The Fiscal Cliff is Dead; long live the Fiscal Cliff!!

Ahhhh, ‘Change’….

It seems that the new “Normal” in the age of Obama consists not only of chronically high Unemployment, +$1 Trillion annual deficits, and criticism of even his cabinet members being labeled out-of-bounds, but now will also include the omnipresent fear of the next Fiscal Cliff:

sheeple - fiscal-cliff-cartoon-sheep

Wait a sec: we can’t even get through 2 days after the 1st “Fiscal Cliff” is allegedly settled, and the Left is already signalling that they’re just getting warmed up?

And yet logically, shouldn’t all the Lefties, and certainly President Obama, be …happy right now? Contented, even? Just a little?

I mean, hasn’t Obama been bleating (for what feels like forever) about the “rich paying their fair share”? And wasn’t that, literally, played on a loop by his buddies on CNN, MSNBC, etc.,..? Well, the “rich” just got tagged with a pretty decent fairness-modifier. Why aren’t Barack-&-Company doing cartwheels in-and-out of the Rose Garden right now? Shouldn’t they now be sorta satisfied?

Ha-ha-ha!!! Sorry, sorry, …I crack myself up…

Quote from Obama:

“The deal we are about to strike will raise taxes on the rich. But, the fiscal imbalances we face remain unsatisfactorily large. So, I will ask for more tax increases on the rich later

Nope, this will NEVER end. He and his fellow travelers on the Left can never be satisfied with ANY concessions, because concessions aren’t what the want. They want the Right totally defeated, our Constitution in tatters and our future to resemble some unholy marriage of Brave New World meets 1984.


The truly sad thing is: you have to be a special kind of stupid not to see through this whole charade. Heck, my 11-year old could figure out that you can’t spend what you don’t have, forever. It’s been stated so often I fear it’s almost clichéd by now, but taxing the rich won’t even amount to a band-aid on the damage Obama has inflicted on us in only 4 years.

Yet, the Statists agitate for ever-more largess from the State, for the State, and the idiocy churns on.


But YOU voted for him, boys ‘n girls! And now we have our very own version of “We have always been at war with Eastasia with “America-vs.-Fiscal Cliff 2.0“, or whatever version subsequently rolls off the White House assembly-line floor.

So, since the next battle will commence with the imminent Debt Ceiling debates, I’ll leave you with yet another illustration of just how dumb THAT entire discussion even is.

“Fiscal Cliff mortuus est; vivat Fiscal Cliff!!”

22 responses to “The Fiscal Cliff is Dead; long live the Fiscal Cliff!!

  1. livinrightinpgh

    You HAVE to give them credit: they sure know how to both manufacture a crisis, and take advantage of a real disaster, i.e., Hurricane Sandy.

    LOVED the sheep being cushioned by the lemmings cartoon. It’s funny, but tragically so, as it is dead on right.

    They’ve had TWO YEARS to deal with this, and while Obama sure as heck wasn’t going to address it before crisis mode had set in around the country, that schmuck Boehner played right along.

    You KNOW it’s bad when moving to Europe starts looking better!

    • Europe is looking better, only at a distance.
      Three words: “Liverpool Care Pathway”.

      Never fear, however: Barack should be able to have us catch-up to the UK with another three really crappy years….!
      FOUR at the most.

  2. “The arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled……”
    It is funny that you said that Obama has been ‘bleating,’ as it appears that at least 51% of Americans may actually be sheep! Why hasn’t the media picked up on the US’s ability to clone ‘sheep?!!!!’

    • SKOOTER!! My friend, it’s great to see you here!
      Hope this will occur more often…

      Anyway, yes, I included that verb on purpose: Obama and his ‘sheeple’ are on the march, and anyone who protests is said to be crazy, intolerant, etc.,..
      This guy is a real piece of work.

      And yes – sheep cloning would explain the current electorate.
      Hmmm…, maybe they’re all named “Dolly”?

  3. We should have seen this coming when Rahm Emmanuel said “never let a good crisis go to waste”; it’s the leftist negotiating strategy – move from one manufactured crisis to another, forcing conservatives to negotiate…and lose. Let’s hope Boehner is on the right track with his pledge of no more one-on-one negotiations with Obama.

    • You’re right, CTX: it’s tough to hit a moving target and the Left is ALWAYS moving. But now it seems that rather than “not letting it go to waste”, they will simply create the crises as needed, much as they have the Fed printing cash.

      And I’m with you on Boehner: he’s NOT a bad man – he’s just not a great Speaker.
      Here’s hoping he’s had his fill of being ‘rolled’ by BHO…

    • livinrightinpgh

      JTR and CTX: My point with Boehner is this: I DON’T CARE if he’s a “good” guy or not. I want EFFECTIVENESS and he has been an abject failure in his post as Speaker. I’m severely disappointed that he was re-elected as SOTH.

      One more pledge for him is just one more chance for him to shake, waffle, and fold. Sorry…..I’ve HAD IT with that clown.

    • Truth be told, I was trying to link your McConnell video in, as well.
      I actually had a whole other section written, but it didn’t flow right …so I scrapped it.

      Still, I liked your post AND that video, so I’ll work it in somewhere in the near future.

      Thanks for stopping by, Bret!!

  4. I’ve seen that video before and it just gets sadder every time I see it…paraphrasing ‘Beetlejuice’. 😦

  5. That video is great! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry though…..

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