Oh, Look: A crystal Ball (“…hey, America, wanna see your future?”)

An excellent article from our buddy over at COSMOSCON, especially in light of the recent goings-on up in Michigan. And no, it’s not good just ’cause he happened to link us…although that certainly didn’t hurt any.  😉



When future Historians write about the demise of the United States, they will marvel at the vast evidence hiding in plain site that should have warned us about adopting destructive Leftist policies.

England and Canada went down the path of Socialized medicine long before we passed Obamacare and their warnings can be found here and here.  Yet we ignored them.

Today, from NPR, we have a further warning about our pending collapse if we continue to increase the role of Government and reduce the role of the Private Sector.  The story is based in Spain and points out the juxtaposition between an over employed Public Sector and a Private Sector that has an unemployment rate of 25%.

“When Spain’s economic crisis hit, the private sector immediately started shedding jobs and cutting wages. New labor reforms have made it even easier for companies to do so, and unemployment now…

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2 responses to “Oh, Look: A crystal Ball (“…hey, America, wanna see your future?”)

  1. I guess the president didn’t hear the messages from Canada. And if you’re arrogant, not mentioning any person in particular, then you think you can do it better or you want our country to fall apart.!!!!!!!!!

  2. To find out, Americans will have to read black market books, daring to tell the truth, under cover of darkness and listen for footsteps near their door… or tent opening (?).

    The Left has always rewritten history to reflect the lies they wish to propagate. May God have mercy on His own.

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