Media is AGHAST at any expression of doubt concerning Hillary’s illness. In related news, boy-who-cried-wolf is now said to be Beyond Reproach…

It’s outrageous.

I can’t believe anyone would doubt the word of Hillary.


Wait a sec: …Hillary CLINTON?

Hillary “Rose-Law-Firm, Vince-Foster-suicide, Whitewater, New Square Four, Landing Under Sniper Fire, “I-was-named-after-Sir-Edmund-Hillary”,  inventor of the “Vast-Right-Wing-Conspiracy”, Marc-Rich-pardon-orchestrating, and owner of a list of crooked friends-&-business partners (e.g. Webb Hubbell & Ron Brown) as long as King Kong’s arm” Clinton?

hillary_winking_apTHAT Hillary?


Yeah, what was I thinking…


At least it seems Ace of Spades is just as much of a heartless jerk as I am:

There used to be a time when the media was willing to entertain the possibility that Democratic politicians were lying, or at least fudging the truth. We all know that when someone quits office “to spend more time with his family,” he was fired, for example.

The conservative media expressed skepticism about Hillary Clinton’s concussion-by-falling, wondering if there wasn’t more to the story — like her attempting to evade testifying about Benghazi. (Which they’ve also decided we should express no skepticism about!)

The liberal media pounced — because its role is no longer to question Democratic political authorities, or express any skepticism whatsoever about their claims, but to act as their Public Relations arm simply claim that everything a Democrat says is true — “from a certain point of view,” as Obi Wan might say.


Thus, when a conservative expresses skepticism, the intellectually-insecure liberal must vehemently take the position of absolute guilelessness, absolute credulity. If a conservative doubts the word of a liberal politician, the insecure liberal demonstrates how rational he is by assuming — nay,insisting— that everything a liberal politician tells him is 100% true.

8 - Ace of Spades HQ 1

The whole point isn’t whether or not Hillary was/is lying. The point is whether we, as citizens, have the RIGHT to doubt her story, especially considering her past …dalliances… with the truth.

This is an excellent post, and I don’t want to copy the whole thing. Please go to Ace’s place and read the rest.

However, I will copy just one more thought of his, specifically because it’s almost verbatim of how I described this whole thing over the weekend:

“This is a dangerous moment. I keep saying this, but I do think Tyranny is in the air.

When the press decides that our Dear Leaders are above suspicion, and any suspicion is evidence of both mental illness and treason simultaneously, we’re living on the cusp of Chavez-like times”. 

Very true. And if Ace (and I) are right, the journey from “cusp” to “Chavez-like times” won’t be gradual.

One day it will be ‘normal’, and the next day: not so much.

Change: it’s not always good.

7 responses to “Media is AGHAST at any expression of doubt concerning Hillary’s illness. In related news, boy-who-cried-wolf is now said to be Beyond Reproach…

  1. livinrightinpgh

    Ironic, since these were the children of the 60’s who told us NOT to trust ANYONE over 40…….

  2. Too true – the ones who told us to never trust the government (the man!) ended up running the government.

  3. CTX and PGH,
    The sheer hypocrisy of it IS nauseating…which is why I linked to Ace’s post. If we aren’t “Allowed” to surmise that she may be faking, then we really don’t have too much free speech left, do we?

    However, the Hypocrisy aspect of this was summed up quite nicely on Twitter this morning by Jon Gabriel (‏@ExJon) with the following Tweet:

    “How DARE you make insensitive suggestions about Hillary’s health issues!!!” said by People who spent 8 years making Cheney ‘heart attack’ jokes…

  4. We don’t have the right to question Hilary’s story.

    She’s a liberal lawyer. She’s knows everything.

  5. I don’t believe anything about the ‘story’ — after all, we KNOW who the Clinton’s are: liars Anyone remember Rose Law Firm scandal. geeez

    • My point exactly, RP.

      However, even if it IS true (and if she IS sick, I truly wish her well), we’re being told that we don’t have the “right” to doubt her word because, well, …”shut up, you right-wing-Fakes-News-watching-fascist”!!

      Which you gotta admit, is one HECK of an argument.

      They’re disgusting.
      Actually, I need a new word: “disgust” doesn’t quite do it for me anymore.

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