Bill Whittle – at the David Horowitz dinner

There are few people in the public eye today who articulate the Conservative message as ably & as passionately as Bill Whittle. He says what most of us are thinking, …only much, much better.  

This particular speech is the political equivalent of ‘Braveheart‘ and ‘Remember the Titans‘, combined.

Turn up the volume and Enjoy….  



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10 responses to “Bill Whittle – at the David Horowitz dinner

  1. Thank you brother. There are more Americans! with these values than we are led to believe.

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  3. My sentiments exactly. Any more from this guy?

    • If you’d like to see more clips from him, just put “Bill Whittle” into the FIND A POSTING box (in the margin) and you’ll be directed to several of his best videos.

      I really appreciate you stopping by and commenting, Carlee!!

      Hope to see you again soon…

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  5. Bill Whittle is amazing, he has a way of expressing the conservative message in a calm, well-reasoned, common sense way that’s almost impossible to argue against.

    • Agreed, CTX. He is a rare talent, and I love linking to him.

      It speaks to his effectiveness as a communicator that this post continues to generate TONS of hits every week, regardless of if I tweet it or not.

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