Wait a sec: now we shouldn’t have guns that merely LOOK like assault weapons?

I’m in the middle of writing something that’s going waaaay too long right now, and need time to cut it down to size. So, here’s a very short video that I was saving for just such an occasion.

It’s courtesy of Chuck Woolery and covers the recent headlines on gun bans and our 2nd Amendment rights, all with Chuck’s trademark humor and logic (**video AFTER the jump).


I gotta say, it made me want to run out and buy an assault weapon right now.


16 responses to “Wait a sec: now we shouldn’t have guns that merely LOOK like assault weapons?

  1. Well, it only took President Obama TWO DAYS following his re-election to jump head first into the U.N. International Guns Ban initiative. Add that to the growing list along with the LOST Treaty and the “Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities” (CRPD). It would seem to make sense that with all of the destructive, un-Constitutional stuff that this President seems intent on doing, it MIGHT be a good idea to disarm the citizenry…..

  2. We’re long past due buying one.

  3. I don’t know if it’s still there, but the Ace Sporting Goods store in Washington, PA, used to have a big picture of President Obama behind the sales counter with a sign below it that read:

    “Number 1 Salesman”

  4. Great post. He said a mouthful, “the real assault weapons are the Liberal media. ”
    Way to go Chuck!

    • The man rocks – and he’s funny, too!

      But, if you want to give a huge “H*** Yeah!”, be sure to take a gander at the previous post with Bill Whittle.
      Of the many vids of his that I’ve linked this year, this is his absolute best. No edits; no production value: just Bill, saying what the GOP (& all of us, frankly) NEED to hear…
      Seriously, it’s tremendous.

      Thanks for stopping by, Bullright!!!

  5. Although I have had my practice firing M-16s, and it was great loads of fun (since I was not under attack at the time and no one got hurt), I always argued against people owning assault weapons. I saw no need for it.

    Now, having watched this video, I want one. And I want you to have one too. Of course there needs to be gun control in a world where some lunatic dressed up as the Joker can walk into a crowded theater in any american town, but those people are the exception to the rule. A very serios exception, but the exception, nonetheless.

    No matter how hard you try to do background checks and limit the possibility of criminals owning guns (assault weapons or not), criminals will own them. It’s the non-criminals who should be able to decide whether it is in their best interest to own a gun or not, and it is also up to the gun owners to insure their safety against possible accidents with guns. Accidents will happen and when they do, it is an unfortunate reminder to the rest of to avoid risky behavior with guns, not to leave them in places where children can play with them, not to just shoot at anything that moves the first time you go hunting, etc…

    Here’s an analogy I once heard, second hand (it’s a little crass). It was originally given by an Australian talkshow host who was explaining how a group of kids were being trained on how to fire military weapons. The training also involved lessons in discipline and safety. A caller objected that they were equipping those children to be killers. The host rebuked the woman caller reminding her that, by the same logic, she was equipped to be a prostitute. Dead silence on the other end, probably more for the insult than because she recognized the logic behind the response.

    Anyways, thanks JTR. I need to think of how I will justify to others adding assault weapons to my Christmas wish list. Heck, if I put AK-47 on a short list with something like “car,” I’ll probably at least get the car!

    • James, maybe instead of putting assault weapons on your Christmas list, maybe you could just talk to Eric Holder, the Justice Department, & the ATF… If you’d simply POSE as a Mexican drug lord, they would get all SORTS of them into your hands, ‘Fast-and-Furious’!

    • Hey, James!

      (A) LOVE the analogy. Crass? Maybe a tad, but VERY accurate. Hey, the truth isn’t always pretty.

      (B) The best way to avoid a fight is to have someone else too afraid to attack you. Outside of the comic books, the crooks & bad guys generally try to avoid confrontations. Most of the time they seek the path of least resistance. After all, that thinking is part of what made them crooks & bad guys in the first place.
      Guns aren’t the ONLY form of deterrence: they just happen to be one of the most EFFECTIVE.

      (C) You’re absolutely right: we all should have one, or be ABLE to have one.
      Hmmmm, your “car” strategy is intriguing.
      Wondering if Mrs. TurnRight would fall for that….?

  6. My family will tell you that I am personally a pacifist…not sure I could pull a trigger under any circumstances, so the guys in the house will not put a gun in my hands. But even I’m thinking we should own a couple of “assault weapons” after listening to Chuck.

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