Hoisting Them on their own Petard

Using your opponent’s own weapons against them is a centuries-old tactic, and yet it’s often brutally effective.


Our thanks to ‘Nice Deb‘ for the post….

Nice Deb


Thomas Lifson of the American Thinker is noticing a growing trend within conservative ranks – the embracing of Alinsyite tactics in dealing with the Socialist left. Some of us have been doing it for awhile – it’s hard to pinpoint exactly when, but I know I personally, have had no problem using ridicule as a potent weapon against ridiculous lefties. It’s especially gratifying when used against thin skinned narcissists – (not mentioning any names.)

Following Alinsky’s rules would seem counter-intuitive for people with moral scruples – Saul Alinsky was an evil man with evil intent. Conservatives have no interest in accumulating “Power — not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have”, for instance. Yet power is the main motivator for the left. Democrats don’t care a whit about the fiscal cliff –  they may pretend that they do, but tax increases on millions of Americans…

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3 responses to “Hoisting Them on their own Petard

  1. We need more petards to hoist them all upon . . . and then the men of character to do the job.

    • Well put, RP.

      Although, good luck on the “We need more…” part.
      I know I sure got a weird look the LAST time I went into a store and asked to see their selection of ‘petards’…

  2. I think Walmart carries them in the gun section. 🙂

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