(UPDATE) NBC politicizes Murder/Suicide: inserts anti-gun rant into Sunday’s NFL Halftime Show

***UPDATE: Please also see a powerful post on this topic over at doubleplusundead blog.***


Remember back when the NFL couldn’t have Rush Limbaugh on TV, or even be a minority owner of a team, because of his “extremist” (read as “non-Leftist”) views and/or the “concern” that HE might say something offensive??

So instead, they let this moron Bob Costas speak.

Courtesy of John Nolte over at BREITBART.com:

We saw it after that terrible movie theatre shooting in Colorado back in July, and now we’re seeing it with the tragic murder/suicide involving Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher. Damn logic, damn facts, damn waiting for a little something known as an investigation — we have a tragedy, we have a gun, and now we have yet another opportunity to push an agenda meant to strip Americans of their God-given Second Amendment rights.


Last night during NBC’s NFL telecast, Bob Costas did something the NFL has always been very good about avoiding — inserting politics into what Americans of all political stripes see as one of the few remaining escapes from the divisive partisanship that seems to infect everything these days. Taking advantage of a captive halftime audience, Costas suckered punched millions with a left-wing preach about gun control.

The fact that Costas does this while ‘God Bless America can be heard in the background is not an irony that should be lost on anyone:


We all know the logical arguments against Costas’ illogical stupidity…

—  If you’re determined enough to murder your girlfriend and commit suicide, you don’t need a gun to murder your girlfriend and commit suicide,
—  Maybe if the girlfriend had a gun she’d be alive today,
—  Just like prohibition can’t stop people who want drugs from getting drugs, all anti-gun laws do is ensure that the law-abiding are at a disadvantage against criminals who know their victims are unarmed.

Excellent observations from Mr. Nolte in this article; be sure to read it all.


This whole event was/is unfathomable. In Belcher you have a man in the spring of his life; at only 25, he has relative fame, a new child, and he certainly is making more $$$ than the majority of the nation. And given all that, Jovan Belcher chose to end that life and the life of another person.

Does anyone really think that owning a gun is the cause of this insanity?

What, was Belcher going to be physically unable to kill his girlfriend without a gun? Hello? Can anyone say “O. J. Simpson”? That murder weapon was a knife, but I don’t recall CUTLERY being blamed 20 years ago. Did you?

Actually, Nolte addresses that, too:

“Like every other Leftist who has and will exploit this awful tragedy, Costas doesn’t want to save lives, he wants to control us — he wants to strip us of the liberty he finds so messy and troubling.

If that’s not it, where are the half-time speeches every time a gun saves the life of a would-be victim?

Where are the insufferably smug editorials with every study released that proves fewer violent crimes occur in communities where the bad guys know the citizens are more likely to be armed?”

Costas, as well as total & utter hacks like Jason Whitlock (whom he was quoting), reflexively blame firearms. They do so because they feel so safe, so superior in their self-righteousness, accusing the gun.

It’s easy to blame the right to bear arms; it’s also stupid.

It’s not as if guns account for all the accidental or deliberate deaths each year, or even most of them.

I passed several car wrecks this weekend; one in particular was especially ugly. Seemingly every police, emergency, & fire truck in the area was there. It appeared as if an SUV had tumbled over the embankment, rolled down the hill and crashed onto the highway below. It was crushed like a child’s toy; survivors seemed highly unlikely.

So my question would be: “When was the last time you heard anyone advocating for outlawing the car?” Actually, percentage-wise, swimming pools are more deadly than guns OR cars: why don’t we outlaw POOLS, too?


Answer: Because it would be stupid…but not as stupid as outlawing the 2nd Amendment would be.

***By the way: for a great breakdown on this entire argument, please head over to the following page: Which causes more accidental deaths: guns or swimming pools?***


The anti-gun crowd will never, ever take a day off, as was exhibited by Costas’ rant last night. They are only too happy to exploit anyone or anything in order to accomplish their goals. It’s sick, contemptible….and all too typical. Even when I expect the worst from them, Leftists/Statists keep exceeding those expectations.

As we pray for the families of Jovan Belcher & his girlfriend (and most especially for their daughter), we can’t allow an illogical and emotional reaction to be the result of this event, …regardless of how horrible it was.

And as John Nolte said in his piece:

“I don’t know what drove Jovan Belcher to do what he did Saturday morning.

But I do know that if he was prompted or motivated by something the LEFT holds sacred, Costas and his ilk will never speak of it.”

9 responses to “(UPDATE) NBC politicizes Murder/Suicide: inserts anti-gun rant into Sunday’s NFL Halftime Show

  1. The gun was the method, not the reason. But, as you point out, FACTS don’t matter much to the Left if they don’t fit their “agenda”.

    I would remind you, though, of the attack against SUV’s a few years back, and the whacko-enviro-wienies who wanted to outlaw them. Remember the headlines?….
    “SUV kills family of 4”

    Emotions are all the Libs run on, while common sense and logic be damned. But, when you’ve spent the last 50 years raising a society of victimized whimps, you’ve got a big audience that their message appeals to.

    NBC has jumped the shark ever since they preempted the Olympic hockey between the US and Canada for FIGURE SKATING!

  2. Hey, no fair baiting me with a reference to hockey!!! Dude, I’m going through WITHDRAWAL….

    Otherwise, you’re right: it’s always emotion, an upcoming disaster, gotta do something, ANYthing, now, now, NOW…!!

    This is hardly the first time, and it won’t be the last. But it was one of the more egregious, if only for its placement. That rant was only tangentially related to football. It was a classic Left-wing trope, which was dusted off and trotted out for a new audience.

    And all this, before the victims are even buried.

    And THEY are the ones who think of themselves as “compassionate”?

  3. Rush just commented on this. He mentioned a young woman named Nicole Brown Simpson was murdered too with a gun. Oops, wasn’t a gun. She was slashed. Don’t hear much about outlawing knives or machetes.

    What has changed from the 1950’s when this kind of thing, murders, violent robberies, drive by’s, were almost unheard of. We left our doors unlocked and lived to talk about it.
    What happened?

    It’s the culture. We live in a better culture. Sex is everywhere, never private; it used to be between a husband and wife. Drugs are everywhere, some given out by doctors; they used to be only in the big cities and rarer. Gangs are rampant; there used to be fewer gangs but were kept in check by law enforcement. Contemporary music is gangster style and worshiped; music used to be ballads, rock and roll, hymns. Life is cheap; life used to be valued as in our grandparents, our babies, even for an unwed mother. Abortion is mentioned without horror; I never heard the word til I was in nursing school and was disgusted by the idea. We’re moving toward euthanasia; never even thought of allowing anyone to die in the past let alone kill them. Families are no longer necessary. Children grow up with no father. 40% of children are now born with no father, illegitimate as we used to say; illegitimate babies used to be so rare. Schools do not teach much patriotism, kids don’t learn what they should about history, math, science; we used to be proud of our country in public school and we learned the Constitution, math, history, didn’t even have sex ed then. But today they do learn to accept homosexuals and how to apply a condom.

    I’ll stop here but you can see how much better our culture is now.

    • Haven’t had a chance to listen to Rush yet: I’m a 24/7 subscriber, so I always wait for the podcast to hit after 3:30pm.
      Pretty cool, though: Rush and I are on the same wavelength?
      I’m honored…
      As for your excellent list of cultural difference between ‘before’ and ‘now’, tannngl:

      It’s what my sister and I have been pounding on for weeks now: culture, culture, culture…..
      When solving your problems the EASY way is the answer to you, the problem is not the tool: it’s YOU.

      • This is interesting in view of the UN attempts to ban weapons in the US: (From Wiki on ‘Gun Law’) state and local police departments are not legally obligated to enforce federal gun law as per the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Printz v. United States.[5][6]
        Unless I’m misunderstanding this, if the US bans weapons, states have the right to NOT follow through.

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  5. He was a batterer. He would have killed her some other way. When you get out of control you can use anything. It makes me sick that they just can’t blame themselves – everyone else is making them crazy. I’ve lived through this growing up. When you get so angry your strength also is much stronger and look out if that person is after you. Yes, we tolerate people and just let them do whatever and blame it on someone else!

    • No self-control.
      No responsibility.
      No accountability.
      And we wonder when people act as they do.

      With these as the ground rules, I’m only shocked it doesn’t happen more frequently.

      And as you said, guns had ZERO to do with it. If you’re mad enough to pump NINE shots into someone, you’re already completely out of control.

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