Man blames KC Chiefs for eventual Death

As a life-long Kansas City Chiefs fan, I TOTALLY understand this. I’ve suffered for decades with Bill Kenney, Mike Livingston, Steve Bono, Elvis Grbac & now Matt Cassel. When you haven’t won a playoff game since 1993 (I still have the Sports Illustrated…), depression becomes a way of life.
I have no doubt that my OWN obituary (hopefully many years in the future) will be quite similar to this one…. God help me.

3 responses to “Man blames KC Chiefs for eventual Death

  1. Wasn’t it 1994 when the Snickers ad came out with the guy in the endzone painting “Chefs”? I think the curse is related to Snickers.

    Still, Mr. Lickteig must have had a HIGH tolerance for suffering and depression if it took THIS long for the Chefs to have THAT effect on him. Lesser men would have keeled over a decade ago…..

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