Queen Pelosi: “The Beatings will Continue until the Morale Improves…” ***

***(…or something to that effect


Last week I highlighted why the “Fiscal Cliff!” would now become part of our permanent landscape.


For anyone that (somehow) doubted my conclusions then, I give you a quote from “San Fran Nan”, courtesy of CBS’ Face the Nation:

“The President had originally said he wanted $1.6 trillion in revenue. He took it down to $1.2 trillion as a compromise in this legislation”, said Pelosi

“We get $620 billion, very significant, high-end tax, changing the high-end tax rate to 39.6 percent, but that is not enough on the revenue side.”

Thanks for that clarification, Nance…

Is everyone finally with me on this? It will NEVER be enough. There is no amount that you can relinquish which will satisfy them. Nothing short of complete capitulation will prevent the Left from slandering you as a greedy, selfish, right-wing, extremist kook who worships some old piece of parchment written back before “The White Album” came out, by guys in powdered wigs.

You’d have an easier time reasoning with the Borg.


Hey, I have a crazy idea! You know what might help us not need so much “revenue“? If we put some basic controls on where all the “revenue” went in the first place!!

It’s not exactly hard to find, after all:

(From The DAILY CALLER) – “An investigation into where welfare recipients are using their Electronic Benefit Transfer cards has revealed that some are withdrawing taxpayer money from EBT-friendly ATMs at strip clubs and liquor stores.

The New York Post, looking at a database of 200 million EBT records from January 2011 to July 2012 obtained through a Freedom of Information request, discovered that some people receiving government benefits have been using their EBT cards to withdraw cash at several ‘questionable’ New York establishments: Hank’s Saloon, a porn shop called Blue Door Video, the Patriot Saloon, the Club Eleven strip club, the Club Heat strip joint and Drinks Galore.”

Quick, name the last time THIS story led off the evening news. Yeah, that’s right: never. And that’s because the ever-growing population of the entitlement class are all salt-of-the-Earth types who desperately need your hard-earned cash, so that they can afford a fifth of Beam, & a lap dance or two.

Awww, quit yer’ whining! Geeez…where’s your compassion for your fellow-man, for cryin’ out loud?!?



And now for the pièce de résistance. 

Pelosi says that we don’t need to address the spending side AT ALL because, you see…they already did:

Asked if Democrats are ready to significantly reform entitlement programs to address the deficit, Pelosi said, “We already have,” pointing to the Affordable Care Act’s $716 billion in Medicare provider cuts.

So, they have ALREADY saved as much money as possible, by spending …even more? Am I the only one who sees the problem with that logic?

Don’t forget where that $716 billion in “savings” goes, after all:

(From Heritage.com) – “Despite a continuous and steady repetition of false claims by supporters of Obamacare in and out of Congress, the $716 billion in “savings” from Medicare are taken out of the program to pay for new spending in Obamacare.

The cuts do not strengthen the Medicare program, nor do they extend the life of the Part A trust fund. In correspondence with Senator Jeff Sessions (R–AL), ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee, the CBO has confirmed that the majority of the savings leave Medicare to fund Obamacare and thus cannot be counted again as improving Medicare’s finances.” 


On the bright side, at least the Senate Republicans seem to have found Conservatism again, sorta. According to Erika Johnsen over at HotAir.com, it seems that (going forward) McConnell and the guys are holding the line on any NEW taxes.

For now.


But just so you can be good’n’outraged today, here’s a whole 4-minute clip of Queen Pelosi the Haughty, as she tries to use small words so as not to confuse you.

You may wish to put down any sharp objects prior to hitting “play”, though.

20 responses to “Queen Pelosi: “The Beatings will Continue until the Morale Improves…” ***

  1. Thanks, for brightening my Monday, JTR. You come up with the cheeriest news bits. Couldn’t you just spoon-feed us some cartoons, for cryin’ out loud? WHY do you have to burden us with TRUTH? (psst, can you hear me whining?)

  2. Nancy Pelosi sure does take the cake for being an illogical, ideological nut. Liberal politicians must want to wreck our economy so they can rebuild it in their image – socialism. Geesh…

  3. “We don’t want tax increases to reach down into the middle class.” Hell, Dems can’t even define what/who the middle class is/are. Many middle class Obama voters just received their first paychecks of the year and are bemoaning the fact that they voted for Obozo now. Their checks are less than before the fiscal cliff vote.

  4. JTR,

    As you know…

    Progressives take the current level of government spending as a utopian given (in fact they take it as a minimum that they hope to increase…we’re at 24% of GDP now…they’d love to boost spending to 30% or more). Then they seek to “balance” the budget at that level by raising taxes. The problem with that plan is the level of taxation imposed on our GDP would be like shackling the feet of a racehorse, never allowing it to gallop. This would be a death spiral from which we could never pull out. But this approach “sells” to the Gimme-Gimme voters, and keeps the Dems in office. Though they won’t admit it, perhaps even to themselves, that’s the bottom line of their motivation — maintaining their position of power and control over the government machine. The Democratic Party is, if not literally then functionally, an agency of the federal government. They derive their power from their government funding, and they derive their government funding from their power…a perfect self-sustaining ecosystem for the cultivation of utopian tyrrany.

    Conservatives take the sustainable tax capacity of about 19-20% of GDP as a realistic given, and seek to “balance” the budget at that level by cutting spending. The problem with that plan is the salesmanship of it to the Gimme-Gimme voters is a doomed venture in today’s environment of class warfare rhetoric. The Gimme-Gimme’s are now, apparently, more than 50% of the voter pool.

    The other problem with the conservative approach is that enough of the politicians elected under that ideology gradually change into free-ice-cream-givers after a few years in D.C. and a few reelections. So the level of spending of the government VERY rarely ever falls, no matter who controls the chambers of Congress.

    I wrote an article on this last point a few months ago. I invite you to check it out:
    How To Train A Political Animal To Restrain Itself

    After this Queen Pelosi article, have you considered changing your blog nom de plume to “Dr. Doom” ?

    – Jeff

    • livinrightinpgh

      JTR actually focus grouped the name “Dr. Doom”, and it played well. However, GBL was not content with the name she would be given…….

  5. Geez Louise, they have an answer for everything, don’t they? If this was the original tea party they would send out press releases telling people “the only problem is you people aren’t being taxed enough.” I would not be surprised at anything that comes out of her mouth. And maybe now, this long after they passed ObamaCare, she could find out what’s in it and at least try to read it.

  6. livinrightinpgh

    JTR: I’m sure you remember that little “enterprise” I had in Pittsburgh’s inner city. As far back as 1997/1998, those with “ACCESS” cards, (think food stamps on a credit card) were able to use those cards in the ATM machine at the business; the funds withdrawn quickly being spent on beer and cigarettes, and once they walked down the street, most likely a nice dime bag of smack to round out the trio…..smokes, booze, drugs.

    My first call was to the company that supplied the ATM machine. They informed me that they were “not permitted” by the State of PA to exclude ACCESS card acceptance at ATM machines. My next call was to the State’s department of welfare. After 30 minutes of trying to gain SOME level of understanding from the person on the other end of the phone as to WHY this wasn’t right, I was told: “What are you complaining about? YOU’RE collecting a fee for the transaction, aren’t you?”.

    This situation we’re in isn’t going to change until there’s no more money to tax and benefits to the “takers” start getting cut.

    • That’s funny, they were “not permitted” to exclude them. I’m speechless. Their pork principle in DC is based on much the same rationale… “so what are you complaining about?”

      • livinrightinpgh

        Well, Bullright, my friend….If that made you speechless, this may make you into a functional mute for a longer period of time: During my call to the State, I was also told that it would be “discriminatory” to exclude those with ACCESS cards from being able to get cash from the ATM…..

        Things that make you go “Hmmmmmmmm”……..

      • Reminds me of that CNN reporter (Susan Roesgen, I think) who berated the Tea Party guy by saying “Don’t you know how much money your state gets from the Stimulus?”

        I swear, it’s like dealing with the mob- there’s only a problem if someone makes a ‘stink’,…

        ..and then THEY become the problem.

    • PGH, I was thinking of you as I was writing.

      This isn’t being duplicitous. This isn’t ‘shading’ the truth.
      This is thievery.
      And lying.

      And I’m sick to death of it…

  7. Hmmm LOL. Rule 1– only government can discriminate: if they think you make too much money or they don’t like what you spend your money on. Or discriminate against your religion forcing your business to supply birth control. Or if uncle Sam wants to susidize your competitor or his products, and pick winners and losers in business. By George, I think I’ve got it.

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