Our biggest challenge: this next generation just isn’t very bright…and it’s OUR fault.

Earlier we covered the egregious assault from the CA Teachers Union, as they created and released the most nakedly dishonest, Left-wing piece of video twaddle (to be shown to school children, IN SCHOOL) I may have ever seen.

Shocking? Horrifying? Oh, yeah. But it was just the latest volley lobbed at our kids in a 40+ year attack, and the results are already worse than depressing

“In particular, schools in America do an incredibly poor job of teaching our students subjects such as history, economics and geography that are necessary for understanding the things that are taking place in our world today. 

For example, according to a survey conducted by the National Geographic Society, only 37 percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 can find Iraq on a map of the world.  According to that same survey, 50 percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 can’t even find the state of New York on a map

If our students cannot even find Iraq and New York on a map, what hope is there that they will be able to think critically about the important world events of our day?”


I can personally attest to this conclusion. In the last 13 years, I’ve attended too many College Jobs Fairs to count, and the overall quality of applicants was consistent in only one way: abysmal. A paltry few of these soon-to-be-graduates could write or spell at an acceptable level. They knew almost nothing of national or worldwide current events, other than that which constituted popular culture. They were both uneducated and uncultured, and unconcerned with either.

It was pathetic.

Along those lines, do you remember this clip from a post earlier this year?

When I say, repeatedly, that today’s culture is responsible for having created a climate where Obama could be re-elected, THIS is part of what I mean. If ignorance truly is bliss, then this generation should consist of the most exultant kids in history.

And as you no doubt guess, they’re not.


The obvious question is: can we fix this? Well, it pretty much depends upon what we’re willing to do.

If we have a young person in our extended family, it is now our responsibility to expose them to ideas which in all likelihood they’ve never heard before: fiscal prudence; manners; self-control; self-sufficiency; American Exceptionalism; objective truths.

Again, it’s not “someone else’s problem”; it’s OURS. If today’s youths aren’t being taught such basic ideas in school (and they aren’t) or at home (…maybe), we need to do all we can, every day, to at least expose them to the concepts.


The video below isn’t new, but once again Whittle said what we all know to be true: this generation has had a tremendous disservice done to it. It has been robbed of the basic tools to thrive in an ever-competitive world.

Life isn’t getting harder. Year by year, generation by generation, we are simply becoming less prepared to deal with it.


14 responses to “Our biggest challenge: this next generation just isn’t very bright…and it’s OUR fault.

  1. It brings the term “useful idiot” into a whole new light. If education and knowledge are “power”, the best way to guarantee no resistance to a political/social/immoral movement is to RE-educate and dumb-down the next generations.

    Of course, I must tell you that, in response to the Charlie Brown cartoon, that Hatfield once told me: “Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy BACON, which is pretty much the same thing….”

  2. Well, in a few years they won’t be able to locate America on a map either.

  3. I revisited the video from your post last week on education and still couldn’t get over how lopsided it was. They can’t claim to be teaching kids to think critically when they only present them with one lopsided view, namely, their own. Yet they insist that they are teaching kids to be critical thinkers (who don’t even know how to use a map).

    • Yes, I’ve heard that description from teachers. “think critically” must be defined as “agree with my worldview” or something.
      And as I said above, it’s not ALL teachers or ALL schools. But good heavens, it doesn’t need to be when you have this sort of top-down drivel being foisted on the kids.

      Something doesn’t need to be evil to be used FOR evil, and in far too many cases, that’s the exact purpose of these schools. Keep them dumb, teach them crap that just isn’t so, and by the time they graduate (whatever that actually means nowadays) YOU are the one who has his ‘facts” all messed up.
      A brave new world indeed.

  4. The phrase I use for them is “arrogantly stupid”.

  5. I have 2 words: Christian School.
    My grandkids attended Christian School for the first 3 grades and kindergarten. They memorized entire chapters of the Bible! In kindergarten they learned the vowels first and those sounds. A public school teacher told me she was surprised at that. Kindergarten students aren’t able to learn the vowel sounds first; it’s too hard.
    You’re right though, JTR. Influence as many kids as you can. I tell all of my grandkids’ friends as well as the grandkids what’s going on in the world, in economies, hostilities, cultural moral quesitons, the truth what schools teach…

    • Unfortunately, even that isn’t a perfect firewall against some of this, tannngl. I’ve seen the pamphlets and readers that appear in some Christian schools: all about the dangers of oil, natural gas, and how “fossil fuels” (a complete misnomer, by the way) are killing the planet.

      It’s the fact that the Leftist/Statist worldview is in so much of the teaching materials that often stuff slips. Secular worldview presented as Fact is evident in the majority of such materials.

      Critical thinking? Absolutely. In that case, I have no problem with teaching evolution vs. creationism, or with presenting both sides, honestly, about wind/solar vs gas/oil/coal. Whatever. But you’d be amazed (or depressed) at the sheer volume of examples that exist, in every single subject. And some of it does indeed slip into Christian/Catholic/Parochial schools.

      A school would have to be incredibly diligent to catch it all…and not nearly enough of them are.

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  7. Reblogged this on The Peanut Gallery and commented:
    Parents and grandparents, it’s up to you to pass on your values… and family gatherings at Christmas is a good time to do it. Think about what’s important to you and pass it on. If you don’t … who will?

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