in Kindergarten.

    • Yeah, I’d almost forgotten about that song; it was creepy, times ten.
      And actually, having the kids surrounding him TODAY was pretty creepy, too.

      This was crass, pathetic, nakedly manipulative, …and utterly typical for BHO.

      My father (a naval officer) used to say: “respect the rank, if not the man”. Well, days like today make it increasingly hard to respect Obama’s ‘rank’.

    • Almost forgot: 1st time I’ve seen you here, Sally.
      And we hope you come back soon…

  7. Great post! And love the graphics! (We need some humor to offset the horror).
    My biggest fear in his executive orders is the one about mental illness and removing guns from these people. If this was done with great care…ok.
    But this administration is removing guns from vets who have ‘possible’ depression after returning from war. They will follow this up by removing guns from those who have depression according to their GP. (General Practitioner). I find this a sneaky way to ban the guns of 51% of Americans. That is the % of Americans who are diagnosed with depression or some form of mental illness in their lifetime. I really do believe his goal is total ban on guns. We’re in deep trouble here and I PRAY our states nullify this and the congress and Supreme Court stop him.
    Parnoia is ok if there really is someone after you. 😄

    • Although I agree that the mentally disturbed should not be running around with guns (or scissors, for that matter), having the government make such a determination does frighten me more than just a little.

      As you said, tannngl, just think of how many folks are prescribed mood-enhancing drugs for depression. I was an insurance professional for almost two decades: it was 50/50 if someone had/was-currently on ‘uppers’ for depression my last few years. Mightn’t that become part of the rationale for ‘limiting’ a person’s access to guns? Yeah, I think you’re right.

      And just like the folks in a horror movie always find out (too late, I might add), being afraid of something is good ol’ Common Sense when it turns out the Boogeyman really IS in your closet.

  8. I have to ask, what is the point behind this vague and seemingly inane “executive action”?

    … the ‘Affordable Care Act’ does not prohibit doctors asking their patients about guns in their homes.

    The Affordable Care Act does not prohibit doctors from asking if you have any exotic pets in your home or if your kids play violent video games either. To what extent would I be compelled to respond to a doctor with any answer but, “None of your business! Now get this kidney stone out of me!”?

    That’s an honest question. Seriously, what are the implications of such a seemingly inane “executive action”? Pointless laws like these frighten me, precisely because I don’t see the point.

    • I should add, they scare me even more precisely because of the control seeking administration that is in power right now.

      • Remember the Gene Hackman/Will Smith movie, ‘Enemy of the State’? remember the warehouse/bunker that Hackman built for himself: untraceable, no connections, etc.,..?

        Yeah – I’m building one of those.
        Possibly this weekend…

    • It’s just as you fear, James: an intrusive window into your life, where they are now Not Limited from asking you “questions”. Hey, no one could be hurt by answering questions, right?

      I find the hypocrisy hilarious (in a dark humor sort of way), when the same people who say the POLICE can’t ask someone if the are here illegally when they have a REASON to, are the same ones who argue that the Government has a right to know if (and how many, and what kind, etc.,..) you have guns in your home.

      See, we could argue that your guns make you more likely to have an injury, or potentially injure others, and THAT would have an expense factor related to it, which should probably be reflected in your premium/tax burden.
      Don’t worry about that today; an IRS official will contact you about it later.

      My mind reels with these and other such comforting thoughts, James.

  9. ALL, directly or indirectly, is healthcare. Doctors and nurses will be on the front lines of information gathering for the federal government.

    Doctor: “So, little Johnny, no guns? How about sharp objects?” Does your older brother cut grass for a neighbor? Yes? Well that is a risky activity. Does he report that money to the IRS?”

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  12. So where is the public outrage? Why does it sound like crickets on a beautful summer evening? I get so tired of hearing and reading the counter points on blogs like this and on Fox news. The right has to dip into their coffers and start buying air time on to attack this type of stuff. I believe it can be done….but nope….we sit back and commiserate with each other on these blogs while the leadership of the party sits on their hands. Why are we not banging Benghazi? Now Algeria?

    The Tea Party called me again yesterday asking for money so we can win the mid-term elections. I am more worried about today and tomorrow rather than 2 years from now. We need action now. We need to hold the President and the left accountable for what they are doing and saying now; TODAY and tomorrow. If we don’t squash his message immediately the mid-term elections will be similar if not worse than this past November.

    • “I get so tired of hearing and reading the counter points on blogs like this and on Fox news”…

      Just clarifying, JJ:
      are you saying I shouldn’t say anything?

      • livinrightinpgh

        No, I think JJ is just saying that it would be nice to see this message getting out in ALL venues, and not just on Fox, this blog (and others), etc….

        We KNOW it’s never going to happen on CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, etc.

        Still, I agree with JJ: the Right is simply NOT effective in disseminating their message and the problems with what is going on…..

        • Awww, c’mon, PGH: you took away my fun.
          I knew what JJ was saying (and I largely agree, as you’ve no doubt read here numerous times).

          But it’s so much fun to tweak him …I couldn’t resist.

          • livinrightinpgh

            Look, after the beatings JJ and I took this year in our football pool, we are in NO MOOD to be toyed with!!! LOL!

            • Then you should read today’s post.

              You’ll feel better…

              • Thanks LivingRight…….don’t get used to hearing that come out of me. Last weekend was a beatdown…and I blame this one guy who talked me into the picks!
                The right is ineffective in disseminating the message.

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