House passes Fiscal Cliff deal

As much as I’d like to say the entire thing stinks, that would be unfair. It’s merely that this most recent “deal with the devil” just MOSTLY stinks. It’s a tribute to the convoluted-by-design nature of our politics that there could be this many aspects (both positive and negative) in one measly bill. 


Still, there are a number of things to consider, and Mary Katherine Ham covers several of ’em, such as: 

—“I think some underestimate the Good of getting most of the Bush tax cuts extended permanently. Democrats never wanted any of them to be permanent, and indeed denied the existence of any Bush tax cuts for anyone other than the rich until two years ago when Obama suddenly discovered these tax cuts for the middle class.”

—“In the future, these rates for everyone under $450K are a better baseline for broader tax reform that we would have had if we’d persisted in renegotiating this deal in a new Congress, over the cliff, with a more liberal Congress.”

And, maybe most importantly: 

—“Most of the American people truly do not understand the gravity of the debt problem, which is why Obama can trick them into thinking this is a solution. What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate.

The problem is …we must rely on Republicans to communicate.”

Just be sure to read it all, as well as the link she includes to Philip Klein’s piece on “The good, bad & ugly of the ‘fiscal cliff’ deal“. 



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“House passes fiscal cliff deal”


11 responses to “House passes Fiscal Cliff deal

  1. livinrightinpgh

    The current state of Congress is a disaster. Once again, meaningful legislation is pushed through a day or two PAST the deadline, when they’ve KNOWN for 2 years that this day was coming. Now, we’ll get to see the circus again in a few months when we have to watch the debt ceiling debate.

    That Paul Ryan voted FOR this mess of a deal is a bit disheartening to me, particularly when you have someone like Eric Cantor siding with the Tea Party. But, as it’s been pointed out elsewhere, Boehner is likely OUT as Speaker (good riddance) and Cantor is trying to position himself as one to replace him. Frankly, between Cantor and Boehner, I see VERY little difference…..both are RINO Establishment types.

    50 years of dumbing down society with regard to silly little things like Civics, economics, etc, have really paid off for those who need the masses to be one big flaming ball of ignorance……

  2. Something does stink, in fact everything stinks. The American people do realize the implications of the massive debt, most just don’t care because it’s money in their pocket in the form of government providing for them.

    You’re correct about everything livinrightinpgh, and I compare this mess to Obamacare, pass it and find out what’s in it later or in this case, pass it and we’ll fix it later, same difference, that day will never come.

    • livinrightinpgh

      Hey Phoebe……am I the only one, or do you also recall a pledge from then-candidate Obama for “the most transparent administration” ever? All legislation would be posted online for at least 72 hours, etc? I’m still waiting to see ANY sign of that…..

      America USED to be a people of backbone and determination. Now, as you say, as long as some are getting their monthly government check, they don’t care where it comes from or what it’s doing to our economy and our future.


      • Backbone?
        We saw it with the Brits in the last generation, PGH: “Stiff upper lip”, my Aunt Petunia. Now it’s more like: “Gimme, gimme, and the heck with anything/anyone else”.

        And as for “the most transparent administration” ever: ha-HA-ha-ha…!!!!!
        Maybe if by that they meant “transparently disingenuous”?
        In that case, sure.

        No, this is a mess, no question. There IS some good that is in the bill, as MKH & P. Klein pointed out, BUT: it’s buried by the ineffectiveness of the Republican messaging, the rest of the crap which was included (which was really bad) …and the overall slop of the process.

        The Stupid Party, indeed….

  3. I had the same reaction, JTR (Philip Klein said it best: it’s objectively bad, but relatively good). The only way I can even see this becoming a net positive is if the House stands firm on spending cuts in the debt cieling fiasco that we’re about to have (where’s Newt for a shut-down when you need him?).

    • livinrightinpgh

      As I understand it, the negotiations on the debt ceiling, sequestration, and spending cuts won’t happen until after the new Congress is seated, and it’s likely to have even MORE progressives occupying it. I agree with you, CTX, that it COULD be a positive if the House stands firm on spending cuts, but if it’s Boehner or Cantor at the helm, I just DON’T see them having the cajones to do that.

      Prez Obama called Bush 43 “reckless and unpatriotic” for $9 trillion in debt. I wonder what it’s called when that total is upwards of $17 trillion now…..

    • The bad thing is: any good that’s in there will be lost, as the GOP is too dumb to extract any positive OUT of the darn thing.

      20+ years of professional sales has taught me a few things, such as Sales 101: “Having the customer’s best interest at heart ain’t worth diddly-doo if they don’t BELIEVE that you have their best interest at heart”.

      Thus, when MKH says (above), “The problem is we must rely on Republicans to communicate.”
      …THAT’s what she’s getting at.

      We’re on the side of the angels: YOU know it; I know it.
      Doesn’t matter.
      Unless THEY, the average VOTERS, know it….we’re screwed.

  4. The only good thing about this Deal is that the Left can no longer bash the Bush Tax Cuts since they just voted to make them permanent. The rest of this sucks and if the GOP thinks Team Obama and Team Reid will seriously talk about spending cuts after they just got the tax increases they wanted……then they are very naive.

    I hope I’m wrong but history tells me I am right.

  5. To MKH’s statement: “…The problem is …we must rely on Republicans to communicate.”, They have and they are saying all of the wrong things.

  6. What a pathetic joke, perpetrated by politicians. The “low information voters” don’t care and those who do care, see and understand the evil going on in DC.

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