Gun Rights and a Free Society


In light of the events in Kansas City this weekend, and the predictable let’s-ban-all-guns response from the Left (“NBC politicizes Murder/Suicide: inserts anti-gun rant into Sunday’s NFL Halftime Show“), the following video is probably a good reminder for everyone.

Originally produced back in 2010, but just as pertinent today:

2 responses to “Gun Rights and a Free Society

  1. livinrightinpgh

    “Take FULL advantage of ANY ‘crisis'”…..Isn’t THAT the Obama mantra?

    As I mentioned in a previous comment, President Obama is going full-steam-ahead to try and get the US into the UN Global Gun Ban Treaty. It’s a DISASTER on every level, much in keeping with 99% of the tripe that comes out of the UN.

    • The Statists never take a day off from trying to strip away our freedoms and enslave the populace.

      I had no idea the Tyrannical Left had such a strong work ethic. Ironic, since it seeks to deprive its core followers of that very characteristic….

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