(video) – The “Life of Julia” may be our Present, but it needn’t be our Future

I never would have guessed that something so pathetic, so puerile, would end up actually defining and predicting so much of the last few months.

Let me back up a bit, and explain what I mean.


e3a03287359b3101bb_dv6mv2bptThis past spring, the Obama campaign came out with “The Life of Julia“, a cartoon showing the glorious cradle-to-grave benefits of being cared for by Big Daddy Government. Beyond being just plain creepy, it presented a life that was as two-dimensional as its animation: you were born, lived and died under the umbrella of the State.

Such a soulless existence received plenty of ridicule, which it richly deserved:


But armed with “Julia” as our example of the deepest longings of the Left, what must we conclude? Before you answer, add to it both the re-election of Obama and the most recent cry to further relinquish our freedoms in light of the massacre in Newtown, CT. Added together, the obvious interpretation (to me, at least) is that many of us now feel helpless to help ourselves, and long for the suffocating security of the State to protect us from life itself.

Unemployment? Still up. Food stamp usage? Way up. SSDI? Way, WAY up. What other conclusion can there be? Life is just too hard, and only the Government, –our bureaucratic, bloated, and broke Federal Government,–can assure our survival.

I kinda’ doubt that this was what the founders had in mind when they spoke of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.


Our society today has mainstreamed the lurid and minimized the Godly, inverting centuries of balance. We have violence and sex piped into our homes, but talk of Freedom is considered ‘extremist’. Spending ourselves into oblivion is considered compassionate, and limiting even a portion of the largesse is portrayed as heartless.

Is it any wonder many of us feel as if we’ve awoken in the middle of a Twilight Zone episode, and Rod Serling is pointing at us as he says, “Submitted, for your approval…”?

Twilight Zone


And still, …there’s hope for our country yet. No, not by the re-election of the most dishonest, disingenuous, & divisive president in our nation’s history (quite an accomplishment, that). No, the hope lies in what Obama’s re-election portends, because our present system simply can’t survive as the status quo. The debt level we’re incurring has us on an unsustainable track, and that which is truly unsustainable…well, it can’t continue to be sustained, now can it?

So, the only thing we really need to consider is: what will the end of this look like, and what comes next? And for the possible answer to that, I’ll leave you with the latest video from our good friend, Mr. Whittle.

And remember: Illegitimi Non Carborundum.

7 responses to “(video) – The “Life of Julia” may be our Present, but it needn’t be our Future

  1. It will be a interesting day when the sucklings on the government teat, who invested so heavily in the promise of Big Daddy G’s cradle to grave care, wake up and see that teat going, going, gone……. dry. It’s inevitable, and the realization is going to be an ugly slap in the face.

    • Many of the more enlightened child psychologists (read as: Libs w/ a diploma) nowadays say that “deceiving” your kids about Santa Claus is cruel, and potentially traumatic.
      Really? THAT’s cruel?
      Yet lying to them about the wonders of governmental control & omnipotence is compassionate?

      Ooooh, boy.
      It’s the Twilght Zone, indeed….

  2. If there were ever a moment for a Nation to return to its Faith-based foundation, it’s now……

  3. The Rule of the Pendulum, partner.
    It holds in markets, and it holds in society.

    There’s ALWAYS a correction: just remains to be seen how big of one there’ll be…

  4. This is a very helpful analysis of the three great ages of civilization. Clear and simple. Sadly much too straight-forward for our government to comprehend.

  5. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the “Life of Julianne”, a conservative alternative to Julia over at Cranky T-Rex’s bog: http://crankytrex.blogspot.com/2012/05/life-of-julianne.html

    It’s jut sad that too many poeple today are programmed to rely on Uncle Sugar…I mean Sam to get through life.

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