PJTV’s and PJMedia’s brilliant team takes on the Fiscal Cliff, the Hobbit, and the Hypocrites in Hollywood

It takes great self-control on my part not to simply re-post each and every Bill Whittle, Andrew Klavan and AlfonZo Rachel column/video which comes out.


Why? Because they usually range in quality from merely extremely good & pertinent all the way up to outstanding. Wait, did I say “usually”? What I meant was: EVERY time.

And so, …just for today, I’ve decided to relinquish that self-control…and post something from all three of them. Consider this my version of the “if-it-feels-good-do-it” ethos that’s so popular on the Left.


First up is ‘Zo, who takes on the Hollywood actors at their most self-righteously self-righteous. He highlights their newest “we know better ’cause we’re famous” piece of propaganda pap, as they agitate for more rights to be taken from you and reserved for the truly important people: them.


Next is a quickie post from Andrew Klavan on the new movie version of ‘The Hobbit‘, and why he feels director Peter Jackson needs an editor….nay, why he needs an entire Orc-like army of editors.

(Click on the headline to read his post):

The Hobbit: 

More Restrictions on Art!

BTW: It’s interesting to me that Andrew’s take so closely mirrors GBL’s view of this movie, and of Jackson in particular. Of course, if you haven’t read her impressions of ‘The Hobbit‘, what are you waiting for…?


Lastly, we have our friend Mr. Whittle, as he once again carves the current Administration apart with his words. His ability to expose the unreported treachery which passes for the normal, day-to-day operations of President Genius is unrivaled:


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