Piers Morgan runs into Ben Shapiro’s mental fist (VIDEO)

I try not to watch Morgan’s program; it’s simply too predictable. He will make a snotty assertion, and then go about bullying his guests to fit that assertion.

Now, do other interviewers do this? Sure. Are they as annoying as Piers manages to be? For the most part, …no.

Morgan is a jerk, not an idiot

For instance, when Martin Bashir or Andrea Mitchell do this, you are already aware of their abbreviated grasp on reality. It’s pretty hard to have your feelings hurt when you’re being insulted by a moron.

But Piers is not a moron. He’s a reasonably smart guy, which makes his behavior infinitely worse. An intelligent person who conducts his affairs in this way is contemptible on an entirely different level, as Ed points out very well at HotAir.

Anyway, the clip below runs approximately 14 minutes, but you’ll get a taste of how completely Ben Shapiro destroys Morgan after just the first five.

Get some popcorn: this is good.

35 responses to “Piers Morgan runs into Ben Shapiro’s mental fist (VIDEO)

  1. livinrightinpgh

    Makes you wonder how Piers EVER got into the U.S. on a “genius visa”, doesn’t it. On a happier note, President Obama actually came out a day or two ago in SUPPORT of NOT deporting Piers Morgan, in the face of a petition with over 100,000 signatures…..classic.

    I had to laugh when Shapiro asked him for “philosophical consistency”…..REALLY? C’mon, Ben! Satan will be lacing up his skates before THAT ever happens on the Left!

    • Like I said, PGH, Morgan is no dummy. For that matter, neither is Obama.
      However, their ARGUMENTS are vapid, relying on false assumptions, emotion & circular reasoning.

      Or all three.

      I hold Morgan in special contempt because I’m comfortably sure he’s aware what he’s saying is a fraud. The other Lefties on TV (Hello, Ed Shultz!!) are barely sentient enough to chew their own food.
      They likely believe everything they say; if it doesn’t make sense, they’d never know.

      Morgan is in on the con, yet he’s doing it anyway.
      I’d deport him just for THAT…

  2. It appears this is the video of the day! I just loved the look on Morgan’s face. You know he wanted to reach over and choke Shapiro.

    • You know that feeling during a chess match when you can see what your opponent is going to try to do, and you just sit there and wait for them to do it?

      You know how ticked off they get when it finally dawns on them what happened?

      You know that look on their face?

      THAT was Piers’ face last night…for about the last two-thirds of that interview.

      Might have to make it my screen saver….

  3. Piers is really no different than all the rest of the left, still won’t ever agree with any sort of gun registry under no circumstances. Larry King also made a good point about people going on these shows trying to see who can shout the loudest. Piers is very good at that, he does also bully people when he only wants them to agree with him.

    The true facts are that most of what is on all the stations has become more opinion than actual discussion or journalism. We seek an honest debate but its rarely what happens, especially on Piers show. I don’t waste my time with him, just watch the clips people post and move on. .

    • It’s the new form of “debate”, which I can’t stand regardless of which side does it.
      No argument from me there, Blaine.

      I couldn’t stomach Hannity & Colmes (back when it was on the air), ’cause all they seemed to do was yell. I couldn’t even hear what was said half the time due to the cross-talk…

      But Piers CAN discuss calmly, intelligently, humorously and rationally; I’ve seen him do it.
      Yet he simply chooses NOT to, more and more. It must get him ratings, …or whatever qualifies for ratings on CNN.

      Regardless, though, THAT is why I hold him in particular contempt.
      Morgan knows better; people like Andrea “wake-me-when-the-little-red-light-comes-on” Mitchell don’t.

      That, plus the arrogance with which he operates make the entire package virtually unwatchable.
      It’s too bad: I actually had modest hopes for him when he came to CNN.

  4. JTR: I agree with you on multiple levels. Still I’ve been watching his daily sniveling to keep track of this loud mouth Brit. It takes an iron stomach. He is standing on the graves of the victims and children. But he made an assertion that he doesn’t want to take guns away, right before he said in an “ideal World” he would ban all guns. And he said it was only about these assault weapons, (“machine guns” as he calls them) and clips. Then he went on to say the mission was to “start there” with gun control. Notice something else. They toss around the words “gun control” like never before. Even Giffords’ husband kept trying to assert other words for it. The mask is off ….

  5. I respectfully disagree — Piers is a moron. (lol) Anyone subscribing to liberal ideas is by definition, an idiot rejecting facts. He should go back to Great Britain… but I hear they got a petition to reject his reentry.

    • I could be wrong, RP, but I really believe he knows what he’s saying is drivel.
      If I’m wrong, I’d feel better about it, actually.

      As for the petition, perhaps Piers should start looking into an island somewhere… preferably one that doesn’t get CNN?

      • but we must remember, Leftist don’t think and reason the way normal people do — it’s backasswards and biased. Education doesn’t matter (meaning whatever elite school they grad from), their ideology makes them idiots by choice. You can never convenience them that guns aren’t the problem, but bad people. They’d agree with Al Qaeda before Glen Beck, for gosh sakes! LOL
        CNN, at the rate it’s going, might disintegrate itself in a few short years. yea!

        • I don’t know which is worse, CNN or Morgan? Its a toss up

        • I understand, RP; I do. And I was raised in a town, county, state (and both of my colleges) that all thought the same way 98% of the time.

          We’ll probably have to differ here: I think Piers is 100% “in” on the scam that he is perpetrating. Effectively, however, it’s a distinction without a difference: he’s still gonna do it, so his mindset doesn’t matter.

          Even-money bet: Morgan never, EVER asks Shapiro onto his show again??

          • I don’t know why any Conservatives goes on these shows — simply to be yelled at and called names. There’s little discuss.

            • Very true, RP.

              However, the upside is that if you come PREPARED, as Ben most obviously was, you win: BIG time.

              Shapiro raised his visibility in Conservative circles with last night’s performance, specifically because he went into a venue where he KNEW he wouldn’t get a fair shake …and made the host look petulant and pathetic.
              Not easy to do when the deck is stacked against you.

              I’ll definitely be following Mr. Shapiro’s Twitter feed more closely, and be paying more attention when I see his writing.

  6. This reminded me, after the Sandy Hook shootings a CNN reporter (on location) kept calling it a “Bushwhacker” gun — even after she had been getting all the facts from the cops and authorities.

  7. This was a golden opportunity to directly refer to the Declaration of Independence as the source document in support of Mr. Shapiro’s argument that is no less important in its warning to would be kings in America than it was to King George III of England:

    “when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

    When one party is locked out of a legitimate floor debate and prodded into a vote by a President and Speaker of the House who believe more in the law of extortion than the rule of law, then, we have established at least one car in a train of abuses. When a law is forced down the throats of the people that they object to and to which their representatives have been silenced by manipulation of procedural rules, we have another car. When the people are taxed to pay for spending that is out of control and unsustainable and their financial and national security interests are weakened and they are forced to suffer as a result, we have yet another car in our imaginary train of abuses.

    How many cars do we need to identify and ride in before “Prudence, indeed, will dictate dictates that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes…”? and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that At what point does “mankind, are which is more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed” reach the banks of the Rubicon when one by one they are denied the full blessings of liberty and the striping of their inalienable rights to a full life of their choosing in pursuit of their uniquely defined happiness while also accepting the responsibility to respect those same inalienable as to apply to everyone else?

    Americans are unique from Brits in the sense that our founders had the sense to cast off the cloak of an oppressive government and put the people on a higher plane than their former king. The Brits still have their silly King and are paying through the nose to sustain a fantasy of a Kingdom overseeing a nation state democracy that places more value on the collective than the individual while claiming to be an enlightened people. Unlike the Brits, Americans have been endowed not only with inalienable rights but with the spirit of our founders and their hunger for individual rights, freedoms and sovereignty over their own bodies and destinies. Even with our limits on freedom imposed by modern day would be dictators, we still have sufficient checks and balances in government to protect our way of life in a significant way. Until this second term of President Obama, Presidents and Congress’s have move slowly in Amending the Constitution in ways that have robbed the States and their citizens, We the People, of those rights not specifically granted to the federal government. Our fathers and grand-fathers are to blame for voting for ratification of Amendments that were totally unnecessary. Instead of insisting on working through perceived problems in a moral, ethical and earnest way. They [the same people who have passed to us their unjustified and unreasoned idiotic political and philosophical perspectives] chose the convenience of bypassing that necessary and moral duty and commitment to do the hard work required of an informed electorate.

    The fear of an armed, angry but reasoned populace ensures that those limited rights that still remain intact are not trod upon bluntly but with the deftness of a master thief in the night. Like all thieves, the more successful they are, the more brazen they become. I do not think this all out assault on assault weapons is accidental; it is in President Obama’s wheelhouse to not let a good crisis go to waste. He and his ilk are looking to end or minimize the threat to their government by usurpation of power from the people and states to the central government and now, more than ever, it is our duty to prevent any further erosion of power from the individual citizen of the United States of America.

  8. There’s an interesting view in this article, which is the ONLY reason I mention it.

    First, I believe Piers is intelligent enough and capable of knowing what he is doing. But on the left there is a view fomenting that ‘we can’t even have a reasonable discussion about guns’. And to prove this narrative, they use Piers Morgan to make the case. — “see we can’t have a rational dialogue.” (never mind Piers’ irrationality) Then look at the people he has on and he provokes them into a heated exchange. Now, could this be DELIBERATE to -A) make gun advocates look crazy and to -B) say “we are trying to have a rational conversation and look what they are doing”? I say that may fit too. Or at least they can spin it that way and they are.

  9. He [Piers} was successful in portraying gun ownership advocates as nutty by bringing the ever contentious and temperamental Alex Jones onto his show. He was able to use the British “stiff upper lip” composure to contrast with the wild and crazy shouting, threatening and childish behavior of Mr. Jones for all to see. After watching Mr. Jones, I wouldn’t issue him a gun permit without proof that he has passed a full psychological evaluation. He’s just as nutty as the Rev. Jeremiah Wright in my view.

    However, when Piers is sitting across from Ben Shapiro, he doesn’t do quite as well, does he? Mr. Shapiro is composed, thoughtful, and although he didn’t mention the Declaration of Independence directly, anyone who is familiar with its content could discern his source. I just wish he’d been more specific and named the source for those mental midgets who barely read, but get their politics from Mom, Dad, Teach and talking heads referred to by the triumvirate that begins my just composed list. In this discussion on gun control, the Declaration of Independence is a source that needs to be highlighted, not omitted or unmentioned. Just my humble opinion regarding the important ties that binds most Americans – our heritage and our history.

    • I agree, Rick, but that would be the only flaw I could have seen…and for overall effect I think it was relatively minor.

      Really, most of the folks who watched last night (or, being CNN, is it BOTH folks who watched last night?) would have seen Morgan get his arguments blown out like a kid’s birthday candles.

      However many Progs who watched may well be forced to at least ask, “where did that nice, polite young gentleman get all those foreign ideas?”
      And then who knows where that may lead them?

      It may well be the camel’s nose under some their (mental) tents…

    • Well, something to that (I’m not a huge Jones fan) but if people saw what Piers was doing for weeks before Alex Jones, he was as irrational as a bat and justified it. He just reacted and lashed out. He seemed to calm himself down so he could highlight Alex Jones’ reaction to himself. Maybe Morgan is taking something now? 🙂 But he is losing in his arguments. I think its frustrating him internally. He keeps pulling all these other people in to bolster his arguments. That’s typical, you are never arguing against one liberal.

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  11. Piers Morgan may not be a moron, but he is all too human.

    You all were looking at his face when Shapiro told him he was standing on the graves of dead kids…

    I was looking at his total body reaction (old psch nurse here LOL). You must watch the vid on full screen to see it I think.
    The camera had panned back to Piers Morgan’s entire body on the stool, including his feet. Look at it again and watch his feet when Shapiro makes his statement. The feet start twitching and twitching faster and faster til he finally says, “How dare you…!”

    Twitching feet is like a wagging tail on a dog. Wagging tails on dogs show huge energy, negative or positive sure, but it’s energy. With Morgan, his was the negative reaction to Ben’s statement about standing on kids’ graves. It makes him look bad. He’s been caught. The whole nation saw it.
    He’s furious.

    😎 It’s so rare to see through these libs and their lies. But this was a one of those times.

  12. Yeah, well… seems to me, right wingers tend to use facts and logic while lefties rely on feelings and propaganda and the twain thereby fail to communicate. It often ends with each shouting at the other in frustration, at which the Left is more effective, usually. Just the way it is…

    Morgan, or any of the overpaid flacks hired to present a viewpoint are all bright enough to do the assigned job, I suppose, or they wouldn’t be there. They’re playing an assigned part, as hired guns do, aren’t they?. Has anyone seen a Fox News liberal put paid to a Fox News ranking conservative?

    • Glad to see you back here, Jack!

      Yes, Conservatives tend to use logic and Libs tend to use emotion. When Libs try to use logic, it’s often disjointed and highly illogical. Go figure.
      Heck, just take a peek at the post I put up recently on Touré where he argues FOR abortion: it’s a travesty of logic.
      My eleven-year-old would destroy him with his own argument.

      Piers is a hack, which is sad. When I first saw him on TV, I sorta liked him. Obviously that didn’t last long.
      As for FOX, they have taken a mop handle to plenty of conservatives for not being honest. Heck, I think that’s why Romney never went on O’Reilly: he was afraid of the questions he’d get.

      There aren’t enough solidly conservative voices in the House or Senate for my taste, which wouldn’t be lethal save for the overwhelming number of Progressive voices there, coupled with Obama himself.
      At this point, every strident conservative there is just an attempt to try to even the scales to something approaching parity.

      Thanks again for taking the time to comment, sir! Hope to see you again soon.

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