What do the election, Benghazi, and the Israel/Hamas war have in common?


ANSWER: culture.

For instance, when you shake your head and wonder how could any rational person think that Israel defending itself is an unprovoked attack, keep in mind that such “thinking” has been stoked, taught and reinforced to much of our society since they were in grade-school. In high-schools & colleges, ‘unpopular thought’ isn’t being discouraged: it’s being systematically stamped out. Our schools are now highly expensive inculcation centers, rather than institutions of higher learning.

The election? The logical result of a Progressive ideology which is pervasive throughout  our society.

Benghazi? Our president has lied, repeatedly, on this entire debacle and still the press doesn’t push for the truth, leaving it to the Wall Street Journal, conservative blogs and Fox News.

It’s culture, folks.

There is no quick-fix to this; it’s taken us YEARS to get here. But if we’re going to fix the problem, we have to dig into the root cause of that problem. The attached video (at the bottom, narrated by Bill Whittle) isn’t the ONLY aspect that needs to be addressed, but I believe it to be in the ‘top five’.

This is not an issue on our horizon: it’s here. Heck, this is the norm; WE are the exception to the rule now.

We can teach our children to impact the culture and change it, or be swallowed-up by it.

It’s up to us.

Then again, it always HAS been up to us.

(Video courtesy of Encounter Books)

13 responses to “What do the election, Benghazi, and the Israel/Hamas war have in common?

  1. The world gets stupider and stupider. It’s the same on Canadian campuses. At this rate, North America is going to be filled with future generations of people who don’t know how to think critically and live life like lemmings, blindly shuffling along until they fall off a cliff.

  2. We find ourselves in a situation of our own making. JTR…you and I have discussed this COUNTLESS times: Non-socialist/liberals sat back and watched as incremental change was moved forward tiny step by tiny step, and did NOTHING. Now, we look back over 50 years of this social re-engineering and see decline: morally, socially, politically, and financially. It’s why, IMHO, there is NO compromising with an ideology that is diametrically opposed to ours.

    It’s like a ship that is veering off course by only 1 degree. At first you don’t really see the impact, but stay on that path for 50 years, and you will be MILES away from your intended path.

    We’re heading for what we’ve seen over the last 12 months in Greece. It’s inevitable.

    • LRP: Sat back and watched is right. I was just looking at the the election map and counties, including mine, how few people actually voted (some cases only 20%). What a shame. Without firing a shot. On the other hand, look at big red Pa. and Obama and he never doubted he would take it. (why must it be so easy for them?)

      • Wow….now THERE’S a question! And, I’ve heard postulations that span the spectrum. My biggest (well, ONE of my biggest) gripe is that Conservatives seem to NEVER be in control defining the terms/phraseology of whatever argument is before them. The Left, along with their pals in the MSM, seem to be the ones defining the terms, and then you have those with an R next to their name seemingly running for cover since they don’t want to be the ones who A) Voted for this; or, B) Didn’t vote for that (usually, involving “the children”).

        It’s going to take leaders on our side with some intestinal fortitude, and right now, that falls to Boehner, who scares me with his almost innate ability to capitulate.

  3. Right… more specifically, lies are the least common denominator. Good post. No dress code, but they do have a thought code. They have morality to thank for the inception of higher education, so they can turn them into immoral dumping and breeding grounds. Sounds logical.

  4. I am afraid that the American experiment could now be over!

    • I understand the thought, my friend. The writing is on the wall, for sure.

      I’m simply praying you’re wrong…

      • The inevitable to me will be when our esteemed class of TAKERS is told they’re going to have to start doing with LESS, as there’s JUST NO MORE to give them, and, in fact, cutbacks are needed. Then, we can remind them that “everyone needs to have some ‘skin in the game'”, (We’ll remind them that Joe Biden said that.)

        Just take the pics and videos of the riots in Greece. Who’s rioting? Not the producers! It’s the takers.

        The issue, IMHO, will be whether or not the American Experiment will survive THAT tumult.

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  6. If I had a top 5 list, I’d put the problem with our country’s education system at the top. Universities are the crucibles of culture. This is not exactly a suggested read (not an easy book to stomach) but have you read I Am Charlotte Simmons, by Thomas Wolff? The book is a well researched fiction that exposes the farce of higher education in this country.

    The video did a good job of spelling out a huge part of the problem. Kids are being told what to think, not how to think properly for themselves.
    The bigger problem, I believe is this: when people hear this they typically respond, “Tell us something we don’t already know.” It’s apathy, not ignorance that’s the problem. People are very much inured to the slogan: shut up and get in line.

    And thus, the problem perpetuates itself.

  7. Amen brother! At work we spend more time talking about culture and picking new hires that fit our culture than we do talking about specifics of their past jobs, talents, education, etc. If you have people who have the right culture, you can teach them the details of their job and not have to worry about policing them. People who share the same positive, business friendly culture can be counted on to ‘do the right thing’ and any problems you face can be solved with a team of people with the right culture.

    It’s the same with a country. Once you lose that culture that teaches people they can succeed on their own hard work and intelligence and work within the Free Market, it is very hard to get it back. You are right that we’ve been losing the traditional American culture that made us great for decades and it will take that long to get it back. It’s on us to get it started!

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