If You’re Really My Friend, You’d Tackle Me

UPDATEJune 19, 2014: ***(Spoke with a co-worker of mine yesterday, and immediately thought of this old post…)***

Had a conversation recently with a dear friend of mine about the existence of God.

To make it simple: I believe, he doesn’t.

We’ve had several (okay, more than several) conversations about God, religion, creation, etc., over the years, and we’ve thus far continued to agree to disagree. These conversations are always couched with respect, in part because we’re good friends. As an interesting side note, you should also know that we’re relatively in-sync with many of our ‘big’ beliefs, …save this one.

So when I saw the video (at the bottom of this post) a couple years back, I shared it with him. He says he tried its suggestion for 2 days, didn’t “feel” anything, and gave up. And that’s that, …so far.

Now before you get the idea that I’m trying to actively Evangelize my buddy, well, …sorta, I guess. As I see it, I’m merely questioning his beliefs and allowing him to question mine. Heck, I do this with ANY topic where we disagree. Discussion makes you sharper, and I can certainly use all the help there that I can get.

Plus, I know I’m right.

Always Right

And don’t we OWE it to ourselves (AND to our friends, AND to God) to have the discussion? I certainly think so. What’s more, you may be surprised by just how many others feel the same way, …and why:

“….Penn Gillette, an avowed atheist, said much the same thing about a man who gave him a Bible after one of Penn & Teller’s performances:

“I’ve always said that I don’t respect people who don’t proselytize.  I don’t respect that at all.  If you believe that there is a heaven and hell and that people could be going to hell or not getting eternal life or whatever, and you think that, well, it’s not really worth telling them this because it would make it socially awkward…

How much do you have to hate somebody to not proselytize?  How much do you have to hate somebody to believe that everlasting life is possible and not tell them that

I mean, if I believed beyond a shadow of a doubt that a truck was coming at you and you didn’t believe it, but that truck was bearing down on you, there’s a certain point where I tackle you. 

And this is more important than that.”…”  

My ultimate point is, as a reminder to me and for everyone else, too: relax. Chill out when someone asks you a question about one of your deeply held beliefs. It could be religious, or political, or governmental, but whatever it is, ….don’t be defensive.

Relax…., and talk about it. I’ll betcha’ everyone will learn something.

Some folks do like to insult, chide, and snipe in an effort to tear down your belief on subject “X”. I like to refer to such people as ‘creeps’.

But if it’s a friend, that’s probably not the case. And if it’s me, or someone like me, then they believe with all their heart that they’re right, and they don’t want to see you “run over by a truck”.

Enjoy the video. And if you aren’t a follower, wadda’ ya’ have to lose? C’mon, give it a shot.

Don’t make me tackle you.

23 responses to “If You’re Really My Friend, You’d Tackle Me

  1. I have complete support and understanding for the right of others to be wrong…….

  2. Wait, less believers gets me more nachos?

    I’m conflicted. Going to have to think about this…

  3. Christian’s duty is to “evangelize” (in one way or another) we are to spread the seed — not necessarily see it bloom and grow. We can’t make someone ‘see’ (aka, the last election). We are fighting demons,the evil and human nature, which enjoys it’s “sin nature” and how smart it is to decided these things for itself. We are living in the End Times, where many Christians will fall to deceit. But we will continue to toss out the seed and someone else will water — but alas, it’s up to the Holy Spirit to follow through. Keep up the good work of ‘good work’.

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence, RP.

      Not my usual type of post: normally leave these to GBL. But this is one of those times where we all need MORE discussion, not less. And the temptation will be to shy away from them, especially since it will be in direct opposition to the growing polite, societal norms.

      We’re gonna have to risk the non-PC label in order to turn this thing around.

      Done properly, I’m confident it can happen…

  4. That video got a big smile out of me. I’m going to try it on some atheists now just to get their response. I’m expecting outrage out of some, and maybe a kind wink out of others. We’ll see…

  5. Great post. I particularly liked the Klaven video, but it’s a recommendation I once tried for 20 some odd years to no avail. I also liked Penn’s statement that is what free speech and human discourse should be about, the collegial exchange of ideas that have the intent of improving the lot of all participants.

    Best to you and yours,


    • Glad you enjoyed it, partner, and Klavan ALWAYS makes me laugh.

      This post sums up all I’ve EVER expected of my friends and myself:
      They have to trust me that I’m looking to benefit them in some way, and I trust the same in return.

      And I get the 20 years thing, totally. Sounds like many, many, stories are packed into that one sentence.

      And still, after all that….60 days more wouldn’t hurt, …would it? …..

      Take care, brotha! As always, Rick, it’s wonderful to have you here.

  6. What a wonderful post! I agree! And I LOVE KLAVAN! Going to borrow that vid but I’ll bring him back. 😎
    I fully believe in witnessing for Jesus. 2Tim. 4:2 to preach God’s message. Do it willingly, even if it isn’t the popular thing to do. You must correct people and point out their sins. But also cheer them up, and when you instruct them, always be patient.
    Thanks for this post! It’s just great!

  7. Reblogged this on tannngl and commented:
    This is a blog post by a friend. I liked it so much that I have reblogged it here!

  8. We live in a time when death can be called “health” and socialized medicine can be called “universal health care” despite the shortages it causes. No wonder evangelism can be called “hate speech” in such a doublespeak-filled era. But we have to do our best to speak the truth in love regardless of what anyone says about it.

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  10. This is a great post, JTR. This is James, formely of Critical Mass. Have you checked out my new blogging venture yet, got tired of 24/7 politics so I’m doing something difrent.

    • Thanks so much, James!

      Yeah, I noticed your new moniker and assumed as much.
      I’ll be sure to “follow” you there. Don’t know how much help I’ll be for your new place, as far as material goes. But obviously feel free to crib whatever you’d like. 😉

      And all the best, ALWAYS. Don’t be a stranger, please!!

      • Well, you’ve helped with meterial already so…

        Anyway, I won’t be a stranger, I haven’t dissed politics altogether, just scaled waaaaaay back.

        Yours is one of my favorite blogs, I’ll still read and comment on it.

        • Great to hear, brudda.
          And I’ll make it a point to get over there and cheer-on your new endeavor.

          Oh, and while I’m thinking of it, …make SURE you get your Twitter handle linked to your Twitter “Share” button there. Otherwise, it just goes to the WordPress default link.

          Twitter can really help you spread the word….. , or The Word, in this case. 😀

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